Assembly Caucus Chair Mike Gipson’s Statement on Lawsuit Filed Against Governor Newsom

Friday, April 24, 2020

SACRAMENTO, Calif --- Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson (D-Carson) released the following statement on a lawsuit filed by a conservative group against Governor Gavin Newsom:

“This lawsuit is racist, discriminatory and morally bankrupt. I urge California’s Supreme Court to reject the Center for CA Liberty’s petition. Last year undocumented workers paid more than $2.5 billion in California state and local taxes. That tax revenue has been part of the larger COVID 19 relief effort in California. It’s only right that we help the people who have helped us all.

“The purpose of the Governor’s appropriation to nonprofit organizations is to provide for a cash distribution of $500 to unemployed California workers who are ineligible for state unemployment benefits or federal COVID unemployment benefits because of their immigration status.

“We are in a time of unimaginable crisis. While they don’t qualify for the Federal stimulus, California and the Governor have stepped up and said, you are a part of our community and we will help you.

Immigrants, past and present, make the Golden State great.  I stand with Governor Newsom and support his decision to take care of our neighbors, friends and families regardless of immigration status in this time of crisis.  

“I stand with California’s undocumented community which includes Latino, Asian and African immigrants and reflects the diversity of our great state. The Black Alliance for Just Immigration’s 2017 report estimates that California is home to more than 27,000 undocumented Californians of African descent. I stand with this community and all undocumented communities in California.   

“When the California legislature reconvenes on May 4, 2020, we will address the economic status of all residents, including extending the Earned Income Tax Credit to all California taxpayers.

“In California, diversity is our strength. It will take a united effort to beat this virus and make us whole. If we say that ‘we are all in this together,’ we must truly mean it and walk the talk. We are stronger together.”