Supported Measures

Measure (Author) Subject                                                

AB-1 (Brown) Drought: local governments: fines.
ABX2-1 (Thurmond) Developmental services: Medi-Cal: funding.
AB-2 (Alejo) Community revitalization authority.
AB-3 (Williams) Isla Vista Community Services District.
AB-7 (Bonta) Public schools: Larry Itliong Day.
ABX2-7 (Mark Stone) Smoking in the workplace.
AB-8 (Gatto) Emergency services: hit-and-run incidents.
ABX2-9 (Thurmond) Tobacco use programs.
AB-10 (Gatto) Political Reform Act of 1974: economic interest disclosures.
ABX2-10 (Bloom) Local taxes: authorization: cigarettes and tobacco products.
ABX2-11 (Nazarian) Cigarette and tobacco product licensing: fees and funding.
AB-12 (Cooley) State government: administrative regulations: review.
AB-13 (Chávez) Public postsecondary education: community colleges: exemptions from nonresident tuition.
AB-15 (Holden) Limitation of actions: human rights abuses.
AB-17 (Bonilla) Personal income taxes: credit: qualified tuition program.
AB-18 (Dodd) Disaster relief: South Napa Earthquake.
AB-19 (Chang) Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development: small business: regulations.
AB-20 (Alejo) Undocumented workers: California Agricultural Act.
AB-21 (Wood) Medical marijuana: cultivation licenses.
AB-22 (Rodriguez) Office of Emergency Services: oil-by-rail spills: firefighters.
AB-25 (Gipson) Financial aid: Cal Grant program: renewal.
AB-26 (Jones-Sawyer) Medical cannabis.
AB-27 (Chávez) Public postsecondary education: exemption from nonresident tuition.
AB-28 (Chu) Bicycle safety: rear lights.
AB-29 (Campos) Prisoners: credits reducing period of confinement: rape of an unconscious person.
AB-30 (Alejo) School or athletic team names: California Racial Mascots Act.
AB-32 (Waldron) Computer crimes.
AB-33 (Quirk) Electrical corporations: energy storage systems: long duration bulk energy storage resources.
AB-35 (Chiu) Income taxes: credits: low-income housing: allocation increase.
AB-36 (Campos) Local government: federal surplus property.
AB-38 (Eggman) Mental health: Early Diagnosis and Preventive Treatment Program.
AB-39 (Medina) Search warrants: electronic submission.
AB-40 (Ting) Toll bridges: pedestrians and bicycles.
AB-43 (Mark Stone) Personal income taxes: credit: earned income.
AB-44 (Mullin) Elections: statewide recounts.
AB-45 (Mullin) Household hazardous waste.
AB-47 (McCarty) State preschool program.
AB-50 (Mullin) Medi-Cal: evidence-based home visiting programs.
AB-51 (Quirk) Vehicles: motorcycles: lane splitting.
AB-53 (Cristina Garcia) Vehicles: child safety seats.
AB-54 (Olsen) Disability access: construction-related accessibility claims: demand letters.
AB-56 (Quirk) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-57 (Quirk) Telecommunications: wireless telecommunication facilities.
AB-58 (Rodriguez) School safety plans.
AB-59 (Waldron) Mental health services: assisted outpatient treatment.
AB-60 (Gonzalez) Immigration services.
AB-63 (Bonilla) School safety programs: funding.
AB-67 (Gonzalez) Double Pay on the Holiday Act of 2016.
AB-68 (Waldron) Medi-Cal.
AB-69 (Rodriguez) Peace officers: body-worn cameras.
AB-71 (Rodriguez) Criminal justice: reporting.
AB-72 (Bonta) Health care coverage: out-of-network coverage.
AB-73 (Waldron) Real property: disclosure.
AB-74 (Calderon) Child care facilities: regulatory visits.
AB-80 (Campos) Interagency Task Force on the Status of Boys and Men of Color.
AB-81 (Wood) Hospitals: seismic safety.
AB-82 (Cristina Garcia) Vehicles: driver’s license: selective service.
AB-83 (Gatto) Personal data.
AB-85 (Wilk) Open meetings.
AB-87 (Mark Stone) Jurors: peremptory challenge.
AB-88 (Gomez) Sales and use taxes: exemption: energy or water efficient home appliances.
AB-90 (Chau) Federal Housing Trust Fund.
AB-91 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2014.
AB-92 (Committee on Budget) Water.
AB-94 (Committee on Budget) Health.
AB-95 (Committee on Budget) Transportation.
AB-96 (Atkins) Animal parts and products: importation or sale of ivory and rhinoceros horn.
AB-97 (Weber) In-home supportive services: provider wages.
AB-99 (Perea) Personal income taxes: income exclusion: mortgage debt forgiveness.
AB-101 (Alejo) Pupil instruction: ethnic studies.
AB-104 (Committee on Budget) Education finance: education omnibus trailer bill.
AB-105 (Committee on Budget) Education finance: local control funding formula.
AB-106 (Committee on Budget) Human services.
AB-107 (Committee on Budget) Personal income taxes: earned income credit.
AB-108 (Committee on Budget) Postsecondary education: budget.
AB-109 (Committee on Budget)  Developmental Services.
AB-110 (Committee on Budget) Public Resources.
AB-111 (Committee on Budget) State government.
AB-112 (Committee on Budget) Public safety.
AB-113 (Committee on Budget) Local government.
AB-114 (Committee on Budget) Public works: building construction.
AB-115 (Committee on Budget) Water.
AB-116 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2014: augmentation.
AB-117 (Committee on Budget) Public resources.
AB-118 (Santiago) Hazardous substances: cleanup: Exide Technologies facility.
AB-119 (Committee on Budget) Public health: Medi-Cal: nursing facilities.
AB-120 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015.
AB-121 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015.
AB-122 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015.
AB-123 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015.
AB-124 (Committee on Budget) State government.
AB-125 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015.
AB-126 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015.
AB-127 (Committee on Budget) State government.
AB-128 (Committee on Budget) Education finance.
AB-129 (Committee on Budget) State civil service.
AB-130 (Committee on Budget) California State University: fees: investments.
AB-131 (Committee on Budget) State public employment.
AB-133 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015.
AB-135 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015.
AB-139 (Gatto) Nonprobate transfers: revocable transfer upon death deeds.
AB-141 (Bonilla) Teacher credentialing: beginning teacher induction programs.
AB-142 (Bigelow) Wild and scenic rivers: Mokelumne River.
AB-143 (Wood) Food facilities.
AB-144 (Mathis) Dumping.
AB-145 (Gomez) Public benefits reports.
AB-146 (Cristina Garcia) Pupil instruction: social sciences: deportations to Mexico.
AB-147 (Dababneh) Postsecondary education: animal research.
AB-149 (Chávez) Urban water management plans.
AB-151 (Rodriguez) Income taxes: credits: apprenticeships.
AB-154 (Ting) Taxation: federal conformity.
AB-156 (McCarty) Ammunition.
AB-157 (Levine) Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.
AB-158 (O'Donnell) School finance: The John B. Mockler School Finance Act.
AB-159 (Calderon) Investigational drugs, biological products, and devices.
AB-160 (Dababneh) Criminal profiteering: counterfeit labels: sales and use taxes.
AB-161 (Chau) Athletic trainers.
AB-162 (Rodriguez) State highways: wrong-way driving.
AB-163 (Williams) Teaching credential: American Indian language-culture credential.
AB-164 (Gomez) Claims against the state: payment.
AB-165 (Gomez) State claims.
AB-166 (Beth Gaines) Department of General Services.
AB-168 (Maienschein) Mental health: community-based services.
AB-169 (Maienschein) Local government: public records: Internet.
AB-170 (Gatto) Newborn screening: genetic diseases: blood samples collected.
AB-171 (Irwin) Department of Veterans Affairs: veterans’ services.
AB-172 (Rodriguez) Emergency departments: assaults and batteries.
AB-173 (Holden) Golf carts: City of La Verne.
AB-174 (Gray) University of California: medical education.
AB-176 (Bonta) Data collection.
AB-177 (Bonilla) Professions and vocations: licensing boards.
AB-178 (Bonilla) Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians of the State of California: executive officer.
AB-179 (Bonilla) Healing arts.
AB-180 (Bonilla) Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.
AB-181 (Bonilla) Business and professions.
AB-182 (Alejo) California Voting Rights Act of 2001.
AB-184 (Eduardo Garcia) Small Business Technical Assistance Act of 2015.
AB-185 (Eduardo Garcia) Income taxation: insurance taxation: credits: California New Markets Tax Credit.
AB-186 (Rendon) State employees: memorandum of understanding.
AB-187 (Bonta) Medi-Cal: managed care: California Children’s Services program.
AB-189 (Bloom) Arts Council: cultural districts.
AB-192 (Travis Allen) Specialized license plates.
AB-193 (Maienschein) Mental health: conservatorship hearings.
AB-194 (Frazier) High-occupancy toll lanes.
AB-195 (Chau) Unauthorized access to computer systems.
AB-197 (Eduardo Garcia) State Air Resources Board: greenhouse gases: regulations.
AB-198 (Frazier) Vehicles: tow truck assistance.
AB-199 (Eggman) Alternative energy: recycled feedstock.
AB-200 (Alejo) Student financial aid: Competitive Cal Grant A and B awards.
AB-202 (Gonzalez) Professional sports teams: cheerleaders: employee status.
AB-204 (O'Donnell) Redevelopment: County of Los Angeles.
AB-208 (Bigelow)  Vehicles: highway: lane use.
AB-210 (Gatto) High-occupancy vehicle lanes: County of Los Angeles.
AB-211 (Gomez) In-home supportive services.
AB-215 (Alejo) Local agency employment contracts: maximum cash settlement.
AB-216 (Cristina Garcia) Product sales to minors: vapor products.
AB-217 (Maienschein) Juvenile law: hearings.
AB-218 (Melendez) State Highway Route 74.
AB-219 (Daly) Public works: concrete delivery.
AB-220 (Holden) Pupil instruction: mathematics: algebra.
AB-221 (Dababneh) Mobile application: driver’s licenses and identification cards.
AB-222 (Achadjian) Vehicle records: confidential home address.
AB-223 (Dahle) Highways: exit information signs.
AB-224 (Jones-Sawyer) Pupils: educational liaison for foster children: notice of educational rights of foster children.
AB-226 (Atkins) Retail food safety: fishermen’s markets.
AB-229 (Chang) State employees: travel reimbursement.
AB-231 (Eggman) Parole: placement at release.
AB-232 (Obernolte) Hospitals: seismic safety.
AB-234 (Gordon) Food: sale.
AB-235 (Frazier) Driver’s licenses: provisional licenses.
AB-236 (Lackey) Weighmasters: exemptions: pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers.
AB-240 (Wilk) Department of Parks and Recreation: free day use entry.
AB-241 (Gordon) Bankruptcy: retired employees: disclosure of names and mailing addresses.
AB-243 (Wood) Medical marijuana.
AB-248 (Roger Hernández) Health insurance: minimum value: large group market policies.
AB-249 (Obernolte) Criminal courts: appeals: fees.
AB-250 (Obernolte) Telehealth: marriage and family therapist interns and trainees.
AB-251 (Levine) Public works: public subsidies.
AB-252 (Holden) Advanced placement program: Advanced Placement STEM Access Grant Program.
AB-253 (Roger Hernández) Mental health.
AB-254 (Roger Hernández) Election dates.
AB-256 (Jones-Sawyer) Falsifying evidence.
AB-258 (Levine) Organ transplants: medical marijuana: qualified patients.
AB-259 (Dababneh) Personal information: privacy.
AB-260 (Lopez) Foster care: parenting youth.
AB-264 (Dahle) Farm products: processors: produce dealers: seeds.
AB-265 (Holden) Consumer protection: buy-here-pay-here dealers.
AB-266 (Bonta) Medical marijuana.
AB-267 (Jones-Sawyer) Criminal procedure: disclosure: felony conviction consequences.
AB-268 (Dababneh) California Finance Lenders Law: unsecured consumer loans: terms and conditions: violations.
AB-270 (Nazarian) Specialized license plates: diabetes awareness.
AB-271 (Obernolte) Child care: alternative payment programs and contractors: electronic records: digital signatures.
AB-272 (Lackey) California Fair Employment and Housing Act: reserve peace officers.
AB-273 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Hazardous waste and substances: corrective action: liability.
AB-274 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Oversight costs: uncollectible accounts.
AB-275 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Hazardous substances: liability recovery actions.
AB-276 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Department of Toxic Substances Control: response actions: cleanup ability information.
AB-277 (Roger Hernández) California Voting Rights Act of 2001.
AB-278 (Roger Hernández) Municipal elections.
AB-279 (Dodd) Tax administration: disclosure of information: Franchise Tax Board and cities and counties.
AB-281 (Gallagher) Collateral recovery.
AB-282 (Eggman) Accessible window covering cords.
AB-283 (Dababneh) Financial affairs.
AB-284 (Brough) City of San Juan Capistrano: public employee pension benefits.
AB-285 (Gallagher) Professions and vocations: registration.
AB-287 (Gordon) Vehicle safety: recalls.
AB-288 (Holden) Public schools: College and Career Access Pathways partnerships.
AB-289 (Melendez) Legislature: Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act.
AB-291 (Atkins) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-292 (Santiago) Pupil nutrition: free or reduced-price meals: adequate time to eat.
AB-293 (Levine) Prisons: inmate threats.
AB-294 (Lackey) Health and human services: state plans: federal waivers: public notice.
AB-296 (Dodd) Weights and measures: inspection: fees.
AB-298 (Gonzalez) Fish and wildlife: violations.
AB-300 (Alejo) Safe Water and Wildlife Protection Act of 2016.
AB-301 (Bigelow) State responsibility areas: fire prevention fees.
AB-302 (Cristina Garcia) Pupil services: lactation accommodations.
AB-303 (Gonzalez) Searches: county jails.
AB-304 (Gonzalez) Sick leave: accrual and limitations.
AB-305 (Gonzalez) Workers’ compensation: permanent disability apportionment.
AB-306 (Hadley) Public schools: attendance alternatives: children of military personnel.
AB-313 (Atkins) Enhanced infrastructure financing districts.
AB-315 (Bigelow) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-316 (Maienschein) Veterinarians: cruelty incidents.
AB-317 (Maienschein) Veterinary medicine: temporary shelter.
AB-318 (Chau) Lost money and goods: bicycles: restoration to owner.
AB-320 (Wood) Engineers.
AB-323 (Olsen) California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: roadway improvement.
AB-325 (Wood) Community Development Block Grant Program.
AB-326 (Frazier) Public works: prevailing wage rates: wage and penalty assessments.
AB-327 (Gordon) Public works: volunteers.
AB-329 (Weber) Pupil instruction: sexual health education.
AB-331 (Levine) School district governing boards: reduction of membership.
AB-332 (Calderon) Long-term care insurance.
AB-333 (Melendez) Healing arts: continuing education.
AB-337 (Jones-Sawyer) Personal income tax: credits: qualified teachers.
AB-338 (Roger Hernández) Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: transactions and use tax.
AB-339 (Gordon) Health care coverage: outpatient prescription drugs.
AB-340 (Weber) Postsecondary education: campus climate: report.
AB-341 (Achadjian) Financial affairs: reports.
AB-345 (Frazier) Real estate licensees: continuing education requirements.
AB-346 (Wilk) Vehicle infractions and misdemeanors: arrests.
AB-347 (Chang) Local agencies: city selection committees: County of Los Angeles.
AB-348 (Brown) Long-term health care facilities: complaints: investigations.
AB-349 (Gonzalez) Common interest developments: property use and maintenance.
AB-350 (Alejo) District-based municipal elections: preapproval hearings.
AB-351 (Jones-Sawyer) Public contracts: small business participation.
AB-353 (Lackey) Protected species: take: Bouquet Canyon: habitat restoration project.
AB-354 (Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review) Director of General Services: state leases: notification.
AB-355 (Eduardo Garcia) Unclaimed property: safe deposit boxes.
AB-359 (Gonzalez) Grocery workers.
AB-361 (Achadjian) Nuclear powerplants.
AB-362 (Waldron) State printing: demonstration project: process free printing.
AB-363 (Steinorth) Closing of the polls.
AB-364 (Gipson) Horse racing: advance deposit wagering.
AB-365 (Cristina Garcia) Child custody proceedings: testimony by electronic means.
AB-366 (Bonta) Transactions and use taxes: City of Alameda.
AB-370 (Brown) Election campaigns: candidate misrepresentation.
AB-371 (Mullin) CalWORKs Family Unity Act of 2015.
AB-374 (Nazarian) Health care coverage: prescription drugs.
AB-375 (Campos) School employees: sick leave: paternity and maternity leave.
AB-376 (Lopez) CalWORKs eligibility: immunizations.
AB-379 (Gordon) Foster youth: homeless children or youth: complaint of noncompliance: exemption from local graduation requirements.
AB-380 (Waldron) Marriage: putative spouses.
AB-384 (Perea) Food safety.
AB-385 (Chu) Daylight Saving Time.
AB-387 (McCarty) Insurance: life and disability policies.
AB-388 (Chang) Housing: veterans: supportive and transitional housing: reports.
AB-389 (Chau) Hospitals: language assistance services.
AB-390 (Cooper) Criminal law: DNA evidence.
AB-392 (Atkins) San Diego River Conservancy.
AB-394 (Mark Stone) Alcoholic beverage control: wine labels: Monterey County.
AB-400 (Alejo) Department of Transportation: changeable message signs.
AB-401 (Dodd) Low-Income Water Rate Assistance Program.
AB-402 (Dodd) Local agency services: contracts.
AB-403 (Mark Stone) Public social services: foster care placement: funding.
AB-404 (Chiu) Community colleges: accreditation.
AB-405 (Brough) State Board of Equalization: administration: interest.
AB-410 (Obernolte) Reports submitted to legislative committees.
AB-413 (Chávez) California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program.
AB-417 (Dahle) Forest practices: resource conservation standards.
AB-418 (Chiu) Tenancy: termination: victims of violent crime.
AB-419 (Kim) Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development: regulations.
AB-422 (McCarty) Sacramento Regional Transit District: line of credit.
AB-423 (Cooley) CalWORKs: relative caregivers.
AB-424 (Beth Gaines) Court appointed child advocates: wards.
AB-427 (Weber) Early primary programs: child care services: eligibility: military families.
AB-428 (Nazarian) Income taxes: credit: seismic retrofits.
AB-429 (Dahle) Public contracts: preferences: forest products.
AB-431 (Gray) Gambling: Internet poker.
AB-432 (Chang) Civil procedure: electronic signatures.
AB-433 (Chu) Public social services: CalWORKs.
AB-434 (Eduardo Garcia) Drinking water: point-of-entry and point-of-use treatment.
AB-435 (Chang) California Environmental Protection Agency: Natural Resources Agency: Web casts of public meetings and workshops.
AB-436 (Jones) Guardian or conservator: powers and duties.
AB-437 (Atkins) Research and Development: Small Business Grant Program.
AB-438 (Chiu) State government: workers’ compensation: compensation.
AB-439 (Bloom) Protective orders: batterer’s program.
AB-442 (Irwin) Governor’s Military Council.
AB-443 (Alejo) Forfeiture.
AB-444 (Gipson) Health facilities: epidural and enteral feeding connectors.
AB-446 (Ridley-Thomas) Baldwin Hills Conservancy.
AB-447 (Maienschein) Property insurance: discrimination.
AB-448 (Brown) Local government finance: property tax revenue allocations: vehicle license fee adjustments.
AB-449 (Irwin) Income taxation: savings plans: Qualified ABLE Program.
AB-450 (McCarty) Firearms: concealed carry license.
AB-451 (Bonilla) Private parking facilities.
AB-453 (Salas) Extraction of groundwater: Semitropic Water Storage District.
AB-459 (Daly) Insurance: insurable interest: declaratory relief.
AB-461 (Mullin) Coordinated Care Initiative.
AB-464 (Mullin) Transactions and use taxes: maximum combined rate.
AB-465 (Roger Hernández) Contracts against public policy.
AB-466 (Brown) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-467 (Chang) Pyrotechnic devices: model rockets.
AB-468 (Jones) Wards and conservatees: mental health.
AB-470 (Chu) Public health: pools: drownings.
AB-477 (Mullin) Elections: ballots and the Green Party.
AB-483 (Patterson) Healing arts: license fees: proration.
AB-484 (Gipson) California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank: insurance.
AB-485 (Williams) Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Prevention of Animal Homelessness and Cruelty Fund.
AB-486 (Bonilla) Centralized hospital packaging pharmacies: medication labels.
AB-487 (Gonzalez) Parole hearings: notification of district attorneys.
AB-488 (Gonzalez) Employment discrimination.
AB-489 (Gonzalez) Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Act.
AB-491 (Gonzalez) English learners: identification: notice.
AB-492 (Gonzalez) CalWORKs: welfare-to-work: supportive services.
AB-494 (Maienschein) Restraining orders: protection of animals.
AB-495 (Gordon) Regional park and open-space districts: general manager: powers.
AB-496 (Rendon) Pupil nutrition: fresh drinking water: funding.
AB-498 (Levine) Wildlife conservation: wildlife corridors.
AB-499 (Cooley) Insurance: earthquake: mandatory offer.
AB-501 (Levine) State fabric.
AB-502 (Chau) Dental hygiene.
AB-503 (Rodriguez) Emergency medical services.
AB-504 (Gonzalez)  Local planning.
AB-505 (Melendez) Personal Income Tax Law: exclusion: veterans: concurrent retirement and disability pay.
AB-506 (Maienschein) Limited liability companies.
AB-507 (Olsen) Department of Consumer Affairs: BreEZe system: annual report.
AB-508 (Cristina Garcia) Public health: maternal health.
AB-509 (Perea) California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: exemptions.
AB-510 (Rodriguez) Wireless 911 calls: emergency telephone user surcharge.
AB-514 (Williams) Ordinances: violations: administrative fines.
AB-515 (Eggman) Income taxes: credits: food bank donations.
AB-516 (Mullin) Vehicles: temporary license plates.
AB-517 (Gallagher) The California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act: educational materials.
AB-520 (Levine) Private employment: occupational safety and apprenticeships.
AB-521 (Nazarian) HIV testing.
AB-522 (Burke) Public contracts: information technology: contractor performance assessment report.
AB-525 (Holden) Franchise relations: renewal and termination.
AB-526 (Holden) Pupils: attendance at community college.
AB-527 (Dodd) Alcoholic beverage control: tied-house restrictions: advertising.
AB-530 (Rendon) Lower Los Angeles River Working Group.
AB-531 (O'Donnell) Southern California Port Congestion Authority.
AB-532 (McCarty) State agencies: collection of data: race or ethnic origin.
AB-533 (Bonta) Health care coverage: out-of-network coverage.
AB-536 (Bloom) Domestic violence: protective orders.
AB-538 (Campos) Actions for damages: felony offenses: victim notification.
AB-539 (Levine) Search warrants.
AB-542 (Wilk) Community colleges: early and middle college high schools.
AB-544 (Mullin) Income taxes: credits: research activities.
AB-545 (Melendez) Domestic violence.
AB-546 (Gonzalez) Peace officers: basic training requirements.
AB-547 (Gonzalez) Elections: special elections: all-mailed ballot elections.
AB-548 (Cristina Garcia) Estates: administrators.
AB-549 (Levine) State park system.
AB-551 (Nazarian) Rental property: bed bugs.
AB-552 (O'Donnell) Public works contracts: damages.
AB-553 (Daly) Insurance: corporate governance: insurance holding companies.
AB-554 (Mullin) Elections: precinct board members.
AB-555 (Alejo) Civil actions.
AB-556 (Irwin) Charitable trusts: regulation and enforcement.
AB-557 (Irwin) Nonprofit corporations: abatement: dissolution: surrender.
AB-558 (Low) Horse racing: nonthoroughbred races.
AB-559 (Lopez) Monarch butterflies: conservation.
AB-560 (Gomez) Civil actions: immigration status.
AB-561 (Campos) Agricultural labor relations.
AB-562 (Holden) Elections: ballots.
AB-563 (Lopez) Developmental services.
AB-564 (Eggman) Regional centers: parental fees.
AB-565 (Cooley) Group life insurance: required provisions.
AB-566 (O'Donnell) School facilities: leasing property: construction contracts.
AB-567 (Gipson) Medical cannabis: regulation and taxation amnesty.
AB-568 (Dodd) Reclamation District No. 108: hydroelectric power.
AB-571 (Brown)  Property taxation: property statement: change in ownership statement: penalty.
AB-572 (Beth Gaines) Diabetes prevention: treatment.
AB-573 (Medina) Higher education: campus closures: Corinthian Colleges.
AB-575 (O'Donnell) Instructional materials: followup adoptions.
AB-576 (Ting) State highways: excess property.
AB-577 (Bonilla) Biomethane: grant program.
AB-578 (Low) Occupational safety and health.
AB-580 (O'Donnell) Pupil mental health: model referral protocols.
AB-581 (Gomez) Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014.
AB-582 (Calderon)  Entrepreneur-in-Residence Act of 2016.
AB-583 (Chávez) Military service: employment protections.
AB-585 (Melendez) Outdoor Water Efficiency Act of 2015: personal income tax credits: outdoor water efficiency.
AB-587 (Chau) Mobilehomes: payments: nonpayment or late payments.
AB-590 (Dahle) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.
AB-592 (Mark Stone) Juveniles: proof of dependency or wardship.
AB-593 (Levine) Hearsay: admissibility of statements.
AB-594 (Gordon) Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign statements.
AB-596 (Daly) Common interest developments: annual budget report.
AB-598 (Calderon) Family child care home education networks.
AB-599 (Bonilla) Clinical laboratories: cytotechnologists.
AB-601 (Eggman) Residential care facilities for the elderly: licensing and regulation.
AB-603 (Salas) Income taxes: Every Drop Counts Tax Credit.
AB-604 (Olsen) Electrically motorized boards.
AB-605 (Gatto) Dealer charges: license plates.
AB-606 (Levine) Water conservation.
AB-607 (Dodd) Real estate trust fund accounts: bond requirement.
AB-608 (Gordon) CalFresh: school meals.
AB-609 (Cristina Garcia) Members of the Legislature: residency.
AB-610 (Jones-Sawyer) Child support: suspension of support order.
AB-614 (Brown) Health care standards of practice.
AB-615 (Rendon) Office of Sustainable Water Solutions: technical assistance.
AB-617 (Perea) Groundwater.
AB-620 (Roger Hernández) High-occupancy toll lanes: exemptions from tolls.
AB-621 (Roger Hernández) Drayage truck operators: Motor Carrier Employer Amnesty Program.
AB-622 (Roger Hernández) Employment: E-Verify system: unlawful business practices.
AB-624 (Wilk) Real estate appraisers: standards of conduct.
AB-625 (Bonta) School finance: emergency apportionments: compliance audits.
AB-626 (Chiu) Public contracts: claim resolution.
AB-627 (Gomez) Pharmacy benefit managers: contracting pharmacies.
AB-628 (Bloom) Used oil.
AB-629 (Gonzalez) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-630 (Linder) Public officers and employees: oath of office.
AB-632 (Eggman) Secondhand dealers and coin dealers: reporting: handheld electronic devices.
AB-634 (Calderon) Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
AB-635 (Atkins) Medical interpretation services.
AB-636 (Medina) Postsecondary education: student safety.
AB-638 (Frazier) Vessels: personal flotation devices.
AB-643 (Nazarian) Emergency services: Silver Alerts.
AB-644 (Wood) Land use: general plan: safety element: fire hazard impacts.
AB-645 (Williams) Electricity: California Renewables Portfolio Standard.
AB-646 (McCarty) State Archives: museum activities.
AB-647 (Eggman) Beneficial use: storing of water underground.
AB-648 (Low) Health care access demonstration project grants: Virtual Dental Home Grant Program.
AB-649 (Patterson) Medical waste: law enforcement drug takeback programs.
AB-650 (Low) Taxicab transportation services.
AB-651 (Cooper) Public safety officers and firefighters: investigations and interviews.
AB-652 (Cooley) State Highway Route 16: relinquishment.
AB-653 (Levine) Postsecondary education: community college contracting practices.
AB-655 (Quirk) Rendering: inedible kitchen grease: registration fee: additional fees.
AB-656 (Cristina Garcia) Joint powers agreements: mutual water companies.
AB-658 (Wilk) County jails: inmate health care services: rates.
AB-661 (Mathis) Counties: recording: real estate instruments.
AB-662 (Bonilla) Public accommodation: disabled adults: changing facilities.
AB-663 (Irwin) County retirement boards: alternate members.
AB-664 (Dodd) Medi-Cal: universal assessment tool report.
AB-665 (Frazier) Hunting or fishing: local regulation.
AB-666 (Mark Stone)  Juveniles: sealing of records.
AB-667 (Wagner) Broker-dealers: exemptions: finders.
AB-668 (Gomez) Property taxation: assessment: affordable housing.
AB-670 (Irwin) Information technology security.
AB-672 (Jones-Sawyer) Inmates: wrongful convictions: assistance upon release.
AB-673 (Santiago) Probation and mandatory supervision: jurisdiction.
AB-675 (Alejo) Rental vehicles: advertising and quotes: charges.
AB-676 (Calderon) Employment: discrimination: status as unemployed.
AB-678 (O'Donnell) Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reductions Ports Program.
AB-679 (Travis Allen) Controlled substances.
AB-680 (Atkins) Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development: duties.
AB-681 (Ting) State Board of Equalization: surveys: assessment procedures and practices: county assessor.
AB-682 (Williams) Mobilehome park: electric and gas service: master-meter customers.
AB-683 (Low) Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee.
AB-684 (Alejo) State Board of Optometry: optometrists: nonresident contact lens sellers: registered dispensing opticians.
AB-685 (Irwin)  Real Estate Law.
AB-689 (Dodd) Marketing of eggs: violations: administrative and civil penalties.
AB-691 (Calderon) Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
AB-692 (Quirk) Low-carbon transportation fuels.
AB-693 (Eggman) Multifamily Affordable Housing Solar Roofs Program.
AB-696 (Jones-Sawyer) Defendants: arraignment.
AB-700 (Gomez) Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosures.
AB-701 (Cristina Garcia) Sex crimes: rape.
AB-702 (Maienschein) CalWORKs: temporary shelter assistance.
AB-703 (Bloom) Juveniles: attorney qualifications.
AB-704 (Cooley) Escrow services: authorization to transact business.
AB-705 (Eggman) Psychologists: licensure exemption.
AB-706 (Bonilla) CaliforniaVolunteers.
AB-707 (Wood) Agricultural land: Williamson Act contracts: cancellation.
AB-708 (Jones-Sawyer)  Consumer products: content information.
AB-709 (Gipson) Charter schools.
AB-713 (Weber) Elementary education: kindergarten.
AB-715 (Daly) Residential development: school facilities fees.
AB-716 (Low) California State University: special sessions.
AB-717 (Gonzalez) Sales and use taxes: exemption: diapers.
AB-721 (Medina) Student financial aid: private student loans.
AB-723 (Chiu) Housing: finance.
AB-724 (Dodd) Sales and use taxes: exemption: museum displays: Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum Education Foundation.
AB-726 (Nazarian) Vehicles: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
AB-728 (Hadley) State government: financial reporting.
AB-730 (Quirk) Controlled substances: transport.
AB-731 (Gallagher) Maintenance of the codes.
AB-732 (Cooper) Cattle protection: brands: inspection: fees.
AB-735 (Ridley-Thomas) Postsecondary education: Student Athlete Bill of Rights.
AB-736 (Cooley) State teachers’ retirement: executive positions.
AB-737 (Roger Hernández) Sales and use taxes: seller’s permit: determinations.
AB-738 (Beth Gaines) Sacramento Regional Transit District.
AB-740 (Weber) Academic content standards: update of adopted standards.
AB-741 (Williams) Mental health: community care facilities.
AB-743 (Eggman) CalWORKs: eligibility: work activities.
AB-744 (Chau) Planning and zoning: density bonuses.
AB-745 (Chau) Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission.
AB-746 (Ting) San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority.
AB-747 (Eggman) Planning and land use: Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley.
AB-751 (Cooper) Vertebrate pest control research: repeal extension.
AB-752 (Salas) Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.
AB-757 (Gomez) Healing arts: clinical laboratories.
AB-759 (Linder) Recreational vehicles.
AB-761 (Levine) Carbon sequestration: working lands.
AB-762 (Mullin) Day care centers: toddler programs.
AB-764 (Quirk) Parking lots: design: insurance discount.
AB-766 (Ridley-Thomas) Public School Health Center Support Program.
AB-767 (Santiago) Community colleges: emergency preparedness standards.
AB-768 (Thurmond) Smokeless tobacco: baseball stadiums.
AB-769 (Jones-Sawyer) State employees: disciplinary action.
AB-770 (Irwin) Community colleges: basic skills innovation program.
AB-771 (Atkins) Personal income and corporation taxes: credits: rehabilitation.
AB-773 (Baker) Board of Psychology: licenses.
AB-774 (Levine) Alcoholic beverages: beer manufacturers: farmers’ market: tasting: nonprofit corporation: donated beer.
AB-775 (Chiu) Reproductive FACT Act.
AB-776 (Cooper) Alcoholic beverage control.
AB-778 (Maienschein) Fees: military service records.
AB-779 (Cristina Garcia) Local government: financial disclosures.
AB-780 (Williams) Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: on-sale retailers advertising.
AB-783 (Daly) County auditors.
AB-786 (Levine) Common interest developments: property use and maintenance.
AB-787 (Roger Hernández) Charter schools: operation: nonprofit public benefit corporations: for-profit corporation prohibition.
AB-792 (Chiu) Board of directors: investment standards.
AB-793 (Quirk) Energy efficiency.
AB-794 (Linder) Criminal acts against law enforcement animals.
AB-795 (Atkins) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-796 (Nazarian) Health care coverage: autism and pervasive developmental disorders.
AB-797 (Steinorth) Motor vehicles: rescue or provision of care for animal: civil and criminal liability.
AB-798 (Bonilla) College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015.
AB-801 (Bloom) Postsecondary education: Success for Homeless Youth in Higher Education Act.
AB-802 (Williams) Energy efficiency.
AB-804 (Roger Hernández) Shorthand reporters: continuing education requirements.
AB-806 (Dodd) Community development: economic opportunity.
AB-807 (Mark Stone) Real estate transfer fees: recorded documents.
AB-808 (Ridley-Thomas) Automotive fuels and products.
AB-810 (Ridley-Thomas) State Highway Routes 1 and 187.
AB-813 (Gonzalez) Criminal procedure: postconviction relief.
AB-815 (Ridley-Thomas) Oil spill prevention and response fees: collection.
AB-816 (Bonta) Cooperative corporations: worker cooperatives.
AB-819 (Irwin) Public postsecondary education: alumni associations.
AB-821 (Gipson) Sales and use taxes: administration: payments: dispensaries.
AB-822 (Cooley) Insurance: California Insurance Guarantee Association: insolvency.
AB-823 (Bigelow) Counties: ordinances.
AB-824 (Gatto) Fire prevention activities.
AB-825 (Rendon) Public Utilities Commission.
AB-826 (Chau) Economic development: foreign trade: foreign and domestic investors.
AB-827 (O'Donnell) Safe schools: Safe Place to Learn Act: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning pupil resources.
AB-830 (Eggman) Civil actions: gender violence.
AB-833 (Bonta)  Child care and development services: individualized county child care subsidy plan: County of Alameda.
AB-835 (Gipson) Vehicular manslaughter: statute of limitation.
AB-840 (Ridley-Thomas) Nurses and certified nursing assistants: overtime.
AB-844 (Bloom) Search warrants: foreign corporations and foreign limited liability companies.
AB-847 (Mullin) Mental health: community-based services.
AB-848 (Mark Stone) Alcoholism and drug abuse treatment facilities.
AB-849 (Bonilla) Crimes: causing an explosion.
AB-851 (Mayes) Local government: organization: disincorporations.
AB-852 (Burke) Public works: prevailing wages.
AB-853 (Roger Hernández) Electrical and gas corporations: security of plant and facilities.
AB-854 (Weber) Educational services: pupils in foster care.
AB-856 (Calderon) Invasion of privacy.
AB-857 (Cooper) Firearms: identifying information.
AB-858 (Wood) Medi-Cal: federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics.
AB-860 (Daly) Sex crimes: professional services.
AB-861 (Maienschein) Mental health: community-based services.
AB-862 (Committee on Agriculture) Agriculture.
AB-863 (Dodd) Modified limousines: passenger safety.
AB-864 (Williams) Oil spill response: environmentally and ecologically sensitive areas.
AB-865 (Alejo) State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: contracts, grants, and loans: diversity.
AB-866 (Eduardo Garcia) Alcoholic beverages: advertising: San Diego: Inglewood.
AB-868 (Obernolte) Public Employees’ Retirement System: contracting agencies: transfer of membership.
AB-869 (Cooper) Public transportation agencies: fare evasion and prohibited conduct.
AB-870 (Cooley) State government: administrative regulations: review.
AB-873 (Jones) Automotive repair.
AB-874 (Santiago) Collective bargaining: Judicial Council.
AB-876 (McCarty) Compostable organics.
AB-879 (Burke) Juveniles: court proceedings: notice.
AB-880 (Ridley-Thomas) Dentistry: licensure: exemption.
AB-881 (Cristina Garcia) Pupils: grounds for suspension and expulsion: bullying.
AB-882 (Wilk) State publications: distribution.
AB-883 (Low) Employment: public employee status.
AB-884 (Gordon) Legislature: legislative information: public use.
AB-885 (Lopez) Foster youth.
AB-888 (Bloom) Waste management: plastic microbeads.
AB-892 (Achadjian) Unsafe handguns: peace officer’s state-issued handguns: transfer to spouse.
AB-893 (Mark Stone) Beer: labels.
AB-895 (Rendon) Utility rate refunds: energy crisis litigation: Public Utilities Commission: judicial review.
AB-896 (Wagner) Counties: search or rescue: costs.
AB-897 (Gonzalez) Grocery workers.
AB-898 (Gonzalez) Parole suitability: notice.
AB-899 (Levine) Juveniles: confidentiality of records.
AB-900 (Levine) Juveniles: special immigrant juvenile status.
AB-901 (Gordon) Solid waste: reporting requirements: enforcement.
AB-902 (Bloom) Traffic violations: diversion programs.
AB-903 (Cristina Garcia) Gambling Control Act.
AB-904 (Perea) Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Reused Vehicle Rebate Project.
AB-905 (Beth Gaines) Time-shares: public report: real property inspection.
AB-906 (Cooper) Sacramento Regional Transit District.
AB-907 (Burke) Career training: adult students.
AB-908 (Gomez) Disability compensation: disability insurance.
AB-909 (Quirk) Sexual assault crimes.
AB-913 (Santiago) Student safety.
AB-914 (Brown) Toll facilities: County of San Bernardino.
AB-915 (Holden) Public education employees: industrial accident or illness leaves of absence: travel restriction.
AB-918 (Mark Stone) Seclusion and restraint: developmental services: health facilities.
AB-920 (Gipson) Jails: county inmate welfare funds.
AB-921 (Jones) Private investigators: Disciplinary Review Committee: licensure.
AB-923 (Steinorth) Respiratory care practitioners.
AB-924 (Cooley) Personal income tax: voluntary contributions: State Children’s Trust Fund.
AB-929 (Chau) Pen registers: authorized use.
AB-930 (Irwin) Work for Warriors program.
AB-931 (Irwin) Taxation: credit: hiring.
AB-932 (Daly) Specialized license plates: professional sports.
AB-933 (Frazier) Vehicles: 24/7 Sobriety programs.
AB-934 (Bonilla) Certificated school employees.
AB-935 (Salas)  Water projects.
AB-937 (Salas) Groundwater planning: technical assistance: disadvantaged communities.
AB-938 (Rodriguez) Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: adjudicated basins.
AB-939 (Salas) Groundwater sustainability agencies.
AB-940 (Ridley-Thomas) Clinical laboratories.
AB-941 (Wood) Clinics: licensure and regulation: exemption.
AB-943 (Travis Allen) Charter schools: California Collaborative for Educational Excellence.
AB-945 (Ting)  Sales and use taxes: exemption: low-emission vehicles.
AB-947 (Chávez) Controlled substances: firearms.
AB-949 (Gonzalez) Physical education: competition cheer.
AB-950 (Melendez) Firearms: gun violence restraining orders.
AB-951 (Wilk)  Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District.
AB-952 (Cristina Garcia) Local government: vacancies.
AB-953 (Weber) Law enforcement: racial profiling.
AB-954 (Mathis) Water and Wastewater Loan and Grant Program.
AB-955 (Mathis) Disaster assistance: droughts: temporary assistance.
AB-958 (Committee on Agriculture) Agriculture: California Avocado Commission: California Salmon Council.
AB-959 (Chiu) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Disparities Reduction Act.
AB-960 (Chiu)  Parentage: assisted reproduction.
AB-963 (Bonilla) Teachers’ Retirement Law.
AB-964 (Chau) Civil law: privacy.
AB-965 (Eduardo Garcia) California and Mexico border: water resources improvement.
AB-967 (Williams) Postsecondary education: sexual assault cases.
AB-968 (Williams) Postsecondary education: transcripts.
AB-969 (Williams) Postsecondary education: sexual assault cases.
AB-970 (Nazarian) Labor Commissioner: enforcement of employee claims.
AB-973 (Gray) Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: on-sale and off-sale retailers advertising.
AB-974 (Bloom) Redevelopment dissolution: housing projects: bond proceeds.
AB-975 (Mullin) School facilities: lease-leaseback contracts: contractor relief.
AB-976 (Steinorth) Personal income tax: deductions: qualified pet adoption costs.
AB-982 (Eggman) Child care and development: eligibility: homeless children.
AB-985 (Dahle) Sierra Nevada Conservancy.
AB-986 (Gipson) Community Colleges: Compton Community College District: report.
AB-987 (Levine) Employment discrimination: unlawful employment practices.
AB-988 (Mark Stone) Outdoor Environmental Education and Recreation Grants Program.
AB-989 (Cooper) Juveniles: sealing of records.
AB-990 (Bonilla) Political Reform Act of 1974: advertisement disclosures.
AB-991 (Committee on Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security) State teachers’ retirement.
AB-992 (Committee on Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security) County Employees Retirement Law of 1937: disability retirement: modification of allowance.
AB-995 (Bigelow) Farm vehicles: registration exemptions.
AB-998 (Wagner) Civil law: libel: damages.
AB-999 (Daly) Mobilehomes: disposal.
AB-1000 (Weber) California State University: student success fees.
AB-1001 (Maienschein) Child abuse: reporting: foster family agencies.
AB-1002 (Wilk) Civil actions: interpreter costs.
AB-1004 (Dahle) California Tahoe Conservancy.
AB-1005 (Gordon) California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act: market development payments.
AB-1008 (Quirk) Public utilities: sale of hydrogen to public as a motor vehicle fuel.
AB-1010 (Medina) Community colleges: part-time, temporary employees.
AB-1012 (Jones-Sawyer) Pupil instruction: course periods without educational content.
AB-1013 (Quirk) Energy: public domain computer program: home energy rating.
AB-1014 (Thurmond) Education finance: Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund: Learning Communities for School Success Program.
AB-1015 (Bloom) Parking: car share vehicles.
AB-1016 (Santiago) Public postsecondary education: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act.
AB-1017 (Campos) Employers.
AB-1020 (Ridley-Thomas) Elections: voter registration.
AB-1023 (Rendon) Public Utilities Commission: proceedings: ex parte communications.
AB-1024 (Beth Gaines) Driving schools.
AB-1025 (Thurmond) Pupil health: multitiered and integrated interventions pilot program.
AB-1028 (Bonta) Judicial officers: oaths and affirmations.
AB-1029 (Frazier) Veterans: service providers.
AB-1030 (Ridley-Thomas) California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.
AB-1031 (Thurmond) Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act: contracting entities.
AB-1032 (Salas) Diesel Fuel Tax Law: reimbursements.
AB-1033 (Eduardo Garcia) Economic impact assessment: small business definition.
AB-1034 (Obernolte) Surface mining: reclamation plans: renewable energy generation facility.
AB-1036 (Quirk) Notaries public: acceptance of identification.
AB-1039 (Committee on Agriculture) Fertilizing materials: violations: administrative penalty: filing of final judgment.
AB-1040 (Ting) Property taxation: change in ownership.
AB-1042 (Cooper) Proprietary security services.
AB-1043 (Salas) Highways: State Highway Route 43.
AB-1045 (Irwin) Organic waste: composting.
AB-1049 (Patterson) Parent and child relationship.
AB-1050 (Low) Occupational safety and health: permanent variances.
AB-1052 (Cooley) State Teachers’ Retirement System: board of administration: investments.
AB-1056 (Atkins) Second Chance Program.
AB-1058 (Baker) Pupil safety: child abuse prevention: training.
AB-1059 (Eduardo Garcia) California Communities Environmental Health Screening.
AB-1060 (Bonilla) Cancer clinical trials.
AB-1061 (Gallagher) Sacramento and San Joaquin Drainage District: powers.
AB-1062 (Bonta) Environmental Justice Small Grant Program.
AB-1063 (Williams) Solid waste: charges.
AB-1064 (Roger Hernández) Education finance: indirect cost rates.
AB-1066 (Gonzalez) Agricultural workers: wages, hours, and working conditions.
AB-1067 (Gipson) Foster children: rights.
AB-1069 (Gordon) Prescription drugs: collection and distribution program.
AB-1071 (Atkins) Supplemental environmental projects.
AB-1072 (Daly) Insurance: firefighters’ or police officers’ benefit and relief associations.
AB-1073 (Ting) Pharmacy: prescription drug labels.
AB-1077 (Holden) Mutual water companies: open meetings.
AB-1081 (Quirk) Protective orders.
AB-1083 (Eggman) Political Reform Act of 1974: local enforcement.
AB-1084 (Bonilla) Charter schools: operation.
AB-1085 (Gatto) Personal representatives: conservators and attorneys-in-fact.
AB-1089 (Eduardo Garcia) Coachella Mountains Conservancy.
AB-1091 (Eduardo Garcia) Student financial aid: Cal Grant Program.
AB-1093 (Eduardo Garcia) Public safety: supervised population workforce training: grant program.
AB-1095 (Eduardo Garcia) Salton Sea: restoration projects.
AB-1096 (Chiu) Vehicles: electric bicycles.
AB-1097 (Holden) Alarm companies: electronic transactions.
AB-1099 (Olsen) School accountability: teacher evaluations.
AB-1100 (Low) Ballot initiatives: filing fees.
AB-1101 (Bonilla) Pupil school enrollment: residency requirements: policy on investigations.
AB-1102 (Santiago) Hazardous waste facilities: inspections.
AB-1103 (Dodd) Solid waste disposal: self-haulers.
AB-1104 (Rodriguez) Search warrants.
AB-1105 (Bonta) Unfair business practices: enforcement: city attorneys.
AB-1107 (Irwin) Sellers of travel: regulation.
AB-1108 (Burke) Zero-emission vehicles.
AB-1110 (Ting) Greenhouse gases emissions intensity reporting: retail electricity suppliers.
AB-1113 (Chau) Check Sellers, Bill Payers and Proraters Law.
AB-1114 (Eggman) Medi-Cal: pharmacist services.
AB-1115 (Salas) School zones: state highways.
AB-1116 (Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection) Connected televisions.
AB-1117 (Cristina Garcia) Medi-Cal: vaccination rates.
AB-1119 (Rendon) Public utilities: municipal corporations: rights of way.
AB-1124 (Perea) Workers’ compensation: prescription medication formulary.
AB-1125 (Weber) State agency contracts: small business.
AB-1126 (Rendon) School facilities: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning: inspection reports.
AB-1127 (Cooley) Domestic and family violence: Sacramento County.
AB-1129 (Burke) Emergency medical services: data and information system.
AB-1130 (Gray) Clinics: licensing: hours of operation.
AB-1131 (Dababneh) Insurance: electronic transmission.
AB-1134 (Mark Stone) Firearms: concealed firearm licenses.
AB-1135 (Levine) Firearms: assault weapons.
AB-1136 (Steinorth) Reusable grocery bag and recycled paper bag: fee: exemptions.
AB-1140 (Bonta) Crime victims.
AB-1141 (Chau) Civil actions.
AB-1142 (Gray) Mining and geology: surface mining.
AB-1144 (Rendon) California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: renewable energy credits.
AB-1145 (Medina) Pupils: Early Commitment to College program.
AB-1146 (Jones) Skateboard parks.
AB-1147 (Maienschein) Health facilities: pediatric day health and respite care facilities.
AB-1148 (Beth Gaines) Republican county central committees: Placer County.
AB-1149 (Wood) Public health emergencies: funding.
AB-1150 (Levine) Energy: University of California and California State University partnership.
AB-1151 (Santiago) Parking violations: penalties.
AB-1153 (Calderon) School accountability: local control and accountability plans: posting: evaluation rubrics.
AB-1156 (Brown) Imprisonment in county jail.
AB-1157 (Nazarian) Property taxation: certificated aircraft assessment.
AB-1161 (Olsen) Preschool: privately funded pilot program: tax credits.
AB-1162 (Holden) Medi-Cal: tobacco cessation.
AB-1163 (Rodriguez) Health care service plans and health insurers: solicitors and life agents: notice of contract changes.
AB-1164 (Gatto) Water conservation: drought tolerant landscaping.
AB-1166 (Bloom) Pupils in foster care: pupils who are homeless children or youth: school transfer: exemption from local graduation requirements.
AB-1168 (Salas) Peace officers: basic training requirements.
AB-1169 (Gomez) Economic development: Capital Access Loan Program.
AB-1171 (Linder) Construction Manager/General Contractor method: regional transportation agencies: projects on expressways.
AB-1172 (Chau) California cyber security.
AB-1173 (Williams) Water equipment: backflow prevention devices testing: certification.
AB-1174 (Bonilla) Automotive Repair Act: violations: regulations: reports.
AB-1175 (Ridley-Thomas) Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings, and Thermal Insulation.
AB-1176 (Cooper) Theft: firearms.
AB-1177 (Gomez) Primary care clinics: written transfer agreements.
AB-1178 (Achadjian) Vehicles: manufacturers and distributors.
AB-1180 (Cristina Garcia) Rates and charges for water service: payment transaction fees.
AB-1182 (Santiago) Secondhand goods: tangible personal property.
AB-1185 (Ridley-Thomas) Los Angeles Unified School District: best value procurement: pilot program.
AB-1188 (Gipson) Importation or sale of endangered animals.
AB-1191 (Nazarian) Quimby Act: fees.
AB-1194 (Eggman) Mental health: involuntary commitment.
AB-1195 (Ridley-Thomas) California Debt Limit Allocation Committee: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
AB-1196 (Eduardo Garcia) Commission for Economic Development.
AB-1197 (Bonilla) Deposition notices.
AB-1198 (Dababneh) School facilities: California School Finance Authority: California Credit Enhancement Program.
AB-1199 (Nazarian) Income taxes: credits: motion pictures.
AB-1200 (Gordon) Political Reform Act of 1974: lobbying: procurement contracts.
AB-1204 (Chau) Instructional Quality Commission: membership: pupil members.
AB-1205 (Gomez) Hazardous waste: facilities permitting.
AB-1207 (Lopez) Mandated child abuse reporting: child day care personnel: training.
AB-1211 (Maienschein) Health care facilities: congregate living health facility.
AB-1216 (Bonta) Limitations on cost sharing: family coverage.
AB-1217 (Daly) Orange County Fire Authority.
AB-1218 (Weber) Public contracts: disabled veteran business enterprise.
AB-1222 (Bloom) Tow trucks.
AB-1223 (O'Donnell) Emergency medical services: ambulance transportation.
AB-1228 (Gipson) Public postsecondary education: campus housing: priority for homeless youth.
AB-1230 (Gomez) California Americans With Disabilities Small Business Capital Access Loan Program.
AB-1231 (Wood) Medi-Cal: nonmedical transportation.
AB-1232 (Cristina Garcia) Insurance Commissioner: administrative hearings.
AB-1233 (Levine) Whistleblower investigation policy: state agencies.
AB-1234 (McCarty) State Archives: museum activities.
AB-1235 (Gipson) Medi-Cal: beneficiary maintenance needs: home upkeep allowances: transitional personal needs funds.
AB-1236 (Chiu) Local ordinances: electric vehicle charging stations.
AB-1239 (Gordon) Tire recycling: California tire regulatory fee and waste tire program.
AB-1241 (Calderon) Crimes: audiovisual work: recording.
AB-1242 (Gray) Water quality and storage.
AB-1244 (Gray) Workers’ compensation.
AB-1245 (Cooley) Unemployment insurance: electronic reporting and funds transfers.
AB-1250 (Bloom) Vehicles: buses: axle weight.
AB-1251 (Gomez) Greenway Development and Sustainment Act.
AB-1253 (Steinorth) Optometry: license: retired volunteer service designation.
AB-1258 (Chau) Elementary and secondary education: Computer Science Education Grant Pilot Program.
AB-1259 (Levine) Bees: apiculture: state-owned lands.
AB-1260 (Thurmond) Joint Exercise of Powers Act.
AB-1261 (Burke) Community-based adult services: adult day health care centers.
AB-1262 (Wood) Telecommunications: universal service: California Advanced Services Fund.
AB-1266 (Gonzalez) Electrical and gas corporations: excess compensation.
AB-1267 (Bloom) Lawsuits, liens, and other encumbrances.
AB-1269 (Dababneh) Alternative energy.
AB-1270 (Eduardo Garcia) California Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
AB-1272 (Grove) Criminal procedure: trial schedule conflicts.
AB-1274 (Mark Stone) Public lands: geophysical surveys.
AB-1275 (Gray) Personal income taxes: exclusion: military retirement pay.
AB-1276 (Santiago) Child witnesses: human trafficking.
AB-1277 (Brough) Tax administration: Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate: levy or notice to withhold: return of funds.
AB-1278 (Gray) Cigarettes and tobacco products: identification requirements.
AB-1279 (Holden) Music therapy.
AB-1282 (Gray) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-1283 (Ting) Civil procedure: trial jury selection.
AB-1284 (Baker) Bay Area state-owned toll bridges: Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee.
AB-1286 (Mayes) California Regulatory Reform Council.
AB-1287 (Chiu) Vehicles: parking violations.
AB-1288 (Atkins) Air resources.
AB-1289 (Cooper) Transportation network companies: participating drivers: penalties.
AB-1290 (Dahle) Health care districts: public contracts: design-build.
AB-1291 (Williams) The County Employees Retirement Law of 1937.
AB-1292 (Dababneh) Bank on California program.
AB-1293 (Holden) State public employment: labor negotiations.
AB-1295 (Levine) Craft distillers: licenses.
AB-1299 (Ridley-Thomas) Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services: foster children.
AB-1300 (Ridley-Thomas) Mental health: involuntary commitment.
AB-1301 (Jones-Sawyer) Voting rights: preclearance.
AB-1303 (Gray) Subdivision Map Act: map expiration dates.
AB-1305 (Bonta) Limitations on cost sharing: family coverage.
AB-1306 (Burke) Healing arts: certified nurse-midwives: scope of practice.
AB-1307 (McCarty) Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act.
AB-1308 (Perea) Apprenticeship programs: approval.
AB-1310 (Gatto) Disorderly conduct: unlawful distribution of image.
AB-1311 (Cooper) Temporary services employees: wages.
AB-1312 (O'Donnell) Ballast water management.
AB-1317 (Salas) Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004.
AB-1319 (Dababneh) Medi-Cal benefits: share of cost requirements.
AB-1320 (Maienschein) Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: advertising.
AB-1321 (Ting) Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program.
AB-1322 (Daly) Alcoholic beverages: licenses: beauty salons and barber shops.
AB-1323 (Frazier) Marine debris: removal and disposal.
AB-1326 (Dababneh) Digital currency.
AB-1328 (Weber) Criminal procedure: withholding of evidence.
AB-1330 (Bloom) Energy efficiency.
AB-1335 (Atkins) Building Homes and Jobs Act.
AB-1337 (Linder) Medical records: electronic delivery.
AB-1338 (Gomez) Specialized license plates: domestic violence and sexual assault awareness.
AB-1339 (Santiago) School district employees: merit system: appointments.
AB-1342 (Steinorth) Disability access.
AB-1343 (Thurmond) Criminal procedure: defense counsel.
AB-1346 (Gray) Office of Emergency Services: State Emergency Plan: update.
AB-1347 (Chiu) Public contracts: claims.
AB-1348 (Irwin) State Clearinghouse.
AB-1350 (Salas) Kern County Hospital Authority.
AB-1351 (Eggman) Deferred entry of judgment: pretrial diversion.
AB-1352 (Eggman) Deferred entry of judgment: withdrawal of plea.
AB-1353 (Patterson) Highway rest areas: vending machines: utility costs.
AB-1354 (Dodd) Discrimination: equal pay: state contracting.
AB-1355 (Gray) Gaming: Tribal Nation Grant Fund.
AB-1358 (Dababneh) School facilities: design-build contracts.
AB-1359 (Nazarian) Optometry: therapeutic pharmaceutical agents certification: requirements.
AB-1360 (Ting) Charter-party carriers of passengers: individual fare exemption.
AB-1361 (Burke) Student financial aid: Cal Grant Program: veterans.
AB-1362 (Gordon) San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District: board of trustees: appointment of members.
AB-1363 (Salas) Animals: estrays: alpacas, llamas, and goats.
AB-1364 (Linder) California Transportation Commission.
AB-1366 (Lopez) Public postsecondary education: Dream Resource Liaisons.
AB-1369 (Frazier) Special education: dyslexia.
AB-1370 (Medina) Public postsecondary education: student residency.
AB-1373 (Santiago) Outdoor advertising: City of Los Angeles.
AB-1374 (Levine) Psychologists: licensure.
AB-1375 (Thurmond) Criminal penalties: nonpayment of fines.
AB-1378 (Holden) Property tax: base year value transfers.
AB-1381 (Weber) Professions and vocations: real estate appraisers: real estate brokers.
AB-1383 (Jones) Veterans’ preferences: voluntary policy.
AB-1385 (Ting) Community colleges: accreditation.
AB-1386 (Low) Emergency medical care: epinephrine auto-injectors.
AB-1387 (Chu) Care facilities: civil penalties, deficiencies, and appeal procedures.
AB-1390 (Alejo) Groundwater: comprehensive adjudication.
AB-1391 (Gomez) Pupil instruction: adopted course of study: elementary school: physical education: complaints.
AB-1393 (Burke) California Pollution Control Financing Authority.
AB-1395 (Salas) Money laundering: criminal activity: lotteries and gaming.
AB-1396 (Bonta) Public health finance.
AB-1397 (Ting) Community colleges: California Community Colleges Fair Accreditation Act of 2015.
AB-1399 (Baker) Income taxes: voluntary contributions: California Domestic Violence Victims Fund.
AB-1400 (Santiago) Hazardous waste: facilities permitting.
AB-1401 (Baker) Veterans: student financial aid.
AB-1403 (Maienschein) Housing: joint powers agreement.
AB-1407 (Atkins) Family law: protective orders: wireless telephone numbers.
AB-1411 (Eduardo Garcia) Fire protection: type 1 clothes dryers.
AB-1412 (Perea) Redevelopment: successor agencies to redevelopment agencies.
AB-1419 (Eggman) Hazardous waste: cathode ray tube glass.
AB-1420 (Salas) Oil and gas: pipelines.
AB-1422 (Cooper) Transportation network companies.
AB-1423 (Mark Stone) Prisoners: medical treatment.
AB-1424 (Mullin) Mental health: community mental health board.
AB-1428 (Gray) California State Lottery: education finance.
AB-1429 (Chiu) Earthquake loss mitigation: grant programs.
AB-1430 (Cooper) California family owned businesses.
AB-1431 (Gomez) Local Agency Public Construction Act: job order contracting.
AB-1432 (Bonta) Monterey Bay and the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun: pilotage rates: technology surcharge.
AB-1435 (Alejo) Hazardous waste: toxics: packaging.
AB-1436 (Burke) In-home supportive services: authorized representative.
AB-1437 (Gray) Gambling: Internet Fantasy Sports Game Protection Act.
AB-1440 (Nazarian) Earthquake loss mitigation: grant programs.
AB-1443 (Chau)  Voters: language accessibility.
AB-1444 (Eduardo Garcia) Design-build projects: the Salton Sea.
AB-1446 (Dababneh)  California Finance Lenders Law: violations.
AB-1448 (Lopez) Personal energy conservation: real property restrictions.
AB-1449 (Lopez) Student financial aid: California Community College Transfer Cal Grant Entitlement Program.
AB-1451 (Chávez) Workers’ compensation: public employees.
AB-1452 (Hadley) Certificated employees: personnel files: expungement: egregious misconduct.
AB-1453 (Bloom) Protection of orcas: unlawful activities.
AB-1455 (Rodriguez) Ontario International Airport.
AB-1461 (Gonzalez) Voter registration: California New Motor Voter Program.
AB-1463 (Gatto) Student financial aid: California Covenants Program: tuition certificates: gross income exclusion.
AB-1465 (Gordon) Driver’s licenses.
AB-1471 (Perea)  Business entities: filings.
AB-1475 (Cooper) Sexual assault response team.
AB-1482 (Gordon)  Climate adaptation.
AB-1492 (Gatto) Forensic testing: DNA samples.
AB-1494 (Levine) Voting: marked ballots.
AB-1496 (Thurmond) Methane emissions.
AB-1500 (Atkins) State highways: relinquishment: Route 75.
AB-1504 (Alejo) Elections: all-mailed ballot elections: pilot project.
AB-1505 (Roger Hernández) Statute of limitations: public contracts.
AB-1506 (Roger Hernández) Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004.
AB-1507 (Roger Hernández) Peace officers: training.
AB-1508 (Mullin) Workforce investment boards: funding.
AB-1509 (Roger Hernández) Employer liability.
AB-1511 (Santiago) Firearms: lending.
AB-1512 (Committee on Insurance) Insurance: notice of lapse.
AB-1513 (Williams) Employment: workers’ compensation and piece-rate compensation.
AB-1514 (Committee on Insurance) Employment Development Department: training benefits: reports.
AB-1515 (Committee on Insurance) Insurance.
AB-1516 (Committee on Housing and Community Development) Housing.
AB-1517 (Committee on Banking and Finance) Business.
AB-1518 (Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care) Medi-Cal: nursing facilities.
AB-1519 (Committee on Judiciary) Judiciary omnibus: family support.
AB-1520 (Mark Stone) Public Records.
AB-1521 (Committee on Judiciary)  Disability access: construction-related accessibility claims.
AB-1522 (Committee on Judiciary) Transcript Reimbursement Fund: renewal.
AB-1523 (Committee on Judiciary) Attorneys.
AB-1524 (Committee on Utilities and Commerce) Electricity: energy crisis litigation.
AB-1525 (Committee on Utilities and Commerce) Electrical restructuring.
AB-1526 (Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care) Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey: caregiver module.
AB-1527 (Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife) Fish and wildlife.
AB-1528 (Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife) Public resources.
AB-1530 (Levine) Electricity: distributed generation.
AB-1531 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) State Water Resources Control Board.
AB-1532 (Committee on Local Government) Local government: omnibus.
AB-1533 (Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy) Infrastructure financing.
AB-1534 (Committee on Revenue and Taxation) Assessment analyst: certification.
AB-1535 (Committee on Elections and Redistricting) Elections.
AB-1536 (Committee on Elections and Redistricting) Elections.
AB-1537 (Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy) Small Business Financial Assistance Act of 2013: reports.
AB-1538 (Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media) Educational equity: sex equity in education: federal Title IX.
AB-1539 (Committee on Governmental Organization) Horse racing: advance deposit wagering: deductions and distributions: jockey retirement plan.
AB-1540 (Gray) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-1541 (Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection) Privacy: personal information.
AB-1542 (Mathis) Workers’compensation: neuropsychologists.
AB-1544 (Cooley) Political Reform Act of 1974: behested payments.
AB-1546 (Olsen) Vital records.
AB-1549 (Wood)  Department of Transportation: state highway rights-of-way: broadband: fiber optic cables.
AB-1550 (Gomez) Greenhouse gases: investment plan: disadvantaged communities.
AB-1553 (Irwin) Savings plans: qualified ABLE program.
AB-1554 (Irwin) Powdered alcohol.
AB-1556 (Mathis) Property taxation: exemptions: disabled veterans.
AB-1557 (Mathis) School facilities: use by nonprofit youth organizations: recreational youth sports leagues.
AB-1558 (Mathis) Alcoholic beverages: licenses.
AB-1559 (Dodd) State Board of Equalization: returns and payment: extension: disaster.
AB-1561 (Cristina Garcia) Sales and use taxes: exemption: sanitary napkins: tampons: menstrual sponges and menstrual cups.
AB-1562 (Kim) Sales and use taxes: exemptions: disaster preparedness products.
AB-1563 (Rodriguez) Victim’s compensation: claims: appeal.
AB-1564 (Williams) Emergency services: wireless 911 calls: routing.
AB-1567 (Campos)  Before and after school programs: enrollment: fees: homeless and foster youth: snacks or meals.
AB-1568 (Bonta) Medi-Cal: demonstration project.
AB-1570 (Chang) Collectibles: sale of autographed memorabilia.
AB-1574 (Chiu) Vehicles of charter-party carriers of passengers and passenger stage corporations.
AB-1575 (Bonta) Medical cannabis.
AB-1577 (Eggman) CalFood Program: CalFood Account.
AB-1578 (Rodriguez) Emergency medical services: mobile field hospitals.
AB-1579 (Travis Allen) Parks and monuments: operating leases or agreements.
AB-1580 (Gatto) Consumer credit reports: security freezes: protected consumer.
AB-1583 (Santiago) Community colleges: enrollment fee waiver.
AB-1584 (Brown) Public social services: SSI/SSP.
AB-1585 (Alejo) Monterey County Water Resources Agency: Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio.
AB-1588 (Mathis) Water and Wastewater Loan and Grant Program.
AB-1592 (Bonilla) Autonomous vehicles: pilot project.
AB-1593 (Obernolte) Pupil attendance: excused absences: naturalization ceremony.
AB-1594 (McCarty) Public postsecondary education: prohibition of using tobacco and smoking on campuses.
AB-1597 (Mark Stone) County jails: performance milestone credits.
AB-1599 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2015: augmentation.
AB-1600 (Committee on Budget) School finance: education omnibus trailer bill.
AB-1601 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1602 (Committee on Budget) Education.
AB-1603 (Committee on Budget) Public social services omnibus.
AB-1604 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1605 (Committee on Budget) Health.
AB-1606 (Committee on Budget) Developmental services.
AB-1607 (Committee on Budget) Medi-Cal: hospitals: quality assurance fee.
AB-1608 (Committee on Budget)  State government.
AB-1609 (Committee on Budget) State government.
AB-1610 (Committee on Budget) Transportation.
AB-1611 (Committee on Budget) Public resources.
AB-1612 (Committee on Budget) Public resources: energy.
AB-1613 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1614 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1615 (Committee on Budget) Public safety.
AB-1616 (Committee on Budget) Correctional facilities: construction: financing.
AB-1617 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1618 (Committee on Budget) Mental health services.
AB-1619 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1620 (Committee on Budget) State employment.
AB-1621 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1622 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1623 (Committee on Budget) Budget Act of 2016.
AB-1624 (Committee on Budget) Education.
AB-1625 (Committee on Budget) Human services.
AB-1626 (Committee on Budget) State government.
AB-1627 (Committee on Budget) State employment: memorandum of understanding: Bargaining Unit 7.
AB-1628 (Committee on Budget) No Place Like Home Program: financing.
AB-1629 (Committee on Budget) Public resources: greenhouse emissions and biomass.
AB-1630 (Committee on Budget) State employment.
AB-1637 (Low) Energy: greenhouse gas reduction.
AB-1639 (Maienschein) Pupil health: The Eric Paredes Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act.
AB-1640 (Mark Stone) Retirement: public employees.
AB-1643 (Gonzalez) Workers’ compensation: permanent disability apportionment.
AB-1644 (Bonta) School-based early mental health intervention and prevention services.
AB-1645 (Dababneh) Mortgage guaranty insurance.
AB-1649 (Salas) State water policy: priority: surface water storage projects and joint powers authorities.
AB-1650 (Frazier) Real estate licensees: advertisements.
AB-1651 (Obernolte) Public Utilities Commission: contracts.
AB-1653 (Weber) Postsecondary education: campus climate.
AB-1654 (Santiago) Student safety: crime reporting.
AB-1658 (Bigelow) Happy Homestead Cemetery District: nonresident burial.
AB-1660 (Cooper) Interscholastic athletics: California Interscholastic Federation: report.
AB-1661 (McCarty) Local government: sexual harassment prevention training and education.
AB-1662 (Chau) Unmanned aircraft systems: accident reporting.
AB-1664 (Levine) Firearms: assault weapons.
AB-1665 (Bonilla) Transactions and use taxes: County of Alameda, County of Contra Costa, and Contra Costa Transportation Authority.
AB-1666 (Brough) Community facilities districts: reports.
AB-1668 (Calderon) Investigational drugs, biological products, and devices.
AB-1669 (Roger Hernández) Displaced employees: service contracts: collection and transportation of solid waste.
AB-1670 (Dodd) Alcoholic beverages: licenses.
AB-1671 (Gomez) Confidential communications: disclosure.
AB-1672 (Mathis) Veterans treatment courts: Judicial Council assessment and survey.
AB-1673 (Gipson) Firearms: unfinished frame or receiver.
AB-1674 (Santiago) Firearms: transfers.
AB-1675 (Mark Stone) Juveniles: prostitution.
AB-1676 (Campos) Employers: wage discrimination.
AB-1677 (Ting) Vehicles: tour buses: safety inspections.
AB-1678 (Santiago) Provision of incident reports to victims.
AB-1679 (Weber) Child care: state preschool programs: eligibility: military families.
AB-1680 (Rodriguez) Crimes: emergency personnel.
AB-1682 (Mark Stone) Settlement agreements: sexual offenses.
AB-1683 (Eggman) Alternative energy financing.
AB-1684 (Mark Stone) Civil actions: human trafficking.
AB-1685 (Gomez) Vehicular air pollution: zero-emission vehicles: civil penalties.
AB-1687 (Calderon) Customer records: age information: commercial online entertainment employment service providers.
AB-1688 (Rodriguez) Dependent children: out-of-county placement: notice.
AB-1690 (Medina) Community colleges: part-time, temporary employees.
AB-1691 (Gipson) Vehicular air pollution: vehicle retirement.
AB-1692 (Bonilla) County employees’ retirement: Contra Costa County.
AB-1693 (Gonzalez) Claims against the state: payment.
AB-1695 (Bonta) Firearms: false reports of stolen firearms.
AB-1696 (Holden) Medi-Cal: tobacco cessation services.
AB-1697 (Bonilla) Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.
AB-1700 (Maienschein) Trusts: Notice of proposed action by trustee.
AB-1701 (Gonzalez) State claims.
AB-1702 (Mark Stone) Juveniles: dependent children: reunification services.
AB-1703 (Santiago) Inmates: medical treatment.
AB-1704 (Dodd) Water rights: small irrigation use: lake or streambed alteration agreements.
AB-1705 (Rodriguez) Jails: searches.
AB-1706 (Chávez) Military fraud.
AB-1708 (Gonzalez) Disorderly conduct: prostitution.
AB-1709 (Gallagher) Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals.
AB-1710 (Calderon) Vehicular air pollution: zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicles.
AB-1711 (McCarty) University of California: nonresident student enrollment.
AB-1712 (Obernolte) Child care: contractors: digital signatures.
AB-1715 (Holden) Healing arts: behavior analysis: licensing.
AB-1716 (McCarty) Lower American River Conservancy Program.
AB-1719 (Rodriguez) Pupil instruction: cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
AB-1721 (Medina) Student financial aid: Cal Grant Program.
AB-1722 (Wagner) Limited liability companies: dissolution: cancellation of articles of organization.
AB-1723 (Dodd) Debt collection.
AB-1725 (Wagner) Vehicles: automated traffic enforcement systems.
AB-1726 (Bonta) Data collection.
AB-1730 (Atkins) Human trafficking: minors.
AB-1731 (Atkins) Human trafficking: Statewide Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force.
AB-1732 (Ting) Single-user restrooms.
AB-1734 (Obernolte) Mining claims: recording.
AB-1735 (Waldron) Dissolution of marriage: bifurcated judgment: service.
AB-1736 (Steinorth) Personal income taxes: deduction: homeownership savings accounts.
AB-1738 (McCarty) Building standards: dark graywater.
AB-1739 (Waldron) Medi-Cal: allergy testing.
AB-1741 (Rodriguez) California College Promise Innovation Grant Program.
AB-1742 (Mark Stone) CalWORKs: eligibility.
AB-1743 (Dababneh) Electronic transactions: motor vehicle finance.
AB-1744 (Cooper) Sexual assault forensic medical evidence kit.
AB-1746 (Mark Stone) Transit buses.
AB-1747 (Weber) Food assistance: higher education students.
AB-1748 (Mayes) Pupils: pupil health: opioid antagonist.
AB-1749 (Mathis) California Environmental Quality Act: City of Porterville.
AB-1750 (Dodd) Real property transactions: definitions.
AB-1751 (Low) Secondhand goods.
AB-1753 (Obernolte) State employees: overpayment.
AB-1754 (Waldron) Crime victim compensation: elder or dependent adult financial abuse.
AB-1755 (Dodd) The Open and Transparent Water Data Act.
AB-1756 (Bonilla) Teacher credentialing: integrated programs of professional preparation.
AB-1757 (Waldron) North County Transit District.
AB-1761 (Weber) Human trafficking: victims: affirmative defense.
AB-1762 (Campos) Human trafficking: victims: vacating convictions.
AB-1763 (Gipson) Health care coverage: colorectal cancer: screening and testing.
AB-1765 (Irwin) CaliforniaVolunteers: nonprofit public benefit corporation.
AB-1766 (Mark Stone) Examination of prospective jurors.
AB-1767 (Bigelow) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-1769 (Rodriguez) 911 emergency system: nuisance communications.
AB-1770 (Alejo) Food assistance program: eligibility.
AB-1771 (O'Donnell) School attendance: school districts of choice: continued enrollment.
AB-1773 (Obernolte) Local government renewable energy self-generation program.
AB-1775 (Obernolte) Income taxes: returns: due dates.
AB-1776 (Obernolte)  Court transcripts: electronic form.
AB-1778 (Quirk) Postsecondary education: sexual assault and sexual violence training.
AB-1779 (Gatto) Nonprobate transfers: revocable transfer on death deed.
AB-1782 (Maienschein) Franchises: offer to sell: trade show.
AB-1783 (Dodd) School facilities: nonstructural earthquake hazards: inspection.
AB-1784 (Dababneh) State banks.
AB-1785 (Quirk) Vehicles: use of wireless electronic devices.
AB-1786 (Cooley) Horse racing: the California Standardbred Sires Stakes Program.
AB-1787 (Gomez) Open meetings: public comments: translation.
AB-1788 (Melendez) Legislature: Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act.
AB-1789 (Santiago) Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund.
AB-1791 (Lopez) Personal income taxes: exclusion: military retirement pay.
AB-1792 (Wood) Elk tags: federally recognized Indian tribes.
AB-1793 (Holden)  Contractors: license requirements: recovery actions.
AB-1794 (Cristina Garcia) Central Basin Municipal Water District.
AB-1795 (Atkins) Health care programs: cancer.
AB-1796 (Wilk) Civil actions: intervention.
AB-1797 (Lackey) In-home supportive services: application.
AB-1798 (Cooper) Firearms: imitation firearms: gun-shaped phone cases.
AB-1799 (Mayes) Common interest developments: association governance: elections.
AB-1802 (Chávez) California Victim Compensation Board: reorganization.
AB-1807 (Bonta) Real estate licensees.
AB-1808 (Wood) Minors: mental health treatment or counseling services.
AB-1809 (Lopez) CalWORKs eligibility: asset limits.
AB-1810 (Levine) California Seed Law: exclusions: noncommercial seed sharing.
AB-1811 (Dodd) Fertilizer: organic input material: registration: inspections.
AB-1813 (Frazier) High-Speed Rail Authority: membership.
AB-1816 (Dahle) Tulelake Irrigation District.
AB-1817 (Mark Stone) Solid waste: garbage and refuse disposal districts: board of directors.
AB-1820 (Quirk) Unmanned aircraft systems.
AB-1823 (Bonilla) California Cancer Clinical Trials Program.
AB-1824 (Chang) Guide, signal, or service dogs: injury or death.
AB-1825 (Gordon) Vicious dogs: definition.
AB-1826 (Mark Stone) Organic products.
AB-1829 (Levine) Vessels: operation under the influence of alcohol or drugs: chemical testing.
AB-1831 (Low) Health care coverage: prescription drugs: refills.
AB-1835 (Holden) California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: minimum operating standards: exemptions.
AB-1836 (Maienschein) Mental health: referral of conservatees.
AB-1837 (Low) Postsecondary education: Office of Higher Education Performance and Accountability.
AB-1838 (Ting) Foster care: infant supplement.
AB-1840 (Gipson) State agencies: interns and student assistants: hiring preference.
AB-1841 (Irwin)  Cybersecurity strategy incident response standards.
AB-1842 (Levine) Water: pollution: fines.
AB-1843 (Mark Stone) Applicants for employment: criminal history.
AB-1844 (Gallagher) Hunting and fishing licenses: reduced license fees: veterans.
AB-1845 (Dahle) Protected species: take: rough sculpin.
AB-1846 (Lopez) Adult Education Block Grant Program: report.
AB-1847 (Mark Stone) Earned Income Tax Credit Information Act: California Earned Income Tax Credit.
AB-1848 (Chiu) DNA evidence.
AB-1849 (Gipson) Foster youth: transition to independent living: health insurance coverage.
AB-1850 (Eduardo Garcia) Educational services: permanent residents: foreign nationals.
AB-1851 (Gray) Vehicular air pollution: reduction incentives.
AB-1853 (Cooper) County employees’ retirement: districts: retirement system governance.
AB-1854 (Bloom) Bail: attorney’s fees: forfeited bail.
AB-1856 (Dababneh) Excise taxes: claim for refund: timely filed claims.
AB-1858 (Santiago) Automobile dismantling: task force.
AB-1859 (Gallagher) Collateral recovery.
AB-1863 (Wood) Medi-Cal: federally qualified health centers: rural health centers.
AB-1864 (Cooley) Inquests: sudden unexplained death in childhood.
AB-1867 (Steinorth) Evidence: judicial notice: official records of conviction.
AB-1869 (Melendez) Theft: firearms.
AB-1872 (Gray) Public safety.
AB-1874 (Wood) Structural pest control.
AB-1875 (Chávez) State teachers’ retirement: option beneficiaries: trusts.
AB-1876 (Lopez) Pupils: diploma alternatives: language options.
AB-1878 (Jones-Sawyer) Public Employees’ Retirement System: state or school members: postretirement death benefit.
AB-1880 (Irwin) State real property: reversion.
AB-1883 (Cooley) Child sexual abuse: prevention pilot program.
AB-1886 (McCarty) California Environmental Quality Act: transit priority projects.
AB-1887 (Low) State government: discrimination: travel.
AB-1889 (Mullin) High-Speed Rail Authority: high-speed train operation.
AB-1890 (Dodd) Discrimination: equal pay: state contracting.
AB-1891 (Dababneh) School districts: special taxes: exemptions.
AB-1894 (Committee on Agriculture)  Food and agriculture: omnibus bill.
AB-1899 (Calderon) Insurance: production agents: license examinations.
AB-1900 (Jones-Sawyer) San Pedro superior courthouse.
AB-1901 (Quirk) Taxation: cigarettes: unaffixed stamps.
AB-1903 (Wilk) Aliso Canyon gas leak: health impact study.
AB-1904 (Wilk) Hazardous materials: natural gas odorants.
AB-1906 (Melendez) Mental health: sexually violent predators.
AB-1907 (Daly) Orange County Fair: sale of state property.
AB-1909 (Lopez) Falsifying evidence.
AB-1911 (Eggman) Dual status minors.
AB-1914 (Bonilla) Public postsecondary education: academic materials: textbooks: access codes.
AB-1917 (Obernolte) Mental health care professionals: qualifications.
AB-1918 (O'Donnell) Teacher credentialing: temporary certificates.
AB-1919 (Quirk) Local transportation authorities: bonds.
AB-1920 (Chau) California Tax Credit Allocation Committee: low-income housing credit: fines.
AB-1921 (Gonzalez) Elections: vote by mail ballots.
AB-1922 (Daly) Workers’ compensation policies: ancillary agreements.
AB-1923 (Wood) Bioenergy feed-in tariff.
AB-1924 (Low) Privacy: electronic communications.
AB-1926 (Cooper) Public works: prevailing wage: apprentices.
AB-1927 (Lackey) Criminal procedure: notice to appear.
AB-1928 (Campos) Water efficiency: landscape irrigation equipment.
AB-1930 (Lackey) In-home supportive services: family caregivers: advisory committee.
AB-1931 (Rodriguez) Emergency medical services: paramedics: discipline.
AB-1932 (Obernolte) Vehicles: motorcycle safety training.
AB-1934 (Santiago) Planning and zoning: development bonuses: mixed-use projects.
AB-1936 (Chávez) Public postsecondary education: residency: dependents of armed forces members.
AB-1937 (Gomez) Electricity: procurement.
AB-1940 (Cooper) Peace officers: body-worn cameras: policies and procedures.
AB-1941 (Lopez) California Film Commission: membership and duties.
AB-1943 (Linder) Parking: county transportation commissions.
AB-1944 (Jones) Personal Income Tax Law: gross income exclusion: Olympic and Paralympic Games.
AB-1945 (Mark Stone) Juveniles: sealing of records.
AB-1947 (Chiu) Health facilities: affiliate clinic: licensing.
AB-1950 (Maienschein) Hearing aids: audio switch.
AB-1952 (Gordon) Property tax postponement.
AB-1953 (Weber) Peace officers: civilian complaints.
AB-1954 (Burke) Health care coverage: reproductive health care services.
AB-1957 (Quirk) Public records: body-worn cameras.
AB-1958 (Wood) Forestry: timberlands: restoration and conservation forest management activities.
AB-1960 (Lackey) Vehicles: Basic Inspection of Terminals program.
AB-1962 (Dodd) Criminal proceedings: mental competence.
AB-1963 (Calderon) Common interest developments: construction defects.
AB-1964 (Bloom) High-occupancy vehicle lanes: vehicle exceptions.
AB-1965 (Cooper) Vehicle retirement and replacement.
AB-1970 (Low) Elections: vote by mail and provisional ballots.
AB-1971 (Cooper) Alcoholic beverages.
AB-1972 (Chau) Veterans: state park passes.
AB-1974 (Gallagher) County recorder: recordation of documents.
AB-1976 (Irwin) Food and agriculture: marketing advisory and promotional boards, councils, and commissions.
AB-1977 (Wood) Tribal gaming: compact amendment ratification.
AB-1978 (Gonzalez) Employment: property service workers.
AB-1979 (Bigelow) Renewable feed-in tariff: hydroelectric facilities.
AB-1980 (Irwin) Memorial to California firefighters: modifications.
AB-1985 (Williams) Advanced Placement credit.
AB-1993 (Irwin) Law enforcement contact process: service providers.
AB-1995 (Williams) Community colleges: homeless students: access to shower facilities.
AB-1996 (Gordon) Private postsecondary education: exemptions.
AB-1997 (Mark Stone) Foster care.
AB-1998 (Campos) Juveniles: data collection.
AB-1999 (Achadjian) Prohibited Armed Persons File: initial review.
AB-2000 (Campos) Wards: termination of juvenile court jurisdiction.
AB-2001 (Mathis) Fully protected fish: Owens pupfish: California State Safe Harbor Agreement Program Act.
AB-2002 (Mark Stone) Political Reform Act of 1974: California Coastal Commission: communications.
AB-2004 (Bloom) Hearing aids: minors.
AB-2005 (Ridley-Thomas) Juveniles: out-of-state placement.
AB-2007 (McCarty) Youth athletics: youth sports organizations: concussions or other head injuries.
AB-2009 (Lopez) Student support services: Dream Resource Liaisons.
AB-2010 (Ridley-Thomas) Voter’s pamphlet: electronic candidate statement.
AB-2011 (Cooper) Thoroughbred racing: northern, central, and southern zones: auxiliary offsite stabling, training, and vanning.
AB-2012 (Bigelow) Jail Industry Authority.
AB-2013 (Jones-Sawyer) Criminal procedure: arraignment pilot program.
AB-2015 (McCarty) Public social services: 2011 realignment report.
AB-2016 (Alejo) Pupil instruction: ethnic studies.
AB-2017 (McCarty) College Mental Health Services Program.
AB-2018 (Ridley-Thomas) Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Employee Training Act of 2016.
AB-2020 (Obernolte) Discovery: depositions.
AB-2021 (Ridley-Thomas) Election process: public observation: international election observers.
AB-2022 (Gordon) Advanced purified demonstration water.
AB-2024 (Wood) Critical access hospitals: employment.
AB-2025 (Gonzalez) Barbering and cosmetology: labor law education requirements.
AB-2027 (Quirk) Victims of crime: nonimmigrant status.
AB-2028 (Cooper) Public employees’ retirement: involuntary termination: reinstatement.
AB-2029 (Dahle) Timber harvesting plans: exemptions.
AB-2030 (Mullin) Transportation districts: contracts.
AB-2031 (Bonta) Local government: affordable housing: financing.
AB-2032 (Linder) Change of organization: cities: disincorporation.
AB-2034 (Salas) Department of Transportation: environmental review process: federal program.
AB-2036 (Lopez) Online child care job posting services: background check service providers: enforcement.
AB-2040 (Melendez) Outdoor Water Efficiency Act of 2016: personal income tax credits: outdoor water efficiency.
AB-2048 (Gray) National Health Service Corps State Loan Repayment Program.
AB-2050 (Steinorth) Health care coverage: prescription drugs: refills.
AB-2051 (O'Donnell) Rental passenger vehicles.
AB-2053 (Gonzalez) Primary care clinics.
AB-2054 (Thurmond) Nutrition assistance: Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children.
AB-2055 (Gipson) Income taxation: credits: California competes.
AB-2056 (Eduardo Garcia) Cal Grant Program: graduation verification.
AB-2057 (Mark Stone) CalFresh: victims of domestic violence.
AB-2061 (Waldron) Supervised Population Workforce Training Grant Program.
AB-2062 (Lopez) CalWORKs: income or household composition reporting: benefit redetermination.
AB-2063 (Gallagher) Work-based learning opportunities: work experience education and job shadowing.
AB-2068 (Holden) Talent services.
AB-2069 (Medina) Part-time faculty office hours.
AB-2071 (Harper) Vote by mail ballots.
AB-2072 (Chang) High school diplomas: State Seal of STEM.
AB-2073 (Holden) Golf carts: City of La Verne.
AB-2074 (Rodriguez) Fairs: credential and courtesy pass admissions.
AB-2077 (Burke) Health Care Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention Act.
AB-2078 (Kim) Protective orders.
AB-2079 (Calderon) Skilled nursing facilities: staffing.
AB-2080 (Gallagher) Probate of wills: death certificates.
AB-2082 (Campos) Alcoholic beverages: licenses: emergency orders.
AB-2083 (Chu) Interagency child death review.
AB-2085 (Irwin) Military and veterans: legal aid.
AB-2086 (Cooley) Workers’ compensation: neuropsychologists.
AB-2087 (Levine) Regional conservation investment strategies.
AB-2088 (Linder) Vehicles: hit-and-run accidents: pleas.
AB-2089 (Quirk) Vote by mail ballots: voter notification.
AB-2090 (Alejo) Low Carbon Transit Operations Program.
AB-2091 (Lopez) Special education: individualized education programs: translation services.
AB-2093 (Steinorth) Disability access.
AB-2097 (Melendez) Pupil records: social security numbers.
AB-2099 (Mark Stone) Safe drinking water benefit.
AB-2101 (Gordon) Sanctions: jurors.
AB-2102 (Roger Hernández) Tribal gaming: Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee.
AB-2105 (Rodriguez) Workforce development: allied health professions.
AB-2106 (Irwin) Sellers of travel: registration.
AB-2107 (Frazier) Department of Motor Vehicles: electronic vehicle registration services: interstate carrier partnership.
AB-2115 (Wood) Health care coverage: disclosures.
AB-2116 (Gallagher) School bonds: projections of assessed property valuations.
AB-2119 (Chu) Medical information: disclosure: medical examiners and forensic pathologists.
AB-2120 (Weber) Public Utilities Commission: proceedings: intervenor fees: customers.
AB-2121 (Gonzalez) Alcoholic beverage control: Responsible Beverage Service Training Program Act of 2016.
AB-2122 (McCarty) California Classified School Employee Teacher Credentialing Program.
AB-2124 (Eduardo Garcia) Water: testing and reports.
AB-2125 (Chiu) Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program.
AB-2126 (Mullin) Public contracts: Construction Manager/General Contractor contracts.
AB-2127 (O'Donnell) Taxation: motor vehicle fuel: use fuel: alcohol fuels.
AB-2128 (Achadjian) Marriage.
AB-2133 (Chu) Child care: provider training.
AB-2135 (Levine) Alcoholic beverages: revenue sharing.
AB-2137 (Santiago) Postsecondary education: University of California: student transfers.
AB-2138 (Low) Sellers of travel.
AB-2139 (Williams) Ocean Protection Council: ocean acidification and hypoxia.
AB-2140 (Roger Hernández) Income taxes: insurance tax: credits: low-income housing: farmworker housing assistance.
AB-2143 (Irwin) County recorder: electronic recording.
AB-2147 (Eggman) Vehicles: impoundment: prostitution.
AB-2148 (Holden) Unmanned aircraft systems: operation or use within or over state-managed lands or waters.
AB-2149 (Bonilla) State Board of Equalization: counties: state agencies: collection of cash payments: medical cannabis-related businesses.
AB-2150 (Santiago) Subsidized child care and development services: eligibility periods.
AB-2153 (Cristina Garcia) The Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Act of 2016.
AB-2154 (Medina) Student Aid Commission: student members.
AB-2155 (Ridley-Thomas) Teachers: retirement: full time.
AB-2159 (Gonzalez) Evidence: immigration status.
AB-2161 (Quirk) Parking lots: design: insurance discount.
AB-2163 (Williams) Net energy metering: Imperial Irrigation District.
AB-2164 (O'Donnell) Public postsecondary education: tuition and fees.
AB-2165 (Bonta) Firearms: prohibitions: exemptions.
AB-2167 (Achadjian) Vehicles: towed vehicles.
AB-2168 (Williams) Public Utilities Commission Audit Compliance Act of 2016.
AB-2170 (Frazier) Trade Corridors Improvement Fund: federal funds.
AB-2172 (Jones) Homebrewery clubs: meetings: competitions.
AB-2175 (Jones) Fuel taxes: Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund.
AB-2176 (Campos) Shelter crisis: emergency bridge housing communities.
AB-2177 (Maienschein) Victims of Crime Act Funding Advisory Committee.
AB-2179 (Gipson) Hepatitis C testing.
AB-2180 (Ting) Land use: development project review.
AB-2182 (Mullin) School athletics: neurocognitive testing.
AB-2183 (Gatto) California State University: personal services contracts.
AB-2184 (Low) Cigarette tax: stamps and meter machines: report.
AB-2189 (Irwin) Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor: boundary revisions.
AB-2190 (Salas) Acupuncture Board: executive officer: education.
AB-2191 (Salas) Board of Behavioral Sciences.
AB-2192 (Salas) Court Reporters Board of California: Shorthand reporters fees: Transcript Reimbursement Fund.
AB-2193 (Salas) California Board of Podiatric Medicine: Physician Assistant Board: extension.
AB-2194 (Salas) California Massage Therapy Council: business of massage.
AB-2196 (Low) Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.
AB-2197 (Cristina Garcia) Unemployment insurance: classified employees.
AB-2199 (Campos) Sexual offenses against minors: persons in a position of authority.
AB-2201 (Brough) State Board of Equalization: administration: interest.
AB-2202 (Baker) Human trafficking: vertical prosecution program.
AB-2206 (Williams) Renewable gas.
AB-2207 (Wood) Medi-Cal: dental program.
AB-2208 (Santiago) Local planning: housing element: inventory of land for residential development.
AB-2211 (Linder) Registered process servers.
AB-2212 (Harper) Pupils: suspensions and expulsions: bullying: electronic acts: video.
AB-2215 (Medina) California State Lottery Act: California State University Lottery Education Fund: California State University Trust Fund.
AB-2216 (Bonta) Primary care residency programs: grant program.
AB-2217 (Hadley) Notary public: service fees.
AB-2218 (Burke) Gambling: licenses.
AB-2219 (Wagner) Attorney General: schedule of donors: confidentiality.
AB-2220 (Cooper) Elections in cities: by or from district.
AB-2221 (Cristina Garcia) Criminal procedure: human trafficking witnesses.
AB-2222 (Holden) Transit Pass Program: free or reduced-fare transit passes.
AB-2223 (Gray) Dairy methane reduction.
AB-2225 (Low) State employment: State Bargaining Unit 19: memorandum of understanding.
AB-2226 (Bigelow) Horse racing: fairs.
AB-2228 (Cooley) Code enforcement officers.
AB-2230 (Chu) Overtime compensation: private elementary or secondary academic institutions: teachers.
AB-2231 (Calderon) Care facilities: civil penalties.
AB-2232 (Obernolte) Court records: misdemeanors.
AB-2234 (Steinorth) Personal income taxes: gross income exclusion: qualified principal residence indebtedness.
AB-2235 (Thurmond) Board of Dentistry: pediatric anesthesia: committee.
AB-2243 (Wood) Medical cannabis: taxation: cannabis production and environment mitigation.
AB-2244 (Gatto) Court fees: electronic filing.
AB-2245 (Cooper) Firearms: prohibitions: exemptions: probation departments.
AB-2246 (O'Donnell) Pupil suicide prevention policies.
AB-2247 (Williams) Armories.
AB-2248 (Holden) Teacher credentialing: out-of-state trained teachers: English learner authorizations.
AB-2249 (Cooley) State parks.
AB-2250 (Ridley-Thomas) Political Reform Act of 1974: contribution limitations.
AB-2251 (Mark Stone) Student loan servicers: licensing and regulation: Student Loan Servicing Act.
AB-2252 (Ting) Elections: remote accessible vote by mail systems.
AB-2254 (Achadjian) Armories: homeless shelter.
AB-2256 (Maienschein) Homelessness: report.
AB-2257 (Maienschein) Local agency meetings: agenda: online posting.
AB-2258 (Eggman) Unclaimed property.
AB-2259 (Medina) School accountability: dropout recovery high schools.
AB-2260 (Wood) Emergency medical services.
AB-2261 (Roger Hernández) Division of Labor Standards Enforcement: duties.
AB-2263 (Baker) Protection of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, and reproductive health care service providers: address confidentiality.
AB-2265 (Mark Stone) County ballot measures: impartial analysis.
AB-2269 (Waldron) Animal shelters: research animals: prohibitions.
AB-2270 (Bonta) California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank: surety bond program.
AB-2271 (Quirk) Electricity: research programs: peer review.
AB-2272 (Thurmond) Occupational safety and health standards: plume.
AB-2273 (Irwin) Military law: suicide.
AB-2274 (Dababneh) Credit unions.
AB-2278 (Linder) Animal control: seizure of animals: costs.
AB-2279 (Cooley) Mental Health Services Act: county-by-county spending reports.
AB-2280 (Ridley-Thomas) Rental companies: customer facility charge.
AB-2282 (Calderon) Rental housing: large-scale buy-to-rent investors: data collection.
AB-2285 (McCarty) State employment: Foster Youth Job Readiness Training Pilot Program.
AB-2286 (Mullin) Contractors: home improvement salespersons.
AB-2287 (Lackey) Theft: shoplifting.
AB-2288 (Burke) Apprenticeship programs: building and construction trades.
AB-2289 (Frazier) Department of Transportation: capital improvement projects.
AB-2290 (Santiago) Pupil instruction: world languages: revision of content standards.
AB-2291 (Achadjian) Property taxes: delinquent taxes: partial payment: fee.
AB-2294 (Gomez) The California State University: employees: leaves of absence without loss of compensation.
AB-2295 (Baker) Restitution for crimes.
AB-2296 (Low) Digital signatures.
AB-2298 (Weber) Criminal gangs.
AB-2299 (Bloom) Land use: housing: 2nd units.
AB-2300 (Wood) Medical marijuana.
AB-2301 (Chu) Residential care facilities for the elderly: elder abuse.
AB-2306 (Frazier) Juvenile court school pupils.
AB-2307 (Chau) Weights and measures: reporting fraud.
AB-2308 (Roger Hernández) Health care coverage: information to students.
AB-2310 (Santiago) State employees: memorandum of understanding.
AB-2311 (Brown) Emergency services: access and functional needs in emergencies.
AB-2313 (Williams) Renewable natural gas: monetary incentive program for biomethane projects: pipeline infrastructure.
AB-2314 (Bigelow) Disaster relief: County of Calaveras: wildfires.
AB-2316 (O'Donnell) School facilities: leasing property.
AB-2317 (Mullin) California State University: Doctor of Audiology degrees.
AB-2318 (Low) Nonprofit organizations: use of public resources.
AB-2319 (Gordon) California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank.
AB-2320 (Calderon) Unmanned aircraft systems.
AB-2321 (Rodriguez) Vehicles: registration and transfers of title or interest: use tax.
AB-2322 (Chu) Vehicles: instruction permits: decals.
AB-2324 (Eggman) Certified farmers’ markets.
AB-2325 (Bonilla) Ken Maddy California Cancer Registry.
AB-2327 (Cooley) Contacting or communicating with a minor.
AB-2329 (Bonilla) Computer science strategic implementation plan.
AB-2330 (Ridley-Thomas) Real estate licensees.
AB-2331 (Dababneh) Dentistry: applicants to practice.
AB-2334 (Mullin) Sales and use taxes: exclusion: alternative energy financing.
AB-2336 (Olsen) Special education: substitute teachers.
AB-2337 (Burke) Employment protections: victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
AB-2341 (Obernolte) Allocation of vacant judgeships.
AB-2346 (Baker) Public social services: hearings.
AB-2348 (Levine) Department of Finance: infrastructure investment.
AB-2349 (Chiu) Assisted reproduction agreements for gestational carriers.
AB-2350 (O'Donnell) English learners: participation in standard instructional program.
AB-2353 (McCarty) Teacher professional development: culturally responsive instruction.
AB-2354 (Calderon) Vehicle service contracts.
AB-2357 (Dahle) Water rights: monitoring and reporting.
AB-2358 (Gonzalez) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
AB-2361 (Santiago) Peace officers: independent institutions of higher education: security officers.
AB-2362 (Chu) Common interest developments: pesticide application.
AB-2363 (Low) State employment: State Bargaining Unit 16: memorandum of understanding.
AB-2364 (Holden) Public postsecondary education: community colleges: exemption from nonresident tuition.
AB-2365 (Gipson) Sales and use taxes: exclusion: pawnbrokers: transfer of vested property.
AB-2366 (Dababneh) Long-term care insurance.
AB-2368 (Gordon) Child care and development services: individualized county child care subsidy plan: County of Santa Clara.
AB-2371 (Frazier) Voluntary contributions: Special Olympics Fund.
AB-2373 (Gray) Merced Irrigation District.
AB-2374 (Chiu) Construction Manager/General Contractor method: regional transportation agency: County of Placer: bridges.
AB-2375 (Committee on Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security) Public Employees’ Retirement System: omnibus bill.
AB-2376 (Committee on Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security) County employees’ retirement: Los Angeles County.
AB-2377 (Committee on Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security) State employees: memorandum of understanding.
AB-2380 (Alejo) Defendants: minor children.
AB-2384 (Gallagher) Terrorist activity.
AB-2385 (Jones-Sawyer) Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act: state licenses: Measure D.
AB-2386 (Williams) Postsecondary education: California State University: trustees.
AB-2387 (Mullin) Vehicle equipment: supplemental restraint system components and nonfunctional airbags.
AB-2389 (Ridley-Thomas) Special districts: district-based elections: reapportionment.
AB-2390 (Brown) Juveniles: honorable discharge: release from penalties.
AB-2392 (Nazarian) California Seismic Safety Capital Access Loan Program.
AB-2393 (Campos) School employees: sick leave: parental leave.
AB-2394 (Eduardo Garcia) Medi-Cal: nonmedical transportation.
AB-2396 (McCarty) Solid waste: annual reports.
AB-2399 (Nazarian) Pregnancy: prenatal blood testing.
AB-2404 (Cooley) Public Employees’ Retirement System: optional settlements.
AB-2406 (Thurmond) Housing: junior accessory dwelling units.
AB-2411 (Frazier) Transportation revenues.
AB-2414 (Eduardo Garcia) Desert Healthcare District.
AB-2416 (Wilk) Escrow agent rating service.
AB-2417 (Cooley) Child abuse reporting.
AB-2424 (Gomez) Community-based Health Improvement and Innovation Fund.
AB-2425 (Brown) Public health: unintentional injuries.
AB-2427 (Chau) Civil Procedure: discovery.
AB-2428 (Ting) State highways: property leases.
AB-2429 (Thurmond) School district and community college district bonds.
AB-2430 (Beth Gaines)  Voluntary contributions: Type 1 Diabetes Research Fund.
AB-2437 (Ting) Barbering and cosmetology: establishments: posting notice.
AB-2438 (Waldron) California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: recycled water pipelines.
AB-2439 (Nazarian) HIV testing.
AB-2440 (Gatto) County DNA Identification Fund.
AB-2441 (Thurmond) Housing: Workforce Housing Pilot Program.
AB-2442 (Holden) Density bonuses.
AB-2444 (Eduardo Garcia) California Parks, Water, Climate, and Coastal Protection and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018.
AB-2446 (Gordon) State Water Resources Control Board: judicial review.
AB-2448 (Burke) CalWORKs: welfare-to-work: education.
AB-2450 (Achadjian) Property taxation.
AB-2454 (Williams) Energy: procurement plans.
AB-2455 (Chiu) Voter registration: public postsecondary educational institutions: California New Motor Voter Program.
AB-2457 (Bloom) Autopsy: electronic image systems.
AB-2458 (Obernolte) Courts: unexpended funds.
AB-2460 (Irwin) Solar thermal systems.
AB-2466 (Weber) Voting: felons.
AB-2469 (Frazier)  Specialized license plates: breast cancer awareness.
AB-2470 (Gonzalez) Municipal water districts: water service: Indian tribes.
AB-2471 (Quirk) Health care districts: dissolution.
AB-2472 (Linder) Personal income taxes: credits: disabled veterans: service animals.
AB-2476 (Daly) Local governments: parcel taxes: notice.
AB-2480 (Bloom) Source watersheds: financing.
AB-2483 (Committee on Agriculture) Livestock Identification Advisory Board.
AB-2485 (Santiago) Dental Corps Loan Repayment Program.
AB-2486 (Baker) Contractors’ State License Board: license search by location.
AB-2488 (Dababneh) Protected species: unarmored threespine stickleback: taking or possession.
AB-2490 (Gatto) Corporation Tax Law: exemption: regulated investment company.
AB-2491 (Nazarian) Vehicles: stopping, standing, and parking.
AB-2492 (Alejo) Community revitalization.
AB-2493 (Atkins) Firefighters: disability.
AB-2494 (Roger Hernández) Veteran Resource Centers Grant Program.
AB-2497 (Wagner) Voluntary contributions: California Senior Legislature Fund: California Senior Citizen Advocacy Fund.
AB-2498 (Bonta) Human trafficking.
AB-2499 (Maienschein) Sexual assault evidence kits.
AB-2501 (Bloom) Housing: density bonuses.
AB-2503 (Obernolte) Workers’ compensation: utilization review.
AB-2504 (Committee on Agriculture) Seed Advisory Board: alfalfa seed subcommittee: assessments: alfalfa hay producers.
AB-2505 (Quirk) Animals: euthanasia.
AB-2506 (Thurmond) Student financial aid: Chafee grant awards.
AB-2509 (Ting) Operation of bicycles: speed.
AB-2510 (Linder) Firearms: license to carry concealed: uniform license.
AB-2511 (Levine) Fertilizing materials: auxiliary soil and plant substances: biochar.
AB-2513 (Williams) Human trafficking: aggravating factors.
AB-2515 (Weber) Water Conservation in Landscaping Act: model water-efficient landscaping ordinance.
AB-2516 (Wood) Medical cannabis: state cultivator license types: specialty cottage type.
AB-2518 (Gomez) Sales and use taxes: exemption: nonprofit corporation: building and construction supplies.
AB-2519 (Calderon) School safety plans.
AB-2524 (Irwin) OpenJustice Data Act of 2016.
AB-2529 (Linder) Structural pest control.
AB-2530 (Gordon) Recycling: beverage containers.
AB-2531 (Burke) Reproductive health and research.
AB-2532 (Chiu) Employment services: verification.
AB-2533 (Santiago) Public safety officers: recording devices: release of recordings.
AB-2534 (Nazarian) Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy: working group: Los Angeles River Greenway.
AB-2535 (Ridley-Thomas) Employment: wages: itemized statements.
AB-2536 (Chau) Pupil discipline and safety: cyber sexual bullying.
AB-2537 (O'Donnell) Pupils: school attendance: residency requirements.
AB-2542 (Gatto) Streets and highways: reversible lanes.
AB-2543 (Gordon) State buildings: efficiency and conservation.
AB-2544 (Travis Allen) Income taxes: limited liability company: qualified investment partnership.
AB-2546 (Calderon) Pupil instruction: history-social science curriculum framework: financial literacy.
AB-2548 (Weber) School accountability: statewide accountability system.
AB-2549 (Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife) Public resources.
AB-2551 (Gallagher) Contract procurement: surface storage projects.
AB-2552 (Holden) CalWORKs: relative caregivers.
AB-2555 (Levine) Building standards: water conserving plumbing fixtures.
AB-2556 (Nazarian) Density bonuses.
AB-2558 (Steinorth) Political Reform Act of 1974: San Bernardino County.
AB-2559 (Frazier) Visitor centers: guide signs.
AB-2560 (Obernolte) Accountants: practice privileges: out-of-state individuals.
AB-2561 (Irwin) Water supply planning: projects: photovoltaic or wind energy generation facility.
AB-2562 (Committee on Veterans Affairs) Military service: benefits.
AB-2563 (Committee on Veterans Affairs) Veterans: service advocate: correctional facilities.
AB-2564 (Cooper) Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.
AB-2565 (Salas) Independent Living Centers: state funding.
AB-2566 (Nazarian) Notaries public: acceptance of identification.
AB-2568 (Atkins) County integrated health and human services program.
AB-2569 (Melendez) Registered sex offenders.
AB-2570 (Quirk) Telecommunications: universal service: reimbursement claims.
AB-2574 (Chávez) Veteran farmers and ranchers.
AB-2579 (Low) Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery: waste characterization study: food service packaging.
AB-2580 (Olsen) Foster care: placements.
AB-2581 (Medina) Higher education: campus closures: Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
AB-2582 (Maienschein) Income taxes: credit: employees with disabilities.
AB-2584 (Daly) Land use: housing development.
AB-2586 (Gatto) Parking.
AB-2588 (Chu) Independent insurance adjusters.
AB-2589 (Gomez) Public health: lactation services and equipment.
AB-2590 (Weber) Sentencing: restorative justice.
AB-2591 (Dababneh) Insurance: electronic transmission.
AB-2594 (Gordon) Stormwater resources: use of captured water.
AB-2595 (Linder) California Cybersecurity Integration Center.
AB-2598 (Ting) Lunar New Year’s Day.
AB-2605 (Nazarian) State government: Office of Permit Assistance.
AB-2607 (Ting) Firearm restraining orders.
AB-2609 (Chau) Advertising: educational conferences.
AB-2611 (Low) The California Public Records Act: visual or audio recording of peace officer’s death: conditional exemption from disclosure.
AB-2613 (Achadjian) County auditor: audits: special districts.
AB-2615 (Wood) After school programs.
AB-2616 (Burke) California Coastal Commission: environmental justice.
AB-2617 (Mayes) Water efficiency measures.
AB-2618 (Nazarian) Community facilities districts: powers.
AB-2619 (Gray) Horse racing: quarter horse races.
AB-2620 (Dababneh) Passenger rail projects: funding.
AB-2621 (Gomez) Employee Codes of Conduct.
AB-2622 (Nazarian) Property taxation: certificated aircraft assessment.
AB-2623 (Gordon)  State information security costs: annual report.
AB-2625 (Lopez) Corporation taxes: minimum franchise tax: annual tax: microbusiness.
AB-2629 (Roger Hernández) Court reporters.
AB-2630 (Salas) California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: electrical transmission planning.
AB-2632 (Olsen) Private investigators: experience for licensure.
AB-2635 (Committee on Agriculture) Public health: food access.
AB-2636 (Linder) Certified copies of marriage, birth, and death certificates: electronic application.
AB-2637 (Wilk) Franchise investments: offer and sale of registered franchises: registration exemption.
AB-2638 (Gatto) Government finance: investment.
AB-2640 (Gipson) Public health: HIV.
AB-2642 (Eduardo Garcia) Removing Barriers to Employment Act: Breaking Barriers to Employment Initiative.
AB-2647 (Eduardo Garcia) Insurance taxes: income taxes: credits: community development financial institution investments.
AB-2651 (Gomez) Greenway easements.
AB-2652 (Eggman) California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: applicability.
AB-2653 (Eduardo Garcia) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: report.
AB-2654 (Bonilla) Postsecondary education: Equity in Higher Education Act.
AB-2655 (Weber) Bail: jurisdiction.
AB-2656 (O'Donnell) Pupils: diploma alternatives: fee waiver: foster youth.
AB-2659 (Committee on Education) Elementary and secondary education: omnibus revisions.
AB-2664 (Irwin) University of California: innovation and entrepreneurship expansion.
AB-2668 (Mullin) Property taxation: base year value transfers.
AB-2672 (Bonilla) Medical cannabis.
AB-2675 (Chiu) Sales and use tax exclusion: income taxes credits: electric vehicle infrastructure.
AB-2676 (Chávez) Income taxes: credit: dependent care.
AB-2678 (Gray) State-designated fairs: funding.
AB-2679 (Cooley) Medical marijuana: regulation: research.
AB-2682 (Chang) Registered sex offenders: interactive video games: meeting with minors.
AB-2685 (Lopez) Housing elements: adoption.
AB-2686 (Mullin) Elections: all-mailed ballot elections.
AB-2687 (Achadjian) Vehicles: passenger for hire: driving under the influence.
AB-2688 (Gordon) Privacy: commercial health monitoring programs.
AB-2690 (Ridley-Thomas) Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: contracting.
AB-2691 (Holden) Property taxation: Monthly Property Tax Payment Program.
AB-2692 (Brough) Sales and use taxes: deficiency determinations: qualifying retailers: income and corporation taxes: disclosure agreements.
AB-2693 (Dababneh) Financing requirements: property improvements.
AB-2694 (Lackey) Taxation: renters’ credit.
AB-2696 (Beth Gaines) Diabetes prevention and management.
AB-2700 (Brown) Electrical corporation: California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: procurement plans.
AB-2704 (Gipson) State Capitol: Mervyn Dymally bust.
AB-2707 (Ridley-Thomas) Stop Consumer Racial Profiling Act of 2016.
AB-2710 (Cooley) Insurance: California Insurance Guarantee Association: premium charges.
AB-2714 (Cooper) Pest control: Pierce’s disease: funding.
AB-2715 (Eduardo Garcia) Agricultural Working Poor Energy Efficient Housing Program.
AB-2716 (Dodd) Meat processing establishment, custom livestock slaughterhouse, and poultry plants: licensing and inspectors.
AB-2718 (Gomez) Vehicles: transportation of hazardous materials.
AB-2719 (Eduardo Garcia) Workforce development: out-of-school youth.
AB-2721 (Rodriguez) Elder and dependent adult fraud: informational notice.
AB-2722 (Burke) Transformative Climate Communities Program.
AB-2723 (Chávez) Juvenile dependency: prostitution.
AB-2724 (Gatto) Unmanned aircraft.
AB-2726 (McCarty) Personal income taxes: credit: Scholarshare account contributions.
AB-2728 (Atkins) Insurance: community development investments.
AB-2729 (Williams) Oil and gas: operations.
AB-2730 (Alejo) Department of Transportation: Prunedale Bypass: County of Monterey: disposition of excess properties.
AB-2731 (O'Donnell) Vehicles: Terminal Island Freeway: special permits.
AB-2732 (Chang) Public postsecondary education: mandatory orientation for students.
AB-2735 (Jones-Sawyer) Public employees: unused leave credit.
AB-2737 (Bonta) Nonprovider health care districts.
AB-2738 (Olsen) School bonds: local school bonds: investment.
AB-2739 (Chiu) Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control: special on-sale general license: for-profit theater.
AB-2741 (Salas) Long-range transportation planning: California Transportation Plan.
AB-2744 (Gordon) Healing arts: referrals.
AB-2745 (Holden) Healing arts: licensing and certification.
AB-2746 (Obernolte) Public Utilities Commission: contracts: electronic submissions.
AB-2747 (Hadley) Chronic dialysis clinics.
AB-2748 (Gatto) Environmental disaster: release of claims: statute of limitations: attorneys’ fees.
AB-2749 (Brough) Heavy equipment rentals: rental agreements: property tax reimbursement.
AB-2750 (Gomez) Tissue banks.
AB-2755 (Gallagher) Agriculture: bees: civil remedies.
AB-2756 (Thurmond) Oil and gas operations: enforcement actions.
AB-2757 (Gonzalez) Agricultural workers: wages, hours, and working conditions.
AB-2759 (Levine) Corporations: agents: victims of corporate fraud compensation fund.
AB-2761 (Low) Marriage.
AB-2763 (Gatto) Transportation network companies: personal vehicles.
AB-2765 (Weber) Proposition 47: sentence reduction.
AB-2766 (Lopez) Student Aid Commission.
AB-2767 (Lopez) Foster care: caregivers: information.
AB-2768 (Thurmond) Income and corporation taxes: credit: donation of food.
AB-2770 (Nazarian) Cigarette and tobacco product licensing: fees and funding.
AB-2771 (Irwin) Personal income taxes: credits: taxes paid to another state.
AB-2780 (Holden) Fair Employment and Housing Council: membership: length of terms.
AB-2781 (Eduardo Garcia) Supplemental environmental projects.
AB-2783 (Eduardo Garcia) Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program.
AB-2785 (O'Donnell) Special education: English learners: manual.
AB-2788 (Gatto) Wireless telecommunications facilities.
AB-2790 (Nazarian) State Capitol Historic Region: international genocide memorial.
AB-2791 (Medina) Community colleges: disability services.
AB-2792 (Bonta) Local law enforcement agencies: federal immigration policy enforcement: ICE access.
AB-2796 (Bloom) Active Transportation Program.
AB-2797 (Chiu) City and County of San Francisco: Mission Bay South Project: redevelopment plan.
AB-2798 (Gatto) Energy conservation: power facility and site certification: notice of intention.
AB-2799 (Chau) Privacy: personal information: preschool and prekindergarten purposes.
AB-2800 (Quirk) Climate change: infrastructure planning.
AB-2801 (Gallagher) Local government: fees and charges: written protest.
AB-2805 (Olsen) Cargo theft: working group.
AB-2808 (Gipson) Horse racing: exchange wagering: operative extension.
AB-2809 (Rodriguez) Developmental services: regional centers.
AB-2810 (Eggman) Health studio services: contracts: cancellation.
AB-2812 (Gordon) Solid waste: recycling: state agencies and large state facilities.
AB-2813 (Bloom) Juvenile offenders: dual-status minors.
AB-2815 (O'Donnell) Pupil attendance: supervisors of attendance.
AB-2817 (Chiu)  Taxes: credits: low-income housing: allocation increase.
AB-2818 (Chiu) Property taxation: community land trust.
AB-2819 (Chiu) Unlawful detainer proceedings.
AB-2820 (Chiu) Crimes: price gouging: states of emergency.
AB-2821 (Chiu) Housing for a Healthy California Program.
AB-2822 (Chiu) Student financial aid: community college students: emergency financial assistance.
AB-2823 (Gatto)  Public records.
AB-2826 (Weber) Teachers: evaluation and assessment.
AB-2827 (Levine) Prisoners: mental health treatment.
AB-2828 (Chau) Personal information: privacy: breach.
AB-2833 (Cooley) Public investment funds: disclosures.
AB-2835 (Cooper) Public employees: orientation and informational programs: exclusive representatives.
AB-2839 (Thurmond) Criminal penalties: nonpayment of fines.
AB-2841 (Travis Allen) State infrastructure financing for seaports.
AB-2843 (Chau) Public records: employee contact information.
AB-2844 (Bloom) Public contracts: discrimination.
AB-2845 (Williams) School safety: Safe Place to Learn Act.
AB-2846 (Maienschein) Powers of appointment.
AB-2847 (Patterson) High-Speed Rail Authority: reports.
AB-2853 (Gatto) Public records.
AB-2859 (Low) Professions and vocations: retired category: licenses.
AB-2861 (Ting) Electricity: distribution grid interconnection dispute resolution process.
AB-2862 (O'Donnell) Pupil instruction: visual and performing arts: revision of content standards.
AB-2863 (Gray) Gambling: Internet poker.
AB-2864 (Chau) Pupil instruction: Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882: Chinese Americans’ contributions to establishment of transcontinental railroad.
AB-2868 (Gatto) Energy storage.
AB-2869 (Chávez) Dependent children: military notification.
AB-2872 (Patterson) Children.
AB-2873 (Thurmond) Certified access specialists.
AB-2874 (Beth Gaines) Groundwater sustainability agencies: fees.
AB-2877 (Committee on Human Services) CalWORKs: rehabilitation services.
AB-2878 (Committee on Judiciary) Attorneys: State Bar: board of trustees.
AB-2880 (Committee on Judiciary) State intellectual property.
AB-2881 (Committee on Judiciary) Civil law: omnibus.
AB-2882 (Committee on Judiciary) Judiciary omnibus: family law.
AB-2883 (Committee on Insurance) Workers’ compensation: employees.
AB-2884 (Committee on Insurance) Insurance.
AB-2885 (Committee on Insurance) Insurance: low-cost automobile insurance program.
AB-2886 (Committee on Insurance) Disability benefits: eligibility determinations: benefit computations: overpayment determinations: appeals.
AB-2887 (Committee on Insurance) State Compensation Insurance Fund: out-of-state risks.
AB-2888 (Low) Sex crimes: mandatory prison sentence.
AB-2889 (Committee on Health) State government.
AB-2890 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Drinking water and wastewater operator certification programs.
AB-2891 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Hazardous waste: funding.
AB-2892 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Pesticide poisoning.
AB-2893 (Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials) Department of Toxic Substances Control: enforcement.
AB-2895 (Roger Hernández) Employee safety: injury prevention programs.
AB-2896 (Eduardo Garcia) Water quality: funding for planning, environmental, and design documents: Salton Sea.
AB-2897 (Roger Hernández) Car washes.
AB-2898 (Roger Hernández) Private Attorneys General Act of 2004.
AB-2899 (Roger Hernández) Minimum wage violations: challenges.
AB-2900 (Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy) Income taxation: credits: California Competes Tax Credit Committee: GO-Biz.
AB-2901 (Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy) Income taxation: credits: California Competes Tax Credit Committee: GO-Biz.
AB-2902 (Committee on Utilities and Commerce) Public Utilities Commission: staff offices.
AB-2903 (Gatto) Public Utilities Commission: duties and responsibilities: governance.
AB-2904 (Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review) State real property: disposition.
AB-2905 (Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy) Public contracting: small business goal.
AB-2906 (Committee on Transportation) Transportation: omnibus bill.
AB-2907 (Committee on Banking and Finance) Financial institutions and services: regulation.
AB-2908 (Committee on Higher Education) Postsecondary education: omnibus.
AB-2909 (Levine) Water: transfer or exchange: expedited review.
AB-2910 (Committee on Local Government) Local government: organization: omnibus bill.
AB-2911 (Committee on Elections and Redistricting) Voting: voter information guides.
AB-2912 (Committee on Natural Resources) Oil spills.
AB-2913 (Committee on Governmental Organization) Alcoholic beverages: licensees: craft distillers: tied-house restrictions.
AB-2914 (Committee on Governmental Organization) Gaming: Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund.
AB-2915 (Eduardo Garcia) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
ACA-4 (Frazier) Local government transportation projects: special taxes: voter approval.
ACA-6 (Brown) Property taxation: exemptions: fruit and nut trees: base year value transfers: persons with a severely disabled child.
ACA-11 (Gatto) Public Utilities Commission.
ACR-1 (Levine) Robin Williams Tunnel.
ACR-4 (Waldron) Joel Mendenhall Memorial Highway.
ACR-8 (Wood) Jesse D. Pittman SO1 Navy SEAL Memorial Bridge.
ACR-12 (O'Donnell) Officer Robert Joe Mata and Officer Roberto C. Sanchez Memorial Highway.
ACR-13 (Williams) Day of Remembrance.
ACR-14 (Irwin) Deputy Sheriff Yevhen “Eugene” Kostiuchenko Memorial Highway.
ACR-15 (Levine) California Holocaust Memorial Week.
ACR-16 (Wilk) Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Shayne Daniel York Memorial Highway.
ACR-21 (Obernolte) Rim of the World Veterans Memorial Highway.
ACR-22 (Dahle) Sierra Nevada Watershed Protection Week.
ACR-32 (Bloom) California Craft Beverage Month.
ACR-38 (Brown) California Task Force on Family Caregiving.
ACR-42 (Quirk) Science Fair Month.
ACR-49 (Weber) California Senior Bill of Rights.
ACR-51 (Wood) West Nile Virus and Mosquito and Vector Control Awareness Week.
ACR-53 (Dahle) Richard “Dick” Dickerson Memorial Highway.
ACR-54 (Wood) Kevin R. Ebbert SO1 Navy SEAL Memorial Highway.
ACR-56 (Linder) Official State Pet.
ACR-58 (Williams) Ralph Fertig Memorial Bicycle-Pedestrian Path and the Peter Douglas Coastal Access Way.
ACR-60 (Santiago) Education: students with disabilities.
ACR-63 (Maienschein) Tony Gwynn Memorial Freeway.
ACR-65 (Brough) James Mitchell “Mitch” Waller Memorial Highway.
ACR-67 (Mullin) Ballot measures.
ACR-71 (Dodd) Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Month.
ACR-72 (Gipson) American Stroke Month.
ACR-78 (Salas) CHP Officer Gerald E. Dormaier Memorial Interchange.
ACR-86 (Roger Hernández) CHP Officer William B. Wolff III Memorial Interchange.
ACR-88 (Campos) San Jose Police Officer Michael Johnson Memorial Highway.
ACR-89 (Wilk) Connie Worden-Roberts Memorial Bridge.
ACR-91 (Alejo) Memorial highways.
ACR-92 (Gipson) 50th Anniversary of the Watts Revolt.
ACR-95 (Mathis) American Flag.
ACR-98 (Beth Gaines) State employee merit awards.
ACR-100 (Travis Allen) Kevin Woyjeck Memorial Highway.
ACR-104 (Rodriguez) Pomona Police Officer Shaun Diamond Memorial Highway.
ACR-107 (Grove) Bakersfield Police Officer David J. Nelson Memorial Bridge.
ACR-108 (Mathis) Women’s Military History Week.
ACR-110 (Wilk) Korean American Day.
ACR-115 (Mathis) Richard “Dick” Noles Memorial Highway.
ACR-121 (Gomez) Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Thomas H. Pohlman Memorial Interchange.
ACR-123 (Steinorth) Sheriff’s Deputies Ronald Wayne Ives and Daniel Jess Lobo, Jr., Memorial Highway.
ACR-124 (Calderon) Arts Council: 40th anniversary.
ACR-130 (Gomez) Caltrans District 7 Fallen Workers Memorial Interchange.
ACR-131 (Patterson) Professions and vocations: licensing fees: equity.
ACR-134 (Wilk) Simi Valley Police Officer Michael Clark Memorial Overcrossing.
ACR-135 (Dahle) The Officer Jack Polen Memorial Highway.
ACR-138 (Lackey) Senator Sharon Runner Memorial Highway and the Larry Chimbole Memorial Highway.
ACR-142 (Williams) Ventura County Deputy Sheriff Peter Aguirre, Jr. Memorial Highway.
ACR-144 (Mullin) Public schools: character education.
ACR-148 (Chau) California Law Revision Commission: studies.
ACR-149 (Gipson) Taxation.
ACR-155 (Campos) Equal Pay Day
ACR-157 (Hadley) Louis Zamperini Memorial Highway.
ACR-158 (Holden) Postsecondary education: transfers.
ACR-159 (Salas) CHP Officer Keith M. Giles Memorial Interchange.
ACR-163 (Atkins) Blue Star Memorial Highway.
ACR-165 (Bigelow) America’s Heroes–Veterans Memorial Highway.
ACR-174 (Bigelow) Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Highway.
ACR-177 (Frazier) Solano County Deputy Sheriff Hale Humphrey Memorial Highway.
ACR-178 (Gipson) Kevin Michael Burrell and James Wayne MacDonald Memorial Highway and the Dess K. Phipps Memorial Overcrossing.
ACR-180 (Obernolte) Sergeant Brian Walker Memorial Highway.
ACR-191 (Gallagher) National Purple Heart Trail.
ACR-195 (Holden) Vin Scully.
ACR-197 (Gatto) Jackie Robinson Memorial Highway.
AJR-2 (Nazarian) Armenian Genocide.
AJR-3 (Alejo) Cuban embargo.
AJR-4 (Dodd) Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument.
AJR-5 (Dahle) Federal Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000: extension.
AJR-6 (Cooley) California Earthquake Authority: postearthquake financing.
AJR-7 (Mathis) Veterans: first businesses.
AJR-8 (Brown) Older Americans Act of 1965.
AJR-9 (Chang) Patent reform.
AJR-11 (Burke) Military bases: closures.
AJR-12 (Eduardo Garcia) H-1B Visa program: investigation of misuse.
AJR-13 (Ridley-Thomas) The Voting Rights Act of 1965
AJR-14 (Chu) Export-Import Bank of the United States: reauthorization.
AJR-16 (Eduardo Garcia) Blood donations.
AJR-17 (Lopez) Foster Care Tax Credit Act.
AJR-18 (Patterson) Federal Wildfire Disaster Funding Act.
AJR-19 (Alejo) Military service.
AJR-20 (Kim) Veterans Affairs hospitals.
AJR-22 (Mullin) Federal poverty level measurement.
AJR-23 (Bonilla) Title IX: 43rd anniversary.
AJR-25 (Lackey) Access to financial institutions.
AJR-26 (Weber) Removal of the Confederate flag and symbols.
AJR-27 (Levine) The Land and Water Conservation Fund.
AJR-28 (Obernolte) Daylight saving time.
AJR-29 (Chávez) Interim Consolidated Storage Act of 2015: San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.
AJR-32 (Alejo) United States Supreme Court: nominations.
AJR-33 (Bonilla) Port Chicago disaster: African American Sailors of the United States Navy.
AJR-34 (Achadjian) Armenian Genocide.
AJR-35 (Brown) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: cash-out policy.
AJR-37 (Bonta) Filipino veterans.
AJR-42 (Dodd) Transport by rail of flammable and combustible liquids.
AJR-43 (Williams) Greenhouse gases: climate change.
AJR-44 (Holden) Municipal separate storm sewer system stormwater permits: federal financial support.
AJR-45 (Chiu) Civil rights: the Equality Act.
AJR-46 (Bonta) Unemployment: Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act.
HR-5 (Cristina Garcia)
HR-20 (Williams)
HR-24 (Eggman)
HR-26 (Low) Department of Managed Health Care.
HR-32 (Atkins)
HR-45 (Dababneh)
HR-56 (Santiago)
HR-57 (Chang)
SBX2-2 (Hernandez) Medi-Cal: managed care organization tax.
SB-3 (Leno) Minimum wage: in-home supportive services: paid sick days.
SB-4 (Lara) Health care coverage: immigration status.
SBX2-5 (Leno) Electronic cigarettes.
SB-6 (Galgiani) Parole: medical parole: compassionate release.
SB-7 (Wolk) Housing: water meters: multiunit structures.
SBX2-7 (Hernandez) Tobacco products: minimum legal age.
SB-9 (Beall) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program.
SB-10 (Lara) Health care coverage: immigration status.
SB-11 (Beall) Peace officer training: mental health.
SB-13 (Pavley) Groundwater.
SB-14 (Lara) Sexual battery: consent defense: minor’s sexual conduct.
SB-17 (Monning) California Sea Otter Fund.
SB-18 (Hill) Public Utilities Commission: outside counsel.
SB-19 (Wolk) Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment form: electronic registry pilot.
SB-21 (Hill) Political Reform Act of 1974: gifts of travel.
SB-24 (Hill) California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013: joint powers authority: employees.
SB-25 (Roth) Local government finance: property tax revenue allocation: vehicle license fee adjustments.
SB-27 (Hill) Livestock: use of antimicrobial drugs.
SB-28 (Wieckowski) Spousal support factors: domestic violence.
SB-29 (Beall) Peace officer training: mental health.
SB-32 (Pavley) California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: emissions limit.
SB-34 (Hill) Automated license plate recognition systems: use of data.
SB-35 (Wolk) Income and corporation taxes: deductions: disaster relief.
SB-36 (Hernandez) Medi-Cal: demonstration project.
SB-37 (Vidak) Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency Act.
SB-42 (Liu) Postsecondary education: Office of Higher Education Performance and Accountability.
SB-43 (Hernandez) Health care coverage: essential health benefits.
SB-48 (Hill) Public Utilities Commission.
SB-49 (Runner) Elections: special elections.
SB-61 (Hill) Driving under the influence: ignition interlock device.
SB-62 (Hill) Public Utilities Commission: Office of the Safety Advocate.
SB-63 (Hall) Seaport infrastructure financing districts.
SB-64 (Liu) California Transportation Plan.
SB-65 (Wolk) Food labeling: olive oil.
SB-66 (Leyva) Career technical education.
SB-68 (Liu) Minor or nonminor dependent parents: reunification services.
SB-86 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Budget Act of 2015.
SB-99 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) State public employment.
SB-101 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Budget Act of 2015.
SB-102 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) State government.
SB-103 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Education finance.
SB-106 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Public Utilities Commission.
SB-107 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Local government.
SB-110 (Fuller) Threats: schools.
SB-111 (Fuller) School facilities: military installations.
SB-119 (Hill) Protection of subsurface installations.
SB-122 (Jackson) California Environmental Quality Act: record of proceedings.
SB-123 (Liu) Medi-Cal: school-based administrative activities.
SB-125 (Hernandez) Health care coverage.
SB-133 (McGuire) Transient occupancy taxes: hosting platforms: collection.
SB-134 (Hertzberg) State Bar of California: Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts: escheated funds: Public Interest Attorney Loan Repayment Program.
SB-137 (Hernandez) Health care coverage: provider directories.
SB-139 (Galgiani) Controlled substances.
SB-141 (McGuire) Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District Act: land grants, acquisitions, and dispositions.
SB-144 (Pan) Water development projects: Sacramento-San Joaquin watersheds.
SB-145 (Pan) Robert F. Kennedy Farm Workers Medical Plan.
SB-146 (Galgiani) Real estate licensees: fictitious business names: team names.
SB-147 (Hernandez) Federally qualified health centers.
SB-148 (McGuire) School districts: reorganization: local control funding formula.
SB-150 (Nguyen) Personal Income Tax Law: exclusion: student loan debt forgiveness.
SB-159 (Nielsen) California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program: goal achievement.
SB-161 (Vidak) Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act.
SB-162 (Galgiani) Treated wood waste.
SB-165 (Monning) Production or cultivation of a controlled substance: civil penalties.
SB-168 (Gaines) Unmanned aircraft systems.
SB-170 (Gaines) Unmanned aircraft systems: correctional facilities.
SB-172 (Liu) Pupil testing: high school exit examination: suspension.
SB-176 (Mitchell) Examining children as witnesses.
SB-177 (Wieckowski) Alarm companies: limited liability companies.
SB-181 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Validations.
SB-182 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Validations.
SB-183 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Validations.
SB-184 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Local government: omnibus bill.
SB-185 (De León) Public retirement systems: public divestiture of thermal coal companies.
SB-186 (Jackson) Community college districts: removal, suspension, or expulsion.
SB-187 (Hall) Tribal-gaming: compact ratification.
SB-188 (Hancock) Municipal utility district: utility charges: delinquencies.
SB-189 (Hueso) Clean Energy and Low-Carbon Economic and Jobs Growth Blue Ribbon Committee.
SB-193 (Committee on Veterans Affairs) The state militia.
SB-196 (Hancock) Elder abuse: protective orders.
SB-197 (Block) Finance lenders: commercial loan: referral.
SB-199 (Hall) In-home supportive services: reading services for blind and visually impaired recipients.
SB-200 (Lara) Pupils: school district residency requirements.
SB-204 (Pavley) State parks.
SB-208 (Lara) Integrated regional water management plans: grants: advanced payment.
SB-209 (Pavley) Surface mining: financial assurances: reclamation plans.
SB-210 (Galgiani) Special education: deaf and hard-of-hearing children: language developmental milestones.
SB-212 (Mendoza) Controlled substances: factors in aggravation.
SB-215 (Leno) Public Utilities Commission.
SB-216 (Pan) The Public Employees’ Retirement System.
SB-219 (Liu) Prisons: alternative custody.
SB-221 (Jackson) State public employees: sick leave: veterans with service-related disabilities.
SB-222 (Block)  Local agencies: school bonds: general obligation bonds: statutory lien.
SB-225 (Wieckowski) Medical waste.
SB-226 (Pavley) Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: groundwater adjudication.
SB-227 (Mitchell) Grand juries: powers and duties.
SB-229 (Roth) Courts: judgeships.
SB-230 (Hancock) Sentencing: parole.
SB-231 (Gaines) Transportation programs.
SB-232 (Hall) School accountability: California Collaborative for Educational Excellence: state administrator.
SB-235 (Block) Small dollar loans: finder duties and compensation.
SB-236 (Beall) Public streets, highways, and public service easements.
SB-238 (Mitchell) Foster care: psychotropic medication.
SB-239 (Hertzberg) Local services: contracts: fire protection services.
SB-241 (Bates) Neighborhood electric vehicles.
SB-242 (Monning) School security: surplus military equipment.
SB-244 (Vidak) Mobilehomes: injunctions.
SB-246 (Wieckowski) Climate change adaptation.
SB-247 (Lara) Charter bus transportation: safety improvements.
SB-249 (Hueso) Vehicles: enhanced driver’s license.
SB-251 (Roth) Disability access: civil rights: income tax credit.
SB-252 (Leno) Pupils: diploma alternatives: fees.
SB-253 (Monning) Juveniles: psychotropic medication.
SB-254 (Allen) Campaign finance: voter instruction.
SB-255 (Liu) State government: Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.
SB-261 (Hancock) Youth offender parole hearings.
SB-266 (Block) Probation and mandatory supervision: flash incarceration.
SB-269 (Roth) Disability access.
SB-270 (Mendoza) Shorthand reporting services.
SB-271 (Gaines) Unmanned aircraft systems.
SB-272 (Hertzberg) The California Public Records Act: local agencies: inventory.
SB-273 (Hueso) State real property: surplus.
SB-276 (Wolk) Medi-Cal: local educational agencies.
SB-277 (Pan) Public health: vaccinations.
SB-282 (Hernandez) Health care coverage: prescription drugs.
SB-284 (Cannella) Engineering and land surveying: limited liability partnerships.
SB-285 (Block) Pawnbrokers: compensation: loans.
SB-287 (Hueso) Automated external defibrillators (AEDs).
SB-288 (McGuire) Vandalism: redwood burls.
SB-291 (Lara) Public health: vulnerable communities.
SB-292 (Pan) Public employee retirement: contributions.
SB-294 (Pan) Public employment: military service: credit.
SB-295 (Jackson) Pipeline safety: inspections.
SB-296 (Cannella) Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services: documentation requirements.
SB-299 (Monning) Medi-Cal: provider enrollment.
SB-300 (Mendoza) Pawnbrokers: regulations.
SB-302 (Lara) Claims against the state: appropriation.
SB-303 (Hueso) Controlled substances: destruction of seized marijuana.
SB-304 (Lara) State claims.
SB-307 (Pavley) Restraining orders.
SB-308 (Wieckowski) Debtor exemptions.
SB-319 (Beall) Child welfare services: public health nursing.
SB-320 (Lara) Pupil fees: complaint of noncompliance: appeal procedures.
SB-321 (Beall) Motor vehicle fuel taxes: rates: adjustments.
SB-322 (Leno) Charter schools: pupils: suspension and expulsion: admissions.
SB-324 (Pavley) Income taxation: savings plans: Qualified ABLE Program.
SB-325 (Hall) Alcoholic beverages.
SB-326 (Beall) Courts: penalties: emergency services funding.
SB-327 (Hernandez) Industrial Welfare Commission: wage orders: meal periods.
SB-328 (Hueso) Landlords: notice of pesticide use.
SB-331 (Mendoza) Public contracts: local agencies: negotiations.
SB-333 (Galgiani) Controlled substances.
SB-334 (Leyva) Pupil health: drinking water.
SB-335 (Roth) Earthquake insurance.
SB-337 (Pavley) Physician assistants.
SB-340 (Anderson) Dissolution: disclosure.
SB-342 (Jackson) California Workforce Investment Board: responsibilities.
SB-343 (Hancock) Corrections: inmates.
SB-347 (Jackson) Firearms: prohibited persons.
SB-348 (Galgiani) California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: railroad crossings.
SB-350 (De León) Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015.
SB-351 (Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions) Corporations.
SB-352 (Block) Elder abuse.
SB-354 (Huff)  California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013: joint powers authority: employees.
SB-355 (Lara) San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy.
SB-358 (Jackson) Conditions of employment: gender wage differential.
SB-359 (Mitchell) California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015.
SB-361 (Hill) Antimicrobial stewardship: education and policies.
SB-363 (Morrell) Attorney’s fees: book accounts.
SB-365 (Pavley)  Vote by mail ballot drop-off locations.
SB-366 (Nguyen) Ballot materials: translations.
SB-369 (Block) California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System: pupils of military families.
SB-371 (Hancock) School districts: special taxes.
SB-374 (Hueso) Local agency design-build projects: transit districts.
SB-376 (Lara) Public contracts: University of California.
SB-377 (Beall) Income taxes: insurance taxes: credits: low-income housing: sale of credit.
SB-379 (Jackson) Land use: general plan: safety element.
SB-380 (Pavley) Natural gas storage: moratorium.
SB-382 (Lara) Juveniles: jurisdiction: sentencing.
SB-385 (Hueso) Primary drinking water standards: hexavalent chromium: compliance plan.
SB-386 (Allen) Unlawful business practices.
SB-387 (Jackson) State Bar: attorneys: annual membership fees: meetings: public records.
SB-388 (Mitchell) Health care coverage: solicitation and enrollment.
SB-396 (Hill) Health care: outpatient settings and surgical clinics: facilities: licensure and enforcement.
SB-399 (Hall) Tidelands and submerged lands: City of Los Angeles.
SB-404 (De León) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
SB-405 (Hertzberg) Failure to appear in court: fines.
SB-406 (Jackson) Employment: leave.
SB-407 (Morrell) Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program: licensed midwives.
SB-408 (Morrell) Midwife assistants.
SB-410 (Beall) California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.
SB-411 (Lara) Crimes.
SB-412 (Glazer) Public postsecondary education: The California Promise.
SB-413 (Wieckowski) Public transit: prohibited conduct.
SB-414 (Jackson) Oil spill response.
SB-415 (Hueso) Voter participation.
SB-416 (Huff) Public schools: elementary and secondary education.
SB-418 (Morrell) California State University: readmission.
SB-419 (McGuire) Mobilehomes: homeowners: sale.
SB-420 (Huff) Prostitution.
SB-421 (Hancock) Refineries: turnarounds.
SB-422 (Monning) Santa Clara Valley Open-Space Authority.
SB-423 (Bates) Surplus household consumer product waste: management.
SB-424 (Pan) Law enforcement: communications.
SB-425 (Hernandez) City of El Monte: maintenance of effort: streets and roads allocations.
SB-426 (Leyva) Annuities: cash surrender benefits.
SB-432 (Mendoza) Public works: aliens.
SB-436 (Committee on Education) Education: omnibus bill.
SB-438 (Hill) Earthquake safety: statewide earthquake early warning program and system.
SB-439 (Allen) Election procedures.
SB-440 (Committee on Education) Postsecondary education: institutions.
SB-441 (Wolk) California Public Records Act: exemptions.
SB-443 (Mitchell) Forfeiture: assets: controlled substances.
SB-445 (Liu) Pupil instruction and services: homeless children: foster children.
SB-448 (Hueso) Sex offenders: Internet identifiers.
SB-450 (Allen) Elections: vote by mail voting and mail ballot elections.
SB-451 (Lara) Pupil instruction and services: educational counseling.
SB-453 (Pan) Prisons: involuntary medication.
SB-456 (Block) Criminal threats: discharge of a firearm.
SB-461 (Hernandez) State Highway Route 164: relinquishment.
SB-462 (Wolk) Alcoholic beverages: tied house restrictions: Sonoma County.
SB-464 (Hernandez) Healing arts: self-reporting tools.
SB-465 (Hill) Building construction: contractors: discipline: reporting: building standards.
SB-466 (Hill) Registered nurses: Board of Registered Nursing.
SB-467 (Hill) Professions and vocations.
SB-468 (Allen) Health care districts: design-build.
SB-469 (Hill) State Athletic Commission.
SB-470 (Jackson) Civil actions: summary judgment and summary adjudication.
SB-474 (Wieckowski) Auctions.
SB-475 (Monning) Continuing care contracts: cancellation: payments.
SB-477 (Leyva) Property tax postponement: mobilehomes.
SB-478 (Huff) Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act: mandated reporters: pilot program.
SB-481 (Hueso) Local government: auditors: independence.
SB-482 (Lara) Controlled substances: CURES database.
SB-484 (Beall) Juveniles.
SB-485 (Hernandez) County of Los Angeles: sanitation districts.
SB-488 (Block) Public insurance adjusters.
SB-489 (Monning) Hazardous waste: photovoltaic modules.
SB-491 (Committee on Transportation and Housing) Transportation: omnibus bill.
SB-492 (Liu) Coordinated Care Initiative: consumer educational and informational guide.
SB-493 (Cannella) Elections in cities: by or from districts.
SB-494 (Hill) Emergency services: seismic safety and earthquake-related programs.
SB-497 (Vidak) Pupil transportation: data.
SB-500 (Hertzberg) Personal income taxes: nonresident de minimis income.
SB-501 (Wieckowski) Wage garnishment restrictions.
SB-502 (Leno) San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District: purchase and delivery of electricity.
SB-503 (Hernandez) Long-term health facilities: informed consent.
SB-504 (Lara) Court records: sealing.
SB-505 (Mendoza)  Voter Bill of Rights.
SB-507 (Pavley) Sexually violent predators.
SB-508 (Beall)  Transportation funds: transit operators: pedestrian safety.
SB-510 (Hall) Speed contests and reckless driving: impounded vehicles.
SB-512 (Hill) Public Utilities Commission.
SB-513 (Beall) Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program: fees.
SB-514 (Anderson) California Health Benefit Exchange.
SB-516 (Fuller) Transportation: motorist aid services.
SB-517 (Monning) Supervised persons: release.
SB-519 (Hancock) Youth offender parole hearings.
SB-524 (Lara) Private alternative boarding schools and outdoor programs.
SB-525 (Nielsen) Respiratory care practice.
SB-526 (Fuller) Personal income taxes: joint returns: court orders: relief from liability.
SB-527 (Liu) Education finance: Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund: Learning Communities for School Success Program.
SB-530 (Pan) Pedicabs.
SB-531 (Bates) Board of Behavioral Sciences.
SB-532 (Leyva) Governing boards of school districts: nonvoting and preferential voting pupil members.
SB-533 (Pan) Cities and counties: sales and use tax agreements.
SB-536 (Roth) Armories.
SB-539 (Glazer) Public property: names: Confederate States of America.
SB-540 (Hertzberg) Franchise Tax Board: Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate.
SB-541 (Hill) Public Utilities Commission: for-hire transportation carriers: enforcement.
SB-542 (Mendoza) Workers’ compensation: medical provider networks: fee schedules.
SB-543 (Wolk) Veterans: Veterans’ Home of California.
SB-546 (Leno) Health care coverage: rate review.
SB-547 (Liu) Aging and long-term care services, supports, and program coordination.
SB-548 (De León) Child care: family child care providers: orientation training.
SB-549 (Hall) Charitable raffles.
SB-552 (Wolk) Public water systems: disadvantaged communities: consolidation or extension of service: administrative and managerial services.
SB-554 (Wolk) Delta levee maintenance.
SB-555 (Wolk) Urban retail water suppliers: water loss management.
SB-557 (Hall) Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: advertising.
SB-560 (Monning) Licensing boards: unemployment insurance.
SB-561 (Monning) Contractors: home improvement salespersons.
SB-562 (Lara) Infrastructure financing: City of Long Beach Civic Center.
SB-564 (Cannella) North Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency Act.
SB-570 (Jackson) Personal information: privacy: breach.
SB-575 (Liu) Long-term care insurance.
SB-579 (Jackson) Employees: time off.
SB-580 (Liu) Surplus residential property: affordable housing: historic buildings.
SB-582 (Hall) Electrified fences.
SB-586 (Hernandez) Children’s services.
SB-587 (Stone) Property taxation: inflation factor: senior citizens.
SB-588 (De León) Employment: nonpayment of wages: Labor Commissioner: judgment enforcement.
SB-589 (Block) Voting: voter registration: individuals with disabilities and conservatees.
SB-590 (Stone) Pharmacy: intern pharmacists.
SB-594 (Wieckowski) Child custody.
SB-597 (Huff) Pupil attendance: interdistrict transfers.
SB-598 (Hill) Sales and use taxes: consumer designation: all volunteer fire department.
SB-599 (Mendoza) Employment: public transit service contracts.
SB-600 (Pan) Discrimination: citizenship: language: immigration status.
SB-601 (Hancock) Corrections: prisons: reports.
SB-605 (Gaines) Community colleges: exemption from nonresident tuition fee: Lake Tahoe Community College District.
SB-610 (Pan) Medi-Cal: federally qualified health centers: rural health clinics: managed care contracts.
SB-612 (Jackson) Hazardous materials.
SB-613 (Allen) State Department of Public Health: dementia guidelines: workgroup.
SB-614 (Hertzberg) Criminal procedure: legal assistance: ability to pay.
SB-620 (Block) Board of Behavioral Sciences: licensure requirements.
SB-621 (Hertzberg) Mentally ill offender crime reduction grants.
SB-623 (Lara) Workers’ compensation: benefits.
SB-626 (McGuire) Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District: police force.
SB-629 (Mitchell) Crimes: taking person from lawful custody of peace officer.
SB-631 (Hueso) Public Utilities Commission: fees.
SB-633 (Hill) Consumer protection: “Made in U.S.A.” label.
SB-635 (Nielsen) Erroneous conviction and imprisonment: compensation.
SB-637 (Allen) Suction dredge mining: permits.
SB-640 (Beall) Sales and use taxes: claim for refund: customer refunds.
SB-641 (Wieckowski) Debt buying: default judgment.
SB-643 (McGuire) Medical marijuana.
SB-644 (Hancock) Limited Examination and Appointment Program: persons with developmental disabilities.
SB-646 (Jackson) Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.
SB-647 (Morrell) Real estate investments: securities: qualification exemption.
SB-648 (Mendoza) Health and care facilities: referral agencies.
SB-652 (Allen) Instructional materials: revised curriculum frameworks: science.
SB-654 (Jackson) Unlawful employment practice: parental leave.
SB-655 (Mitchell) Housing standards: mold.
SB-657 (Berryhill) The California Residential Mortgage Lending Act: lenders: licensees.
SB-658 (Hill) Automated external defibrillators.
SB-660 (Leno) Public Utilities Commission.
SB-661 (Hill) Protection of subsurface installations.
SB-662 (Committee on Environmental Quality) Recycling.
SB-664 (Hertzberg) Water: urban water management planning.
SB-667 (Jackson) Disability insurance: eligibility: waiting period.
SB-670 (Jackson) Income taxes: credit: child care.
SB-671 (Hill) Pharmacy: biological product.
SB-672 (Hernandez) Discovery: pharmacist review committees.
SB-674 (De León) Victims of crime: nonimmigrant status.
SB-675 (Liu) Hospitals: family caregivers.
SB-676 (Cannella) Disorderly conduct: invasion of privacy.
SB-680 (Wieckowski) State real property: surplus: City of Santa Clara.
SB-682 (Leno) Courts.
SB-683 (Wolk) Alcoholic beverage licenses: nonprofit sales license.
SB-685 (McGuire) Alcoholic beverage service: veterans’ club license.
SB-686 (Pan) Public postsecondary education: Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.
SB-690 (Stone) Property tax: senior and disabled veterans.
SB-692 (Vidak) Gambling: California Gambling Control Commission.
SB-693 (Hueso) Public contracts: skilled and trained workforce.
SB-695 (De León) School curriculum: health education: sexual harassment and violence instruction.
SB-696 (Roth) Insurance: principle-based valuation.
SB-697 (Hertzberg) Public Utilities Commission Accountability Act of 2015: reports: audits: electrical restructuring: charter-party carriers of passengers.
SB-702 (McGuire) Employment of minors: agricultural packing plants.
SB-703 (Leno) Public contracts: prohibitions: discrimination.
SB-704 (Gaines) Public officers and employees: conflict of interest: contracts.
SB-705 (Hill) Transactions and use taxes: County of San Mateo: Transportation Agency for Monterey County.
SB-707 (Wolk) Firearms: gun-free school zone.
SB-708 (Mendoza) Pupil nutrition: free or reduced-price meals: online applications.
SB-710 (Galgiani) Real estate licensees: fictitious business names: team names.
SB-711 (Wolk) Law libraries: charges.
SB-716 (Lara) Animal cruelty: elephants.
SB-719 (Hernandez) Department of Transportation: motor vehicle technologies testing.
SB-722 (Bates) Sex offenders: GPS monitoring: removal.
SB-725 (Hancock) Pupil testing: high school exit examination: exemption.
SB-730 (Wolk) Railroads: movement of freight: trains or light engines: crew size.
SB-731 (Leno) Foster children: housing: gender identity.
SB-734 (Galgiani) Environmental quality: Jobs and Economic Improvement Through Environmental Leadership Act of 2011.
SB-738 (Huff) Pupil health: epinephrine auto-injectors: liability limitation.
SB-739 (Pavley) Charter schools: sited outside boundaries: prohibition.
SB-741 (Hill) Mobile communications: privacy.
SB-745 (Hueso) Telecommunications: universal service: California Advanced Services Fund.
SB-746 (Wolk) Olive Oil Commission of California: voting members: chair of advisory committee.
SB-750 (Mendoza) English language education: English learners.
SB-758 (Block) Atmospheric Rivers: Research, Mitigation, and Climate Forecasting Program.
SB-759 (Anderson) Prisoners: segregation housing.
SB-761 (Hall) Advertising: Internet private residence rental listings: notice.
SB-762 (Wolk) Competitive bidding: best value: pilot program: design-build.
SB-767 (De León) Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: transactions and use tax.
SB-770 (Mendoza) Department of Food and Agriculture: medicated feed.
SB-773 (Allen) Vehicles: registration fraud.
SB-775 (Allen) Tenancy: rent control: certification.
SB-777 (Lara) The California Finance Lenders Law: application.
SB-778 (Allen) Automotive repair: oil changes: notification to customers.
SB-780 (Mendoza) Psychiatric technicians and psychiatric technician assistants: overtime.
SB-785 (Morrell) Estates and trusts: creditor’s claim.
SB-792 (Mendoza) Day care facilities: immunizations: exemptions.
SB-793 (Wolk) Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program.
SB-794 (Committee on Human Services) Child welfare services.
SB-795 (Committee on Public Safety) Public Safety Omnibus.
SB-796 (Committee on Governmental Organization) Alcoholic beverages: licenses: advertising: contests and sweepstakes.
SB-797 (Committee on Governmental Organization) Government finance.
SB-798 (Committee on Natural Resources and Water)  Natural resources.
SB-800 (Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development) Healing arts.
SB-801 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Property tax postponement.
SB-803 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Property taxation.
SB-804 (Committee on Health) Public health.
SB-807 (Gaines) Unmanned aircraft systems.
SB-812 (Hill) Modified limousines and tour buses: standards and inspection.
SB-813 (Leyva) Sex offenses: statute of limitations.
SB-814 (Hill) Drought: excessive water use: urban retail water suppliers.
SB-815 (Hernandez) Medi-Cal: demonstration project.
SB-817 (Roth) Local government finance: property tax revenue allocations: vehicle license fee adjustments.
SB-819 (Huff) Powdered alcohol.
SB-820 (Hertzberg) Hazardous materials: California Land Reuse and Revitalization Act of 2004.
SB-822 (Roth) Agricultural pest control: citrus disease prevention: monthly assessment.
SB-823 (Block) Criminal procedure: human trafficking.
SB-824 (Beall) Low Carbon Transit Operations Program.
SB-830 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Budget Act of 2016.
SB-831 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Monterey County Water Resources Agency: Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio.
SB-834 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) State employment: memorandum of understanding: Bargaining Unit 2.
SB-835 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) State government.
SB-846 (Anderson) Attorneys: State Bar: board of trustees.
SB-859 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Public resources: greenhouse gas emissions and biomass.
SB-866 (Roth) Veterans housing.
SB-867 (Roth) Emergency medical services.
SB-869 (Hill) Firearms: securing handguns in vehicles.
SB-872 (Hall) Local law enforcement: supplemental services.
SB-873 (Beall) Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
SB-875 (Gaines) Solemnization of marriage: county sheriff.
SB-877 (Pan) Reporting and tracking of violent deaths.
SB-879 (Beall) Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018.
SB-880 (Hall) Firearms: assault weapons.
SB-881 (Hertzberg) Vehicles: violations: payment of fines and bail.
SB-882 (Hertzberg) Crimes: public transportation: minors.
SB-883 (Roth) Domestic violence: protective orders.
SB-884 (Beall) Special education: mental health services.
SB-887 (Pavley) Natural gas storage wells.
SB-888 (Allen) Gas corporations: emergency management: leak mitigation.
SB-894 (Jackson) Firearms: lost or stolen: reports.
SB-896 (Nguyen) Barbering and cosmetology: nail care establishments: credit and debit cards.
SB-897 (Roth) Workers’ compensation.
SB-898 (Nguyen) Sales and use taxes: exemption: animal blood.
SB-900 (Jackson) State lands: coastal hazard removal and remediation program.
SB-905 (Bates) Alcoholic beverage control: club licenses.
SB-906 (Beall) Public postsecondary education: priority enrollment systems.
SB-907 (Galgiani) Personal income taxes: gross income exclusion: mortgage debt forgiveness.
SB-908 (Hernandez) Health care coverage: premium rate change: notice: other health coverage.
SB-909 (Beall) Property tax postponement: special needs trust claimants.
SB-911 (Hertzberg) California American Indian education centers.
SB-914 (Mendoza) Workers’ compensation: medical provider networks: independent medical reviews.
SB-916 (Allen) Teacher credentialing.
SB-918 (Vidak) Common interest developments.
SB-919 (Hertzberg) Water supply: creation or augmentation of local water supplies.
SB-923 (Hernandez) Health care coverage: cost-sharing changes.
SB-924 (Roth) Insurance: annuity transactions.
SB-927 (Anderson) Public Utility District Act: election of directors.
SB-930 (Gaines) Bear Lake Reservoir: recreational use.
SB-936 (Hertzberg) California Small Business Expansion Fund: corporate guarantees.
SB-938 (Jackson) Conservatorships: psychotropic medications and secured perimeter facilities.
SB-939 (Monning) Continuing care contracts: cancellation: payments.
SB-940 (Vidak) High-Speed Rail Authority: eminent domain: right of first refusal.
SB-944 (Committee on Transportation and Housing) Housing omnibus.
SB-945 (Monning) Pet boarding facilities.
SB-947 (Pan) Public assistance: personal interviews.
SB-950 (Nielsen) Excluded employees: arbitration.
SB-952 (Anderson) Pharmacy technicians: licensure requirements.
SB-953 (Lara) Central Basin Municipal Water District.
SB-954 (Hertzberg) Public works: prevailing wage: per diem wages.
SB-955 (Beall) State hospital commitment: compassionate release.
SB-957 (Hueso) Health care districts: design-build process.
SB-958 (Lara) County of Los Angeles Citizens Redistricting Commission.
SB-959 (Lara) University of California: contracts: bidding.
SB-968 (Monning) Diablo Canyon Units 1 and 2 powerplant.
SB-969 (Nguyen) Vietnamese rice cakes.
SB-970 (Leyva) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: grant program: recyclable materials.
SB-971 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Validations.
SB-972 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Validations.
SB-973 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Validations.
SB-974 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Local government: omnibus.
SB-975 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Tax increment: property tax override rates.
SB-977 (Pan) Tobacco: youth sports events.
SB-982 (McGuire) State Department of Developmental Services: developmental centers.
SB-983 (Morrell) Mortgages and deeds of trust.
SB-984 (Hueso) Pilot Program for Increased Access to Responsible Small Dollar Loans: extension.
SB-987 (McGuire) Medical marijuana: Marijuana User Fee Act.
SB-996 (Hill) Property taxation: welfare exemption.
SB-997 (Lara) Notaries public.
SB-998 (Wieckowski) Vehicles: public transit bus lanes.
SB-999 (Pavley) Health care coverage: contraceptives: annual supply.
SB-1000 (Leyva) Land use: general plans: safety and environmental justice.
SB-1001 (Mitchell) Employment: unfair practices.
SB-1004 (Hill) Young adults: deferred entry of judgment pilot program.
SB-1005 (Jackson) Marriage.
SB-1007 (Wieckowski) Arbitration: transcription by certified shorthand reporter.
SB-1008 (Lara) California Environmental Quality Act: Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System: exemption.
SB-1012 (Nguyen) Flags: purchase.
SB-1015 (Leyva) Domestic work employees: labor standards.
SB-1016 (Monning) Sentencing.
SB-1017 (Hill) Public Utilities Commission: public availability of utility supplied documents: judicial review.
SB-1027 (Nielsen) Parks: property transfer.
SB-1028 (Hill) Electrical corporations: local publicly owned electric utilities: electrical cooperatives: wildfire mitigation plans.
SB-1029 (Hertzberg) California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission: accountability reports.
SB-1030 (McGuire) Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority.
SB-1032 (Galgiani) Alcoholic beverages: coupons.
SB-1036 (Hernandez) Controlled substances: synthetic cannabinoids: analogs.
SB-1038 (Allen) Community colleges: employees.
SB-1039 (Hill) Professions and vocations.
SB-1040 (Hill) Postadoption instability: unlawful transfer of custody.
SB-1044 (Nguyen) Barbering and cosmetology.
SB-1046 (Hill) Driving under the influence: ignition interlock device.
SB-1051 (Hancock) Vehicles: parking enforcement: video image evidence.
SB-1052 (Lara) Custodial interrogation: juveniles.
SB-1054 (Pavley) Restitution orders: collection.
SB-1055 (Hueso) Payphone Service Providers Committee.
SB-1059 (Monning) Postsecondary education: Title 38 awards.
SB-1060 (Leno) Postadoption contact: siblings of dependent children or wards.
SB-1062 (Lara) Elephants: prohibited treatment.
SB-1063 (Hall) Conditions of employment: wage differential: race or ethnicity.
SB-1064 (Hancock) Sexually exploited minors.
SB-1065 (Monning) Dismissal or denial of petitions to compel arbitration: appeals: Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act.
SB-1067 (Huff) Food facilities.
SB-1068 (Leyva) Homeless children and youths: local educational agency liaisons: training materials.
SB-1069 (Wieckowski) Land use: zoning.
SB-1072 (Mendoza) Schoolbus safety: child safety alert system.
SB-1073 (Monning) Personal income taxes: earned income credit: credit percentage: phaseout percentage.
SB-1074 (Hueso) Energy: Federal Trust Fund: geothermal projects.
SB-1076 (Hernandez) General acute care hospitals: observation services.
SB-1078 (Jackson) Civil procedure: arbitration.
SB-1082 (McGuire) Regional park and open-space districts: general manager: powers.
SB-1084 (Hancock) Sentencing.
SB-1085 (Roth) Professional engineers: geologists and geophysicists: land surveyors.
SB-1087 (Anderson) Evidence: production of business records.
SB-1088 (Nguyen) Wrongful concealment: statute of limitations.
SB-1089 (Pavley) Wildlife Conservation Board.
SB-1090 (Mitchell) Sexually transmitted diseases: outreach and screening services.
SB-1091 (Liu) Long-term care insurance.
SB-1092 (Monning) Advertising: Internet private residence rental listings: notice.
SB-1094 (Hernandez) Initiatives: petition circulators.
SB-1095 (Pan) Newborn screening program.
SB-1098 (Cannella) Medi-Cal: dental services: utilization rate: report.
SB-1105 (Mendoza) Alcoholic beverage licensees: sports entertainment facilities.
SB-1107 (Allen) Political Reform Act of 1974.
SB-1108 (Allen) Elections: state and local reapportionment.
SB-1111 (Pavley) State parks: operating agreements.
SB-1112 (Cannella) Utilities: water and sewer system corporations: transactions.
SB-1113 (Beall) Pupil health: mental health.
SB-1120 (Wolk) Director of General Services: state medical facilities: leases.
SB-1121 (Leno) Privacy: electronic communications.
SB-1123 (Leyva) Pupil instruction: high school graduation requirements.
SB-1128 (Glazer) Commute benefit policies.
SB-1129 (Monning) Prostitution: sanctions.
SB-1130 (Wieckowski) False advertising: substantiation of claims: county counsel.
SB-1132 (Galgiani) Architects: architects-in-training.
SB-1133 (Wolk) Cache Creek Resource Management Plan.
SB-1134 (Leno) Habeas corpus: new evidence: motion to vacate judgment: indemnity.
SB-1135 (Monning) Health care coverage: notice of timely access to care.
SB-1137 (Hertzberg) Computer crimes: ransomware.
SB-1138 (Hueso) Space Day.
SB-1139 (Lara) Health professionals: medical degree programs: healing arts residency training programs: undocumented immigrants: nonimmigrant aliens: scholarships, loans, and loan repayment.
SB-1143 (Leno) Juveniles: room confinement.
SB-1146 (Lara) Discrimination: postsecondary education.
SB-1150 (Leno) Mortgages and deeds of trust: mortgage servicers: successors in interest.
SB-1156 (Huff) School accountability: Open Enrollment Act: low-achieving schools.
SB-1157 (Mitchell) Incarcerated persons: visitation.
SB-1159 (Hernandez) California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Data Atlas.
SB-1160 (Mendoza) Workers’ compensation.
SB-1162 (Berryhill) Public employees’ retirement: Mammoth Lakes Fire District.
SB-1165 (Cannella) Engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and land surveyors.
SB-1167 (Mendoza) Employment safety: indoor workers: heat regulations.
SB-1169 (McGuire) Pupil nutrition: competitive food service and standards.
SB-1171 (Committee on Judiciary) Maintenance of the codes.
SB-1172 (Hancock) Tidelands and submerged lands: City of Albany.
SB-1174 (McGuire) Medi-Cal: children: prescribing patterns: psychotropic medications.
SB-1175 (Mendoza) Workers’ compensation: requests for payment.
SB-1176 (Galgiani) Small Business Procurement and Contract Act: business size.
SB-1177 (Galgiani) Physician and Surgeon Health and Wellness Program.
SB-1178 (Vidak) Superintendent of Public Instruction: child abuse and neglect: poster.
SB-1179 (Vidak) Public cemetery districts: interment rights.
SB-1180 (Jackson) Public school employees: military veterans: leave of absence for illness or injury.
SB-1182 (Galgiani) Controlled substances.
SB-1186 (Lara) State claims.
SB-1187 (Lara) Claims against the state: appropriation.
SB-1188 (McGuire) Wildlife management areas: payment of taxes and assessments.
SB-1189 (Pan) Postmortem examinations or autopsies: forensic pathologists.
SB-1190 (Jackson) California Coastal Commission: ex parte communications: staff communications.
SB-1192 (Hill) Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.
SB-1193 (Hill) Healing arts.
SB-1194 (Hill) Professions and vocations: board actions and regulations.
SB-1196 (Hill) Professions and vocations: Bureau of Real Estate, Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers, and Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.
SB-1199 (Hall) Advertising displays: City of Inglewood.
SB-1200 (Jackson) Animal cruelty: criminal statistics.
SB-1203 (Hertzberg) Retirement systems: joint powers authorities: benefit formulas.
SB-1207 (Hueso) Energy: conservation: financial assistance.
SB-1209 (Morrell) Contractors: discipline.
SB-1211 (Huff) Educational programs.
SB-1212 (Hueso) “2-1-1” information and referral network.
SB-1214 (Allen)  University of California: Best Value Construction Contracting Pilot Program.
SB-1216 (Hueso) Trade Corridors Improvement Fund: federal funds.
SB-1219 (Hancock) Small Business Procurement and Contract Act: employment social enterprises.
SB-1221 (Hertzberg) Firefighters: interaction with persons with mental disabilities.
SB-1222 (Hertzberg) Public Utilities Commission: reports: financing orders.
SB-1226 (Beall) Regional centers: audits and reviews.
SB-1227 (Lara) California Conservation Corps.
SB-1229 (Jackson) Home-generated pharmaceutical waste: secure drug take-back bins.
SB-1232 (Leno) CalWORKs and CalFresh: eligibility determinations.
SB-1234 (De León) Retirement savings plans.
SB-1235 (De León) Ammunition.
SB-1238 (Pan) Inmates: biomedical data.
SB-1240 (Hall) Horse racing: thoroughbred racing: northern, central, and southern zones: auxiliary offsite stabling, training, and vanning.
SB-1241 (Wieckowski) Employment contracts: adjudication: choice of law and forum.
SB-1242 (Lara) Sentencing: misdemeanors.
SB-1255 (Moorlach) Dissolution of marriage: date of separation.
SB-1257 (Block) State Bar: admission: license: pro bono service requirement.
SB-1260 (Allen) Stormwater: municipalities: online resource center.
SB-1261 (Stone) Physicians and surgeons: fee exemption: residency.
SB-1262 (Pavley) Water supply planning.
SB-1263 (Wieckowski) Public water system: permits.
SB-1265 (Moorlach) Marital deduction trusts.
SB-1266 (McGuire) Joint Exercise of Powers Act: agreements: filings.
SB-1270 (Galgiani) Diseased animals and poultry: regulation: fee schedule.
SB-1279 (Hancock) California Transportation Commission: funding prohibition: coal shipment.
SB-1281 (Block) Law schools: unaccredited law school disclosures.
SB-1284 (Hernandez) Human remains: conservator of the person or estate.
SB-1285 (Leno) Alcoholic beverages: licenses.
SB-1287 (McGuire) Fishing.
SB-1288 (Leno) Elections: local voting methods.
SB-1289 (Lara) Law enforcement: immigration.
SB-1291 (Beall) Medi-Cal: specialty mental health: minor and nonminor dependents.
SB-1295 (Nielsen) Mentally ill prisoners.
SB-1298 (Hertzberg) Local government: fees and charges.
SB-1300 (Hernandez) Medi-Cal: emergency medical transport providers: quality assurance fee.
SB-1302 (McGuire) Basic property insurance: California FAIR Plan.
SB-1304 (Huff) Property taxation: disaster relief: Porter Ranch methane gas leak.
SB-1305 (Morrell) San Bernardino County Transportation Authority.
SB-1311 (Glazer) Vehicles: confidential home address.
SB-1313 (Hall) Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
SB-1314 (Block) Cal Grant Program: Middle Class Scholarship Program: community college baccalaureate degree program students.
SB-1315 (Bates) Counties: budgets.
SB-1322 (Mitchell) Commercial sex acts: minors.
SB-1324 (Hancock) Crime victims: compensation for pecuniary loss.
SB-1325 (De León) Hazardous waste: facilities: postclosure plans.
SB-1328 (Lara) Water delivery projects: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: funding.
SB-1329 (Hertzberg) Property taxation: certificated aircraft.
SB-1330 (Galgiani) Missing persons.
SB-1331 (Pavley) State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind: membership: out-of-state schools: followup services.
SB-1332 (Mendoza) Firearms.
SB-1333 (Block) State beaches and parks: smoking ban.
SB-1336 (Jackson) Dependent children: investigation: relatives.
SB-1339 (Monning) Public social services: intercounty transfers.
SB-1340 (Wolk) Water Conservation in Landscaping Act.
SB-1342 (Mendoza) Wages: investigations: subpoenas.
SB-1343 (Wolk) Pupils: intradistrict transfer of pupil convicted of violent felony or misdemeanor.
SB-1345 (Berryhill) Vehicles: off-highway vehicle recreation: County of Inyo.
SB-1348 (Cannella) Licensure applications: military experience.
SB-1349 (Hertzberg) Political Reform Act of 1974: Secretary of State: online filing and disclosure system.
SB-1352 (Committee on Public Employment and Retirement) State teachers’ retirement.
SB-1353 (Pan) State Teachers’ Retirement System: funding.
SB-1359 (Block) Public postsecondary education: course materials.
SB-1360 (Bates) Local government: municipal service agreements: law enforcement services.
SB-1363 (Monning) Ocean Protection Council: Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Reduction Program.
SB-1365 (Hernandez) Hospitals.
SB-1374 (Lara)  The Lower Los Angeles River Recreation and Park District.
SB-1375 (Jackson) Educational equity: sex equity in education: federal Title IX notifications.
SB-1379 (Mendoza) Community colleges: part-time, temporary employees.
SB-1380 (Mitchell) Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council.
SB-1383 (Lara) Short-lived climate pollutants: methane emissions: dairy and livestock: organic waste: landfills.
SB-1384 (Liu) California Partnership for Long-Term Care Program.
SB-1385 (Leyva) California Disaster Assistance Act: Inland Regional Center.
SB-1386 (Wolk) Resource conservation: working and natural lands.
SB-1387 (De León) South Coast Air Quality Management District board.
SB-1389 (Glazer) Interrogation: electronic recordation.
SB-1398 (Leyva) Public water systems: lead user service lines.
SB-1399 (Hueso) Department of Motor Vehicles: license plate alternatives pilot program.
SB-1406 (Mendoza) Construction-related accessibility: education entities.
SB-1408 (Allen) Tissue donation.
SB-1412 (Block) California State University: investments.
SB-1413 (Leno) School districts: employee housing.
SB-1414 (Wolk) Energy.
SB-1416 (Stone) Voluntary contribution: Revive the Salton Sea Fund.
SB-1422 (Glazer) Public utilities and other service suppliers: collection of local taxes.
SB-1425 (Pavley) Water-energy nexus registry.
SB-1429 (Nielsen) Vehicles.
SB-1431 (Morrell) Service of summons or subpoena.
SB-1433 (Mitchell) Incarcerated persons: contraceptive counseling and services.
SB-1435 (Jackson) School curriculum: health framework: healthy relationships.
SB-1436 (Bates) Local agency meetings: local agency executive compensation: oral report of final action recommendation.
SB-1439 (Block) Postsecondary education: academic and administrative employees: disclosure of sexual harassment.
SB-1441 (Leno) Natural gas: methane emissions.
SB-1442 (Liu) Discrimination: regulations and enforcement.
SB-1444 (Hertzberg) State government: computerized personal information security plans.
SB-1446 (Hancock) Firearms: magazine capacity.
SB-1451 (Mendoza) State Compensation Insurance Fund: executive and management appointments.
SB-1455 (Block) Pupil enrollment: military dependents.
SB-1456 (Galgiani) Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Law of 1997: water systems: financing.
SB-1458 (Bates) Property taxation: exemptions: disabled veterans.
SB-1463 (Moorlach) Electrical lines: mitigation of wildfire risks.
SB-1464 (De León) California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
SB-1465 (De León) Public contracts: 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.
SB-1466 (Mitchell) Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program: trauma screening.
SB-1473 (Committee on Natural Resources and Water) Natural resources.
SB-1474 (Committee on Public Safety) Public Safety Omnibus.
SB-1475 (Committee on Governmental Organization) State warrants: records.
SB-1476 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions.
SB-1477 (Committee on Health) Health.
SB-1478 (Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development) Healing arts.
SB-1479 (Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development) Business and professions.
SB-1480 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Property taxation.
SB-1481 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services Surcharge Collection Act.
SCR-2 (Gaines) Eugene “Gene” Chappie Memorial Highway.
SCR-4 (Pan) Physician Anesthesiologist Week.
SCR-5 (Gaines) Mentoring Month.
SCR-6 (Monning) Santa Fe, Argentina: sister state relationship.
SCR-7 (Fuller) Valley Fever Awareness Month.
SCR-8 (Fuller) Adrenoleukodystrophy Awareness Month.
SCR-9 (Fuller) California Girls and Women in Sports Week.
SCR-10 (Huff) Lunar New Year Celebration.
SCR-11 (Fuller) Chiari Malformation Awareness Month.
SCR-12 (Jackson) Officer Samuel Sanchez Memorial Highway.
SCR-13 (Jackson) American Heart Month and Wear Red Day in California.
SCR-14 (Fuller) Arts Education Month.
SCR-16 (Block) Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.
SCR-19 (Nguyen) Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Day.
SCR-20 (Galgiani) California Peace Officers’ Memorial Day.
SCR-21 (Jackson) Single Parent Day.
SCR-22 (Morrell) CAL FIRE Firefighter Christopher Lee Douglas Memorial Highway.
SCR-23 (Gaines) Senator Paul J. Lunardi Memorial Highway.
SCR-24 (Wolk) Lieutenant Colonel James C. Warren Memorial Interchange.
SCR-25 (Block) Trade: Israel: memorandum of understanding.
SCR-27 (Huff) Fullerton Police Officer Jerry Hatch Memorial Highway.
SCR-28 (Huff) Fullerton Police Detective Tommy De La Rosa: Memorial Interchange.
SCR-29 (Nguyen) Black April Memorial Month.
SCR-30 (Hill) Frederick E. Terman Memorial Highway.
SCR-31 (Wolk) California Library Week.
SCR-33 (Fuller) Aviation Awareness Month.
SCR-37 (De León) Joint Rules.
SCR-38 (Roth) Memorial highways.
SCR-40 (Leyva) Better Hearing and Speech Month.
SCR-41 (Hancock) Chess Month.
SCR-42 (Huff) Voter Awareness Week.
SCR-43 (Galgiani) Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Denim Day California.
SCR-44 (Nielsen) Crime Victims’ Rights Week.
SCR-45 (Berryhill) Joe Levy Memorial Highway.
SCR-47 (Fuller) National Military Appreciation Month.
SCR-48 (McGuire) Geothermal Awareness Month and Geothermal Awareness Day.
SCR-49 (Berryhill) Wildfire Awareness Week.
SCR-51 (Stone) Special Deputy Frank Hamilton Memorial Highway.
SCR-52 (Huff) Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month.
SCR-53 (Galgiani) Disability awareness.
SCR-54 (Nguyen) Sixtieth anniversary of Disneyland.
SCR-57 (Pan) Hmong History Month.
SCR-58 (Pan) Filipino American History Month.
SCR-59 (Galgiani) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease awareness.
SCR-60 (McGuire) Foster Care Month.
SCR-61 (Pan) Slavic Heritage Day.
SCR-62 (Mendoza) Portugal Day.
SCR-63 (Bates) National Stroke Awareness Month.
SCR-64 (Pan) Americans with Disabilities Act.
SCR-65 (Cannella) June Dairy Month.
SCR-66 (Stone) 71st anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy.
SCR-67 (Stone) National Mental Health Awareness Month.
SCR-70 (Bates) Student Safety Month.
SCR-71 (Gaines) Fireworks Safety Month.
SCR-72 (Gaines) Teacher Appreciation Month.
SCR-73 (McGuire) Lowell C. Allen Memorial Bridge.
SCR-75 (Nguyen) Kindness Month.
SCR-76 (Gaines) Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
SCR-77 (Liu) Pain Awareness Month and Women in Pain Awareness Day.
SCR-78 (Nielsen) Veterans: Team AMVETS.
SCR-79 (McGuire) Trione Annadel State Park.
SCR-81 (Hill) Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
SCR-82 (McGuire) California Runaway and Homeless Youth Month.
SCR-84 (Jackson) Women’s Equality Day.
SCR-85 (Hall) Nursing Home Caregiver Professionals and Long Term Care Provider Month.
SCR-86 (Pan) Little Saigon.
SCR-87 (Pan) The 105th National Day of the Republic of China.
SCR-92 (Pan) Korean-American Day.
SCR-93 (Pan) Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month.
SCR-94 (Pan) Day of Inclusion.
SCR-95 (Pan) Lunar New Year Celebration.
SCR-96 (Pan) Day of Remembrance.
SCR-97 (Pan) Filipino American History Month.
SCR-101 (Fuller) California Girls and Women in Sports Week.
SCR-102 (Nguyen) Joan Lind Van Blom Memorial Bridge.
SCR-104 (Nguyen) Black April Memorial Month.
SCR-106 (Jackson) California Court Reporting and Captioning Week.
SCR-107 (Lara) Cambodian Genocide Memorial Week.
SCR-109 (Stone) California Pharmacists Outreach Week.
SCR-110 (Mendoza) Brain Injury Awareness, Treatment, and Prevention Month.
SCR-111 (Mendoza) Downey Police Officer Ricardo Galvez Memorial Highway.
SCR-112 (Fuller) Arts Education Month.
SCR-113 (Fuller) National Military Appreciation Month.
SCR-114 (Fuller) Aviation Awareness Month.
SCR-115 (Liu) Read Across America Day.
SCR-117 (Pan) Palliative care.
SCR-118 (Glazer) Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.
SCR-119 (Hertzberg) Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.
SCR-120 (Hill) Biotechnology Day.
SCR-121 (Wieckowski) West Nile Virus and Mosquito and Vector Control Awareness Week.
SCR-123 (Jackson) Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Denim Day California.
SCR-124 (Fuller) California Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Month.
SCR-126 (Lara) Honorable Edward Ross Roybal.
SCR-127 (Lara) Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community.
SCR-129 (Leyva) School Librarians Month.
SCR-133 (Beall) Gastroschisis Awareness Day.
SCR-134 (Pan) Diabetes: the “Screen at 23” campaign.
SCR-135 (Bates) Arthritis Awareness Month.
SCR-136 (Leyva) Better Hearing and Speech Month.
SCR-137 (Wolk) Police Officer Vilho Ahola Memorial Interchange.
SCR-138 (Nielsen) State park rangers.
SCR-139 (Gaines) Merle Haggard Memorial Overpass.
SCR-140 (Cannella) Foster Care Awareness Month.
SCR-142 (Fuller) Valley Fever Awareness Month.
SCR-143 (Cannella) National Bike Month.
SCR-145 (Gaines) Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
SCR-146 (McGuire) California Grown Flower Month.
SCR-147 (Anderson) Historic Highway Route 79.
SCR-148 (Bates) Crosswalk Safety Awareness Month.
SCR-149 (Gaines) Firefighter Michael “Mikey” Hallenbeck Memorial Highway.
SCR-150 (Gaines) Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
SCR-151 (Gaines) Deputy Sheriff Michael D. Davis, Jr. Memorial Interchange.
SCR-152 (Gaines) Deputy Sheriff Danny P. Oliver Memorial Highway.
SCR-154 (Liu) Pain Awareness Month and Women In Pain Awareness Day.
SCR-156 (Berryhill) California Conservation Corps: 40th Anniversary.
SCR-157 (Cannella) June Dairy Month.
SCR-159 (Morrell) Purple Heart Day.
SCR-160 (McGuire) California Runaway and Homeless Youth Month.
SCR-161 (De León) Los Angeles Basin: bioscience hub.
SCR-162 (Fuller) Adrenoleukodystrophy Awareness Month.
SCR-163 (Fuller) Chiari Malformation Awareness Month.
SCR-164 (Leyva) California Firefighters Memorial Day.
SJR-1 (Beall) Social security: retirement benefits: public employees.
SJR-2 (Vidak) Immigration.
SJR-3 (McGuire) Smith River watershed protection.
SJR-5 (Nguyen) Vietnam: humanitarian resettlement.
SJR-7 (Pan) Medical residency programs.
SJR-8 (Hernandez) Medicare: observation status.
SJR-9 (Stone) The Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act of 2015.
SJR-10 (Stone) Federal Investment Tax Credit: solar energy.
SJR-11 (Leyva) United States Postal Service.
SJR-12 (Pan) Mitsuye Endo Tsutsumi: Presidential Medal of Freedom nomination.
SJR-13 (De León) Voting: apportionment.
SJR-15 (Glazer) Confederate States of America.
SJR-16 (De León) AmeriCorps.
SJR-18 (Wolk) Small unmanned aircraft systems.
SJR-19 (Jackson) Women’s reproductive health.
SJR-20 (Hall) Gun violence: research.
SJR-22 (Hueso) Calexico West Land Port of Entry project: funding.
SJR-23 (Bates) Interim Consolidated Storage Act of 2016: San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.
SJR-24 (Beall) Federal transportation funding.
SJR-26 (De León) Blood donations.
SJR-28 (Lara) Immigrant children: legal representation.
SJR-29 (Hernandez) EpiPen: pricing.