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2024 Legislation

AB 817Teleconference for Open Meetings: Builds on pandemic-era rules to boost accessibility to local civic leadership opportunities.

AB 1160 – Protecting Students from Creditor Colleges Act: Protects students from the economic harms associated with institutional debt and extends critical consumer protections.

AB 1785  Public Officials Online Safety Act: Strengthens privacy protections for public officials and their families by prohibiting the online posting of parcel numbers that could be used to reveal home addresses.

AB 1852  Clean Power Alliance Meetings: Extends the sunset date of SB 355 to allow Clean Power Alliance to continue designating alternate board members to participate in closed session meetings.

AB 1912  Third Party Review of Electrical Power Mandates: Mandates the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) to conduct a special review of every legislative proposal that mandates or requires electric services or programs that result in increased costs for electrical corporation customers.

AB 2024 – Restraining Orders: Prohibits the denial of an ex parte restraining order because of small errors in the petition prior to review by a judicial officer. The legislation creates a standard across California courts.

AB 2049  Summary Judgement Timeline Reform: Modifies the timelines for filing and replying to summary judgment motions in civil court cases, providing judges with more time to read and consider the complex issues raised in the pleadings.

AB 2156  Identity Integrity Act: Allows the inclusion of accents, umlauts, tildes, cedillas, and other diacritical marks on vital documents, giving parents and individuals the right to have personal names spelled and pronounced accurately. 

AB 2323 – Ethnography and Ethnohistory of Native American Tribes: Requires the Native American Heritage Commission to prepare an updated report on the ethnography and ethnohistory of Native American tribes in the Sacramento Region and California.

AB 2568 – Regulating the Electronic Monitoring of Employee Performance: Requires an employer to notify an employee when employee personal information will be collected through electronic monitoring and used to assess work performance.

AB 2743  Vehicle Sharing Insurance Protections: Provides an appropriate adjustment in financial responsibility limits for personal vehicle sharing programs to ensure that Californians will continue to have access to a vital mode of mobility without leaving consumers financially exposed or underinsured.

AB 2790 – Organized Retail Theft: Safeguards public health and safety by expanding the definition of “organized retail theft” to include the theft of infant formula or baby food, over-the-counter medication, and some medical products that are stolen by retail crime networks and resold to unsuspecting consumers for economic gain.

AB 3241 – The LEASH (Law Enforcement and Service Hound) Standards Act: Creates statewide standards for law enforcement K9 programs.


ACR 137  Cities Week: Proclaims April 14-20, 2024, as Cities Week, and encourages all Californians to be involved in their communities and be civically engaged with their local government.

ACR 157  Adult Education Week: Proclaims April 7-13, 2024, as Adult Education Week, and salutes the teachers, administrators and students of adult education programs statewide, honoring their efforts, persistence, and accomplishments.