Co-authored Bills

Joint Authored Bills

AB-73 (Waldron) Real property: disclosure.
AB-201 (Brough) Registered sex offenders: local ordinances.
AB-2364 (Holden) Public postsecondary education: community colleges: exemption from nonresident tuition.
ACR-118 (McCarthy) Black History Month.
ACR-175 (Achadjian) Viral Hepatitis Awareness Day.
ACR-190 (Waldron) HIV Testing Day.
ACR-196 (Steinorth) California Manufacturing Day.
AJR-2 (Nazarian) Armenian Genocide.
HR-52 (Rendon) National Gun Violence Awareness Month

Principal Co-Authored Bills

HR-54 (Eggman) Residency training: funding.
SB-22 (Roth) Sex offenses: statute of limitations.
SB-813 (Leyva)

Co-Authored Bills

ABX2-1 (Thurmond) Developmental services: Medi-Cal: funding.
AB-60 (Gonzalez) Immigration services.
AB-66 (Weber) Peace officers: body-worn cameras.
AB-88 (Gomez) Sales and use taxes: exemption: energy or water efficient home appliances.
AB-184 (Eduardo Garcia) Small Business Technical Assistance Act of 2015.
AB-203 (Obernolte) State responsibility areas: fire prevention fees.
AB-211 (Gomez) In-home supportive services.
AB-258 (Levine) Organ transplants: medical marijuana: qualified patients.
AB-348 (Brown) Long-term health care facilities: complaints: investigations.
AB-492 (Gonzalez) CalWORKs: welfare-to-work: supportive services.
AB-573 (Medina) Higher education: campus closures: Corinthian Colleges.
AB-701 (Cristina Garcia) Sex crimes: rape.
AB-1161 (Olsen) Preschool: privately funded pilot program: tax credits.
AB-1385 (Ting) Community colleges: accreditation.
AB-1391 (Gomez) Pupil instruction: adopted course of study: elementary school: physical education: complaints.
AB-1397 (Ting) Community colleges: California Community Colleges Fair Accreditation Act of 2015.
AB-1399 (Baker) Income taxes: voluntary contributions: California Domestic Violence Victims Fund.
AB-1554 (Irwin) Powdered alcohol.
AB-1561 (Cristina Garcia) Sales and use taxes: exemption: sanitary napkins: tampons: menstrual sponges and menstrual cups.
AB-1586 (Mathis) California Environmental Quality Act: Temperance Flat Reservoir.
AB-1664 (Levine) Firearms: assault weapons.
AB-1668 (Calderon) Investigational drugs, biological products, and devices.
AB-1674 (Santiago) Firearms: transfers.
AB-1695 (Bonta) Firearms: false reports of stolen firearms.
AB-1699 (Kim) Homeless youth emergency service projects.
AB-1711 (McCarty) University of California: nonresident student enrollment.
AB-1744 (Cooper) Sexual assault forensic medical evidence kit.
AB-1809 (Lopez) CalWORKs eligibility: asset limits.
AB-2201 (Brough) State Board of Equalization: administration: interest.
AB-2249 (Cooley) State parks.
AB-2263 (Baker) Protection of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, and reproductive health care service providers: address confidentiality.
AB-2497 (Wagner) Voluntary contributions: California Senior Legislature Fund: California Senior Citizen Advocacy Fund.
AB-2499 (Maienschein) Sexual assault evidence kits.
AB-2656 (O'Donnell) Pupils: diploma alternatives: fee waiver: foster youth.
AB-2757 (Gonzalez) Agricultural workers: wages, hours, and working conditions.
ACR-1 (Levine) Robin Williams Tunnel.
ACR-2 (Nazarian) Persian New Year.
ACR-3 (Kim) Korean-American Day.
ACR-6 (Jones-Sawyer) Black History Month.
ACR-7 (Rodriguez) National Night Out.
ACR-9 (McCarty) Pet Care Education Month.
ACR-10 (Rodriguez) Emergency Medical Services Week.
ACR-11 (Lackey) Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.
ACR-13 (Williams) Day of Remembrance.
ACR-15 (Levine) California Holocaust Memorial Week.
ACR-17 (Chang) Women and Girls in STEM Week.
ACR-18 (Gordon) Parks Make Life Better! Month.
ACR-19 (Low) Lunar New Year Celebration.
ACR-20 (Mark Stone) California Court Reporting and Captioning Week.
ACR-22 (Dahle) Sierra Nevada Watershed Protection Week.
ACR-23 (Salas) AED Awareness Week.
ACR-24 (Chu) Child Abuse Prevention Month.
ACR-25 (Obernolte) Pi Day.
ACR-26 (Levine) Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month.
ACR-27 (Beth Gaines) Month of the Young Professional.
ACR-28 (Mullin) Irish American Heritage Month.
ACR-29 (Frazier) Donate Life California Day: driver’s license.
ACR-30 (Irwin) Armed Forces Day.
ACR-31 (Perea) California Agriculture Day.
ACR-32 (Bloom) California Craft Beverage Month.
ACR-33 (Atkins) Women veterans.
ACR-34 (Cooper) November 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms: remembrance.
ACR-35 (Gonzalez) 27th Annual State Scientist Day.
ACR-36 (Gray) California Association of County Veterans Service Officers.
ACR-37 (Gray) Sikh American Awareness and Appreciation Month.
ACR-38 (Brown) California Task Force on Family Caregiving.
ACR-39 (Dababneh) Financial Aid and Literacy Month.
ACR-40 (Calderon) California Museum Month.
ACR-41 (Ting) Sunshine Week.
ACR-42 (Quirk) Science Fair Month.
ACR-43 (O'Donnell) California Aerospace Week.
ACR-44 (Dodd) California Wines: Down to Earth Month.
ACR-45 (Grove) Ukrainian Famine of 1932–1933.
ACR-46 (Calderon) Arts Council: funding.
ACR-47 (Chau) 529 College Savings Day.
ACR-49 (Weber) California Senior Bill of Rights.
ACR-50 (Gonzalez) Equal Pay Day
ACR-52 (Frazier) Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
ACR-53 (Dahle) Richard “Dick” Dickerson Memorial Highway.
ACR-55 (Irwin) Crime Victims’ Rights Week.
ACR-57 (Achadjian) Viral Hepatitis Awareness Day.
ACR-58 (Williams) Ralph Fertig Memorial Bicycle-Pedestrian Path and the Peter Douglas Coastal Access Way.
ACR-59 (Maienschein) Thrombosis Awareness Month.
ACR-61 (Chu) May 2015: Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month.
ACR-62 (Baker) California Cancer Survivors Day.
ACR-63 (Maienschein) Tony Gwynn Memorial Freeway.
ACR-64 (Santiago) Asthma Awareness Month.
ACR-65 (Brough) James Mitchell “Mitch” Waller Memorial Highway.
ACR-66 (Bonta) Filipino American History Month.
ACR-67 (Mullin) Ballot measures.
ACR-68 (Steinorth) Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Month.
ACR-69 (Chávez) Health Care District Month.
ACR-70 (Salas) Portuguese National Heritage Month.
ACR-71 (Dodd) Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Month.
ACR-73 (Baker) Celiac Disease Awareness Month.
ACR-74 (Bigelow) California Fairground Appreciation Month
ACR-75 (Daly) Disneyland Day.
ACR-76 (Jones) Magna Carta: 800th anniversary.
ACR-77 (Mark Stone) California Early Intervention Services Act.
ACR-78 (Salas) CHP Officer Gerald E. Dormaier Memorial Interchange.
ACR-80 (Gallagher) Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and The Longest Day.
ACR-81 (Chiu) Philippine Independence Day.
ACR-82 (Williams) California-Grown Flower Month.
ACR-83 (Campos) The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls: 50th anniversary.
ACR-85 (Gordon) Medically fragile foster care children and adoptive placement children.
ACR-87 (Ridley-Thomas) The 150th anniversary of Juneteenth.
ACR-90 (Irwin) California Firefighters Memorial Day.
ACR-93 (Holden) Fire safety: municipal ordinances.
ACR-94 (Gallagher) California Manufacturing Day.
ACR-96 (Weber) Dropout Recovery Month.
ACR-97 (Bonilla) Medical training: osteopathic students.
ACR-99 (Lopez) Salvadoran American Day.
ACR-100 (Travis Allen) Kevin Woyjeck Memorial Highway.
ACR-101 (Brough) Coastal Cleanup Day.
ACR-102 (Salas) Red Ribbon Week.
ACR-103 (McCarty) Court Adoption and Permanency Month.
ACR-104 (Rodriguez) Pomona Police Officer Shaun Diamond Memorial Highway.
ACR-106 (Gonzalez) Diaper Need Awareness Week.
ACR-108 (Mathis) Women’s Military History Week.
ACR-109 (Cooper) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
ACR-110 (Wilk) Korean American Day.
ACR-111 (Nazarian) Persian New Year.
ACR-112 (Hadley) State Air Resources Board.
ACR-113 (Low) Lunar New Year Celebration.
ACR-116 (McCarty) National Kidney Month.
ACR-117 (Lackey) Ronald Reagan Day.
ACR-119 (Chiu) Physician Anesthesiologist Week.
ACR-120 (Mark Stone) Data trusts: at-risk children.
ACR-121 (Gomez) Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Thomas H. Pohlman Memorial Interchange.
ACR-122 (Burke) American Heart Month and Wear Red Day in California.
ACR-125 (Chau) Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month.
ACR-126 (Ting) Day of Remembrance.
ACR-127 (Baker) Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.
ACR-128 (Brown) Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Month.
ACR-129 (Kim) Month of the Military Child.
ACR-131 (Patterson) Professions and vocations: licensing fees: equity.
ACR-132 (Atkins) V-Day.
ACR-133 (Chang) Women and Girls in STEM Week.
ACR-136 (Calderon) Red Ribbon Week.
ACR-139 (Thurmond) Child Abuse Prevention Month.
ACR-140 (Obernolte) Don’t Text and Drive Day.
ACR-141 (Wood) Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.
ACR-146 (Weber) Civil rights: Roberto Alvarez v. Board of Trustees of the Lemon Grove School District.
ACR-147 (Dodd) California Agriculture Day.
ACR-150 (Atkins) American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
ACR-151 (Mullin) Irish American Heritage Month.
ACR-152 (Bloom) California Holocaust Memorial Day.
ACR-155 (Campos) Equal Pay Day
ACR-156 (Low) World Hemophilia Day.
ACR-157 (Hadley) Louis Zamperini Memorial Highway.
ACR-160 (Hadley) Motor vehicle idling: children.
ACR-161 (Waldron) Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.
ACR-162 (Dababneh) Financial Aid and Literacy Month.
ACR-164 (Patterson) Citrus Strong Month.
ACR-166 (Chu) California Travel and Tourism Month.
ACR-168 (Medina) 529 College Savings Day.
ACR-169 (Dahle) Health Care District Month.
ACR-170 (Bonta) Philippine Independence Day.
ACR-171 (Rodriguez) Emergency Medical Services Week.
ACR-172 (Hadley) Bone Marrow Donation Awareness Month.
ACR-173 (Cooley) Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and The Longest Day.
ACR-176 (Cristina Garcia) Girl Scouts of America Gold Award.
ACR-179 (Cooley) Foster Care Month.
ACR-183 (Cooley) California State Parks Discovery Day.
ACR-184 (Salas) Portuguese National Heritage Month.
ACR-185 (Linder) Concrete Pipe Week.
ACR-186 (Bigelow) California Fairground Appreciation Month.
ACR-187 (Gomez) American Stroke Month.
ACR-188 (Melendez) PTS Awareness Month.
ACR-189 (Patterson) Robotics Technology Day.
ACR-192 (Gordon) California Nonprofits Day.
ACR-193 (Calderon) California Technology and Innovation Month.
ACR-194 (Low) Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
ACR-195 (Holden) Vin Scully.
ACR-198 (Gordon) Sun safety.
ACR-199 (Bonta) Obesity Awareness Month.
ACR-200 (Lopez) Parent Advocacy Day.
ACR-203 (Chau) Digital Citizenship Week.
AJR-3 (Alejo) Cuban embargo.
AJR-7 (Mathis) Veterans: first businesses.
AJR-8 (Brown) Older Americans Act of 1965.
AJR-9 (Chang) Patent reform.
AJR-11 (Burke) Military bases: closures.
AJR-12 (Eduardo Garcia) H-1B Visa program: investigation of misuse.
AJR-13 (Ridley-Thomas) The Voting Rights Act of 1965
AJR-14 (Chu) Export-Import Bank of the United States: reauthorization.
AJR-16 (Eduardo Garcia) Blood donations.
AJR-17 (Lopez) Foster Care Tax Credit Act.
AJR-18 (Patterson) Federal Wildfire Disaster Funding Act.
AJR-19 (Alejo) Military service.
AJR-20 (Kim) Veterans Affairs hospitals.
AJR-23 (Bonilla) Title IX: 43rd anniversary.
AJR-26 (Weber) Removal of the Confederate flag and symbols.
AJR-27 (Levine) The Land and Water Conservation Fund.
AJR-29 (Chávez) Interim Consolidated Storage Act of 2015: San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.
AJR-33 (Bonilla) Port Chicago disaster: African American Sailors of the United States Navy.
AJR-35 (Brown) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: cash-out policy.
AJR-37 (Bonta) Filipino veterans.
AJR-42 (Dodd) Transport by rail of flammable and combustible liquids.
AJR-45 (Chiu) Civil rights: the Equality Act.
AJR-46 (Bonta) Unemployment: Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act.
HR-4 (Campos) Black April Memorial Week
HR-5 (Cristina Garcia) Mexico and Human Rights
HR-6 (Achadjian) Rare Disease Day
HR-7 (Lopez) Adult Education Week
HR-8 (Cristina Garcia) Women's History Month
HR-9 (Irwin) 4th of July
HR-10 (Jones-Sawyer) 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday
HR-11 (Eduardo Garcia) César Chávez
HR-12 (Thurmond) Social Work Month
HR-15 (Eggman) California Thursday
HR-16 (Santiago) Cinco de Mayo Week
HR-18 (Frazier) Department of Motor Vehicles Centennial Celebration Day
HR-19 (McCarty) School bus drivers
HR-21 (Burke) Lupus Awareness Month
HR-24 (Eggman) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month
HR-25 (Medina) Immigrant Heritage Month
HR-27 (Jones-Sawyer) Special Olympics
HR-28 (Dababneh) Humane education
HR-29 (Campos) Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
HR-30 (Atkins) First female graduates of the United States Army Ranger School
HR-33 (Atkins) California Earned Income Tax Credit
HR-34 (Daly) Black April Memorial Week
HR-35 (Cristina Garcia) Women’s History Month
HR-36 (O'Donnell) Read Across America Day
HR-37 (O'Donnell) California Aerospace Days
HR-38 (Ridley-Thomas) Season for Nonviolence
HR-40 (Eggman) Social Work Month
HR-41 (Burke) Tuskegee Airmen Day
HR-42 (Roger Hernández) César Chávez birthday
HR-43 (Beth Gaines) Type 1 diabetes awareness
HR-44 (Atkins) Organ donation
HR-46 (O'Donnell) Cambodian Genocide Memorial Day
HR-47 (Cooper) Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Day
HR-48 (Brown) 4th of July
HR-49 (Medina) Cinco de Mayo Week
HR-50 (Medina) Lupus Awareness Month
HR-51 (Quirk) Compost Awareness Week
HR-53 (Gonzalez) Immigrant Heritage Month
HR-55 (Thurmond) Juneteenth Day celebrations
HR-56 (Santiago) Homelessness
HR-59 (Quirk) Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month
HR-60 (Arambula) National Health Center Week
HR-61 (Lackey) America Break Bread Day
HR-62 (Achadjian) The Navasartian Games
HR-63 (Salas) Gold Star Mothers’ and Families’ Day
SB-12 (Beall) Foster youth.
SB-63 (Hall) Seaport infrastructure financing districts.
SB-164 (Beall) Serial sexual predators.
SB-319 (Beall) Child welfare services: public health nursing.
SB-539 (Glazer) Public property: names: Confederate States of America.
SB-650 (Hall) Firearms: assault weapons.
SB-682 (Leno) Courts.
SB-726 (Hueso) Corporate securities: unlawful conduct: regulations.
SB-819 (Huff) Powdered alcohol.
SB-880 (Hall) Firearms: assault weapons.
SB-999 (Pavley) Health care coverage: contraceptives: annual supply.
SB-1063 (Hall) Conditions of employment: wage differential: race or ethnicity.
SB-1090 (Mitchell) Sexually transmitted diseases: outreach and screening services.
SB-1139 (Lara) Health professionals: medical degree programs: healing arts residency training programs: undocumented immigrants: nonimmigrant aliens: scholarships, loans, and loan repayment.
SB-1219 (Hancock) Small Business Procurement and Contract Act: employment social enterprises.
SB-1465 (De León) Public contracts: 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.
SCR-6 (Monning) Santa Fe, Argentina: sister state relationship.
SCR-15 (Fuller) National Day of the Cowboy.
SCR-24 (Wolk) Lieutenant Colonel James C. Warren Memorial Interchange.
SCR-25 (Block) Trade: Israel: memorandum of understanding.
SCR-26 (Beall) Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.
SCR-32 (Beall) Autism Awareness Month.
SCR-35 (Stone) Anti-Semitism.
SCR-46 (Bates) Arthritis Awareness Month.
SCR-50 (Nielsen) World War II Remembrance Month.
SCR-55 (Pan) Centennial of the founding of Locke, California.
SCR-56 (Pan) Taiwanese American Heritage Week.
SCR-68 (Galgiani) California Invasive Species Action Week.
SCR-83 (Wolk) International Year of Soils.
SCR-88 (Runner) Human Trafficking Awareness Month.
SCR-91 (Mendoza) India Republic Day.
SCR-98 (Beall) California’s community-based developmental services system: 50th anniversary.
SCR-99 (McGuire) 28th Annual State Scientist Day.
SCR-103 (Leyva) Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.
SCR-105 (Mendoza) Pakistani American Day.
SCR-108 (Monning) Rare Disease Day.
SCR-116 (Mendoza) Adult Education Week.
SCR-118 (Glazer) Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.
SCR-122 (Beall)  Autism Awareness Month.
SCR-130 (Mendoza) Portugal Day.
SCR-141 (Nielsen) Slavic Heritage Day.
SCR-153 (Hueso) Maritime Museum of San Diego: San Salvador replica.
SJR-2 (Vidak) Immigration.
SJR-3 (McGuire) Smith River watershed protection.
SJR-5 (Nguyen) Vietnam: humanitarian resettlement.
SJR-9 (Stone) The Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act of 2015.
SJR-15 (Glazer) Confederate States of America.
SJR-19 (Jackson) Women’s reproductive health.
SJR-22 (Hueso) Calexico West Land Port of Entry project: funding.