Zika Virus & Its Impact on California

Stop the Spread of the Zika Virus

In recent months, the Zika virus has been a growing concern in California and throughout the globe. In California, 241 cases have been reported and two infants have been born with Zika related defects. If you have heard of the Zika virus and are wondering what it is, you are not alone.

Below are some facts about Zika that may answer some of your questions.

  1. Zika virus is spread by mosquito bites and through sex.
  2. In most people, the Zika virus only causes a brief, mild flu-like illness.
  3. Unborn babies are at greatest risk from Zika virus. Infections in pregnant women can lead to birth defects.
  4. As of September 2, there have been 241 infections reported in California. None of the 241 was infected in California.
  5. It is unlikely that travelers coming back to California from other countries where Zika is found will bring back infected mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are delicate insects and do not travel well.
  6. 32 infections have been reported in pregnant women in California, and 2 infants in California were born with Zika-related birth defects.
  7. Zika can be prevented by using insect repellent and eliminating standing water around your home.
  8. There is currently no cure for Zika but the National Institutes of Health is increasing research efforts to develop a vaccine.

For more information about Zika you can visit both the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website and the California Department of Public Health’s website.