State Budget for 2019-2020 Passes the Legislature

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, Calif --- Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson, Democratic Caucus Chair, released the following statement regarding the passage of Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2019-2020 State Budget:

“The Legislature overwhelmingly approved the 2019-20 budget developed by Governor Newsom and the Legislature, which aims to improve California’s future by expanding resources for disadvantage communities through investments in programs that focus on regional housing needs, provides greater funding for healthcare and education, while maintaining a modest reserve.

“Our state funding priorities are a reflection of our values, and I strongly believe that this budget continues to move California in the right direction by playing a role in growing our economy, while ensuring we create opportunity for those who are the most vulnerable. This budget sets out to better the lives of struggling families by focusing on the core of early childcare and education, ensuring that we do not discriminate in providing access to healthcare; improving water quality; and increasing access to affordable housing for California’s 40 million residents.”

Budget Highlights:

  • K – 12 Education: Record levels of Proposition 98 funding (about $81 billion in state and local funds) to public schools and community colleges, equal to over $12,000 per student.
  • Higher Education: We provide 15,000 new slots for undergraduates at UC and CSU and expand the College Promise fee waiver program at community colleges.
  • Healthcare: It expands Medi-Cal to more seniors and residents who need postpartum mental health services; and to young adults ages 19-25, regardless of immigration status.
  • Clean Water: About one million Californians now lack reliable access to safe drinking water. This budget provides over $100 million per year from Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds to communities to improve water quality.
  • Housing & Homelessness: $1.7 billion-plus infusion of cash for affordable housing.  $500 million in awards to cities and counties that meet new, short-term housing goals. $500 million in one-time cash for local governments to house the homeless, a quintupling of cash (from $80 million to $500 million) for the financing of apartment buildings for low-income Californians, and $500 million for so-called “missing middle” housing geared towards the middle class.


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