Mike's District Review Newsletter - August 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A message from Mike - Capitol Recap!

Asm. Mike Gipson

Dear Family,

August was a busy month as we finished the Assembly session in Sacramento. I am excited that THREE of my top priority bills are currently waiting to be signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

AB 1577 - seeks to improve water quality in the Los Angeles County Sativa Water District by appointing an administrator to stabilize operations, and help prepare for consolidation with a larger water company.

AB 2448 - ensures that youth in foster care and local juvenile detention facilities have access to computers and internet for education purposes, and contact with supportive adults.

AB 2247- establishes a clear structure when foster youth transition from one placement to another, including; advanced notice to the youth when they are being asked to leave, and a placement preservation plan to resolve outstanding problems before placement change is made.

I invite you to visit www.a64.asmdc.org for more information, and to keep up with exciting events and important news.

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Mike A. Gipson
Assemblymember, 64th District

Down in the 64th

9th Annual Back-To-School Community Block Party

Back-To-School Community Block Party

Hosted by Kinecta Federal Credit Union, I was honored to pass out backpacks filled with school supplies to the youth in my district.

College Square Neighborhood Association 6th Annual Community Appreciation Event

College Square Neighborhood Association 6th Annual Community Appreciation Event

It is always a great time with the individuals of the College Square Neighborhood Association.

2018 Samoan Flag Day-Carson, CA

2018 Samoan Flag Day

I had the chance to celebrate Samoan Flag day with the wonderful residents of Carson.

Celebrate the (Eight)ies-Long Beach, CA

Celebrate the Eighties

I was able to recognize the residents, organizations and businesses of Long Beach with Councilmember Al Austin.

2018 Citizenship Workshop with CARECEN

College Square Neighborhood Association 6th Annual Community Appreciation Event

My office and I partnered with CARECEN to offer residents in the North Long Beach area a day of free citizenship consultations and other services.

It’s Back to School Month!

August is Back to School month! As you prepare, here are a few tips for parents to help kick-start a great scholastic year!

  1. Ease back into a bedtime routine two weeks before school starts. Waking up is challenging, and getting back into that routine early on will help.
  2. Set goals for the school year, other than good grades.
  3. Get to know the teachers.
  4. Create a family calendar to keep track of all activities and commitments.
  5. Do something fun to reduce the stress for the entire family!

Intern’s Corner

Intern’s Corner

Intern’s Corner

Intern’s Corner

This summer, our district office had the pleasure to work with some amazing interns. We were all sad to see them go, but we know that they are off to do amazing things. Thank you for your hard work.

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